Just Had a Full Tuck on April 7, 2010 - Boston, MA

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I was terrified about the whole procedure and...

I was terrified about the whole procedure and still am really. i had three children of my own and then carried 4 for another couple (the last two were twins!:) One of the greatest expeiences of my life. Then lucky me, the dad is a plastic surgen and offered his services to me. i went back and forth for over 3 years, tried to get rid of the diet and exercise route, but of course it is not that easy.

Anyway, i finally got up the courage and here I am BORED and sore! So glad that i found this group that gave me the BEST idea of renting a chair lift! This has been a real help. But my back kills, don't know how the heck I will wash my hair,...and most of all feeling guilty about a surgery I didn't "need" technically. My husband has been great, but I still feel vain for doing it.

I really hope that in the end, later this summer i will be thrilled that I did it. Right now, I just feel like a sore lazy lump. Oh yeah, they removed over 4 1/2 pounds from my belly area.

Any advice how to best get through the next week or so? How often should I get, up what kind of exericses, ect I will try to post photos if I can figure out how! :) Oh yeah, how do you know if your drains are clogged in the tube? And what color is bad, coming from the drains?

Okay, day 15 and no way I could be going back to...

Okay, day 15 and no way I could be going back to work.  Feeling more myself, but very sore esp. in my back (It is still very swollen) and I am still walking hunched over.   I am sore all over but not in horrible pain. This is taking much longer than I thought, but I am accepting it now.  Not sure if i am healing right, some of my sutues look puckery and pink. Some look perfect, so I guess my scarring will not be perfect.  I think the overall appearence will still be better this time next year, at least I hope so!!!  I will try again to post photos.   Anyway, Someday next month I hope to find someway to sit or stand or walk that will be comfortsable. As of right now, nothing is comfortable!!   I did sleep in my own bed last night, though I had to call my daughter in this morning to help me up! :) All night though, I couldn't really move for fear of pulling soemthing and I was paraniod that I husband would bump me because he was used to having the bed all to himself!! :) LOL.   This too shall pass and this summer I can't wait to hike and kayak!!!!

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Very professional and kind.

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