Revision Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty - Boston, MA

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A previous surgery to correct my deviated Septum...

A previous surgery to correct my deviated Septum left with me with a crooked nose, crooked nostrils and a rounded bulbous beak-like appearance. I've been so miserable. I always so self conscious about it and have been so nervous to have the surgery done. It's my face and it's already been messed up. I so regret getting the original rhinoplasty done. Now I can't even breathe and sing. I sure hope this revision works. I'll keep this updated with pics.

More before pics.

Here you can see the underside angles of my nostrils and well as the asymmetry of my nose.

Surgery day

Here is a pic of when I just got home. I had to be at the hospital at 6am and then I was home in Rhode Island by 3:45pm the same day. I'm a little nervous that the cast sits on my face a little crooked. But when I lift up the moist she bandage, my nose looks straight. I'll be very excited if things turn out. It's GOT to better then what it was before right?

Day after surgery

I'm definitely getting way more swollen and while the first day home I wasnt in a lot of pain, I am definitely feeling it today. ???? I was hoping I would have bruising. Still bleeding and have to wear the moustache gauze. And my cheeks are super swollen and part of my forehead too. The bloody redness is pooling under my eyes.

Day 3

Today is the worst. I'm hurting and the pain is bothersome. Still bleeding from my nose. Not to be gross but some blood clots came out of my nose when I was changing the moustache bandage. I think I'm more swollen and my cheeks are so puffy.

Day 3 in the afternoon

Day 3 in the afternoon.
Still day three but here is a video. Under my cast itches terribly.


I can feel my heartbeat in my nose. It's weird.
I was thinking maybe the doctor would call me the next day to check in on me, but he didn't. No one did. I'm surprised at this but maybe it's because he's a doctor at a hospital (Mass Eye & Ear) and not a private practice? I just wish someone called me to check up on me. Luckily my husband is taking such good care of me. And even though I'm so beat up, he still looks at me and calls me beautiful, no matter how embarrassed I am.

Bedtime... Sleeping sitting up

It's now the end of 2 days post-op and I feel worse than ever. My front teeth ache horribly and my nose really hurts so bad. Still bleeding and changing the moustache dressing probably 4 times a day. I'm drinking so much water and no salty food. I can't wait to see what I look like in a few weeks. I didn't expect to look this horrible.

66 hours post surgery.

Woke up this morning still super swollen. My cheeks and jowels are swollen. Under my eyes are fluid filled. Ugh! But I think the bleeding is starting to subside, thank goodness. Definitely had some blood clots that were coming out which was so gross. My head is hurting... Bad headache. The fluid under my eyes... Does anyone have any tips to get it to go down? I haven't eaten any salt and I'm drinking water like it's going out of style. Ice isn't helping and I don't want to damage the stretched puffy delicate skin under my eyes as it is.

I'm seeing the swelling go down a little

So I'm seeing the swelling under my eyes go down a lot. It's definitely still there if you could see the pools of blood that are collecting that will be deep bruises. I had a little bit more energy yesterday, even though that energy only lasted a few mi so I'm seeing the swelling under my eyes go down a lot. It's definitely still there if you could see the pools of blood that are collecting that will be deep bruises. I had a little bit more energy yesterday minutes. I'm just so exhausted and tired. Yesterday the bleeding in my nose went down to almost nothing and now every once in a while there is a clear drainage happening (with traces of blood) so there is nothing alarming there. It's enough though that I feel it's important to mention.
I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow for the 5 day post-op checkup. I hate how the cast sits crooked on my nose but if you look at the top and bridge it looks straight. You would think they'd be more careful applying the cast so they don't cause any more post-surgical anxiety than what's already there.
Oh, and I soooooo want to blow my nose. I can't breathe through it (the doctor did not use packing) and blowing it would probably help so much. But would probably hurt what's health inside and cause more bleeding.

Feeling depressed

Really depressed. I am reading reviews from other people in here that had the same sugary as me and I see they don't even get the extensive swelling I do. Under my eyes are still bubbled with edema. My cheeks are swollen and my jawline has swelling (and even bruising there too!). I'm exhausted and I still have a lot of pain. I'm headed tomorrow to see the surgeon. He'll probably take the cast off and I'm afraid my nose will swell up immensely. It already looks HUGE under the cast. ???? and I still have drainage from my nostrils. I have to put pads in my nostrils to soak up the clear liquid and blood or I have to wear my moustache bandage. It's been 4.5 days. Other show so much more improvement at this time. I'm so depressed from all of this.

