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Had tummy tuck in Jun 2014. Still have lots of...

Had tummy tuck in Jun 2014. Still have lots of skin left. Surgeon couldn't repair upper abs muscle because it created a bulge in the lower abs. Said my uterus may have taken up too much space in the lower abs. Had an ultra sound of uterus. It is larger than average.

My surgeon left MGH. So I am looking for a new surgeon for a revision. I also have a dog ear from the breast lift that needs fixing.

Revision is so scary. I worry I will end up having more scar and looking worst than ever. I feel a bit deformed at the moment.

Massachusetts General Hospital Surgeons

Dr. Jason S. Cooper was the surgeon who operated on me in June. He told me at 10 weeks checkup that I needed a revision and a new surgeon at the same time. He told me to see Dr. Richard J. Ehrlichman. After he told me he was leaving, I felt that he didn't want to bother with me as his patient anymore.

I went online to lookup Dr. Ehrilichman. Great doctor and a war hero who just got back from Afghanistan. "Dr. Ehrlichman is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps and recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan." I freak out some more because I don't think surgeons do a lot of tummy tuck at a war zone.

I was told by Dr. Ehrilichman's office that I need to see Dr. William J. Austen (Chief of Plastic surgery). So I made an appointment with Dr. Austen.

Dr. Austen saw me and said that I looked great and did not need a revision but he can offer me a different type of surgery like a fleur de lis TT or LBL with discounted surgeon fee plus other fee. I asked him if he expected me to walk around looking like this "half very tight and half very loose." He ignored me talk to his intern.

So after all that dealings with MGH surgeons, I am looking for new surgeon at a different practice.

List of plastic surgeons that I may see

Dr. Richard Bartlett
Dr. Daniel Driscoll
Dr. Elof Eriksson
Dr. Joe Feldman
Dr. G. George Gallico III
Dr. Charles Hergrueter
Dr. Dennis Orgill
Dr. Sumner Slavin
Dr. George Volpe

These are some of the doctors listed in the best doctors list in Boston Magazine.

I didn't include all the plastic surgeon on the list because some of them are too far from me. One of them works at Children hospital.

Misc information for revision

1. What is your revision policy at your practice?
2. Do you plan to leave the practice within six months after the operation (if the practice is within a hospital)? What if you do leave the practice? How does that impact your patients?
3. How do you treat your patients if something doesn't go well? Will you treat them with kindness?
4. How many revision have you performed in the past (I would like a breakdown of your patients and patients from other surgeons)?
5. How many tummy tuck have you performed in the last 6 months?
6. How many lower body lift have you performed in the last 6 months?
7. What kind of post op care do you provide? Will you or nurse response quickly in email?
8. Do you provide compression garment?
9. Do you suggest scar treatment?
10. I have a lot of swelling during recovery, what is the plan to reduce swelling? Will you attempt to take out fluid during office visit? I really think the swelling affected my outcome so I would rather plan ahead.
11. Will you be able to repair the upper ab muscle? It looks awful when the upper abs muscle is not repaired.
12. I have constant cramps in my uterus now. What is the option for me?
13, Can you also fix (improve) my dog ear at the left breast?
14. What do you suggest I have? LBL, fleur de lis TT or regular TT? I don't like the straight up and down look or the LBL, I prefer to have a waist line. If LBL is suggested, is there a way to prevent that look.
15. Do I need lipo on abs or/ and flank? And why I do or don't need lipo? I have received mix messages from different PS. Please explain.

I plan to look at lots of before, after pictures. Scar position, coloring, etc.

List of revised surgeon that I may see.

Private practice surgeons
Dr. Richard Bartlett
Dr. Daniel Driscoll
Dr. G. George Gallico III
Dr. Sumner Slavin
Dr. George Volpe

Brigham woman hospital surgeons
Dr. Elof Eriksson (Chief of PS at BWH)
Dr. Charles Hergrueter
Dr. Dennis Orgill

I plan to find a surgeon close by. I don't need the best surgeon in the US, I just need one of the best in MA. These nine doctors practices within 30 mins from me. If I don't like any of them, I will consider driving further away.

My major concern is post op visits when I have lots of swelling. That is why I want a practice that is close by. Can the doctor do something about it? Even common sense tells me when the skin is thin, fills it with lots of fluid will blow it up. I read from others that their doctors do try to do something for their swelling.

Dr. Christopher Davidson

I had a consult with him 1.5 years ago. My weight loss surgeon recommended him. He was the first plastic surgeon I saw. I was going to have surgery with him. However the insurance denied my tummy tuck surgery. I should have followed up with the insurance (since I do have a lot of excess skin) but I got really busy with life.

Dr. Davidson is nice. I may go see him for my TT revision.

Dr. William LoVerme

I had a consult with Dr. LoVerme at the beginning of the year. He is professional. I didn't choose Dr. LoVerme because our personality do not match. He told me plastic surgery is not weightloss surgery. So strange, because I already told him I had weightloss surgery 3 years ago and my BMI is very close 25. He also told me the picture I saw was a women in her 20s, never had kids and had LBL. I was like.. I do have a realistic expectation, can't bring back time.

Dr. William Jay Austen

Saw Dr. Austen after Dr. Cooper left Mass General Hospital. Dr. Austen is the chief of Plastic surgery and Burn unit at MGH. Busy man. A bit intimidating. I am sure he is a great surgeon.

I think my impression of him would have been better if I didn't already have a terrible experience at the practice. Nevertheless, I didn't feel comfortable. He said I don't need a revision (I look great), I need a LBL because I seem picky and wouldn't be happy with a fleur de lis TT. Just want a patient needs to hear.. I thought I was rather calm considering the situation.

I was a bit stunned so I kept sitting down, he kept asking me to stand up for a second so he could talk to his intern. LOL! Strangest thing ever.

I need a great surgeon obviously but I also need a kind surgeon who will be available after the surgery. I have decided not to be operated on by Dr. Austen because I am picky.

One of my breast looks like a prune

Not only it has a dog ear. It is all wrinkle. My breasts definitely look worst than pre-op.

For tummy tuck, I can understand my extra large uterus, swelling, skin condition but my breast lift is pretty straight forward breast lift, no resize, no implant.

I hope it can be fixed.
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