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I am 40 years old. 5' 7.5" currently 164lbs....

I am 40 years old. 5' 7.5" currently 164lbs. Starting weight was 235lbs. Goal weight before surgery 160lbs. My goal was always to have a normal BMI and be within my healthy weight range.
I'm a working mom (critical care nurse), devoted wife, care taker of an aging mom, and helper to a recently widowed sister and 2 kids.... So I am busy!!
I've managed to get back to the gym to better manage my life and stress level. It resulted in a 70 lb weight loss. My family has also changed their lifestyle and as a family we have lost over 200lbs!!!
Best part my 6 yr old son never has memory of my husband and I being over weight and unhealthy. He knows how important it is to feed your body proper nutrition and keep your body moving. It's all about balancing eat well and eating "fun" food that tastes great but doesn't help us grow. And it's good to chill out and relax but we also need to move and strengthen our body's daily.
Some days are better then other. The important part is to wake up everyday and just TRY!!
So NOW I've decided to do something for myself and have others take care. I'm scheduled for a Tummy Tuck in October. I may not need my muscles repair. The doctor is going to look at them when he is in there. Minimal lipo as well being done.
I am looking for any advice or suggestion you may have!!!!

8 weeks

I just realized I only have 8 weeks left until my surgery October 12! Should I be preparing my stuff now or wait, too soon?

Too early

I'm sure it's never too to get ready for surgery but when should i start? I've been reading and trying to make a list of things people have recommended but I have a small living space and don't want it hanging around too long before surgery.

I have less then a month away until my tummy tuck....

I have less then a month away until my tummy tuck. I have read tons of reviews and postings. I am very curious to see how my recovery goes.

I will have my husband home for the first 4 days but after that i am not sure who will be able to help me around. My Mother n law will help out with my 6 year old and he will be in school during the day. I am sure it will all work itself out. The doctor feels he may not even need to do a muscle repair. He will get a closer look during surgery. If not done that will be a smoother recovery. I am not sure how to cipher through all the recommendations of what to have before surgery. I do not have a lot of space so i really need to just have the essentials. Any thoughts? I would love to connect with anyone having it done around the same time, October 2016. Maybe we can support each other day by day.

Count down started

Friday I officially paid for the surgery so it's now official!!! I got to charge it so at least I will get points????


Any good low sodium snacks or meals I can get ready to have around for after surgery?

3 weeks away

I only have 21 days til the flat excited!!


Signed my consent And goT my preop info!

Enjoying one last time in my bathing suit....

Enjoying one last time in my bathing suit at the spa with my mom and sisters! No matter how much I lose (70lbs so far) I still hate my stomach. I can't wait to be proud of my body and all the hard work I have done.

Trying to clean up my diet...

Today I'm trying to clean up my diet!! It has been a tough 2 past months. I'm up 5lbs!! So now I'm 170lbs ????
I normally eat very clean with occasionally allowing a cheat meal and have done that for 2 1/2 years. 70lbs lost!
These past 2 months I have had a few health issues and family issues which has effected my diet.
My exercising routine hasn't been changed. I workout pretty regularly cardio and strength training 5-6X a week!
I'm hoping maybe I've gained some muscle but I'm pretty sure it's just fat!
Anyway.... Today I'm gonna try to just get back to my diet routine!!!
Dr Bartlett

The office has been great so far. The price is reasonable for this area.

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