Today's recheck

So today I had my recheck. He told me he had to do a lot more work than he thought he was going to have to do. He said I had soooo much scar tissue from the last surgery that he had to remove. And he had to take out one of my turbinets which was so swollen. So there is a dissolvable gauze inside and he said I can't strain or lift anything for 10 more days... I can't take the chance of getting a nosebleed on the left side. All the sticker came out then he pulled out a 4x1 piece of flat plastic out of each nostril. Geez! Was that in my brain?? They were huge! The cast stayed on. He wants it to stay on as long as it can because of how much scar tissue he needed to remove... He doesn't want my nose to have a chance to start forming it again. Possible steroid shots in my nose soon. So yeah... Feeling better now that I've seen him. Still draining from my nostrils though he sailboat should stop soon now that the splints are out. You can see in today's picture my lower cheeks are still swollen and the bruises there are starting to fade. The puffiness under my eyes is starting to subside. My nose tip and nostrils still look huge but I know hats swelling cause they weren't that big before and I know he didn't make them bigger lol. I am looking forward to seeing things in a few days.

A question

Everything I've seen online (video and here) says and shows when the splints come out that person can breathe. My doctor took them out earlier today and suctioned my nose and I still can't breathe. It feels like everything is swollen. Has anyone else experienced that? I just want to be able to breathe through my nose. ????

One week after surgery

Today was my first good day. I showered and did my hair. The welling in my cheeks is almost down and a lot of the bruises are yellowing. Under my eyes there are still bright purple splashes. I sat outside today and felt the sun. And biggest thing I noticed: I had more energy. So I wanted to do a bunch of stuff but I made myself NOT Because then I know I'd be exhausted and kick myself for overdoing it. So the shower and doing my hair was it for me. The cast is still locked onto my face which is good. Going to relax over the weekend and hope I see improvements day by day.


I sneezed this morning and besides the fact that it hurt like hell to sneeze and I really tried not to, I felt my cast loosen and pop off. I cleaned up my nose, took pics... But should I put the cast back on and tape
It on or is that it? It's off, it's off. I took pics immediate so I could see things before I swelled. I can see I still have a lot of swelling in the left side of my nose, which does surprise me because that's where he had so much scar tissue to remove. I will be waiting to see when that swelling goes down. I'm not gonna freak out because I see the asymmetrical look because I have to just use my head. I can feel the heaviness of my nose and know it's still swollen. I'm trying to take emotions out of the equations right now. Almost 10 days past an extensive surgery. I'm gonna alcohol out the gooey was of the inside of the cast and then see if I should tape it back ? At this point, will it be worthless? Normally he would have taken it off last Wednesday and he told me I would get another 2-3 days out of the cast before it popped off and I got 5. (Not counting today because it's 7am). I can also see the top of my nose is STRAIGHT. THAT is pretty cool. I haven't seen that since my pictures before I was 11 and my nose was broken by a rogue basketball (the start of all this mess). So another question to those who have braved this before me.... Should I ice my nose?

2 week selfie!

So 2 days ago I still had a good amount of swelling and he said I had a good amount of squishy swelling which was unusual. So he put me on a prescription of methylprednisolone . Definitely that's helping take down the swelling as I'm in the middle of day three of it. I still have swelling inside and can't breathe through without a good amount of effort. But I can finally see some definition in my nose which is so nice. I'm actually headed to work now and this is the very first time I have put on make up in over two weeks. I definitely still have swelling on the side of my nose but I can deal with that right now.
Boston Facial Plastic Surgeon

The doctor was very nice and he seemed very comfortable doing this procedure. I was so nervous and he told me "this is what I do." And his credentials were right on. He's right at Mass Eye & Ear hospital and is a professor at Harvard medical school. He's got a very "matter of fact" and doesn't have the most warmest of bedside manner but he best doctors... I don't think they're wired that way. I don't care about bedside manner, I care about results and his credentials are really good. His secretary (she works the front desk) Hillary makes up for all that. She is sweet, accommodating, and remembers who you are. She knew who uneasy when I called. When you walk in for your appointment she knows who you are (not the very first time but the second one and after). She is also very knowledgable. I called post surgery to get some info because I had some questions about my healing and she told me what I was going through was normal. This doctor has quite a few months to wait for a surgical date but don't the best ones do?

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