41 No Kids TT with Lipo on Back/stomach/arms - Boston, MA

Stalking this site got two years and loving the...

Stalking this site got two years and loving the info, honest feedback and support. I've always hated my belly and arms. I lived in long sleeves and drapery shirts hoping to hide the disaster going on underneath even in the hottest weather. Constantly tugging on shirts to keep from clinging to my rolls. I promised myself that I would get a tummy tuck when I was 40. I'm a little late but really excited. I was sweating bullets at the consultation and had to peel that paper gown off my rolls. I never ever let anyone look too long at my belly while I was standing up and was shaking. My husband has been super supportive and loves me no matter but I want this for me. I'm still not comfortable posting or even taking pictures of my rolls but I'm hoping to get over that soon. I'm not comfortable even telling anyone except him that I'm going ahead with this but wanted to share my experience with you all and hope I can get some advice on planning for the next few weeks until the procedure and after care. Thank you!
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