41 No Kids TT with Lipo on Back/stomach/arms - Boston, MA

Stalking this site got two years and loving the...

Stalking this site got two years and loving the info, honest feedback and support. I've always hated my belly and arms. I lived in long sleeves and drapery shirts hoping to hide the disaster going on underneath even in the hottest weather. Constantly tugging on shirts to keep from clinging to my rolls. I promised myself that I would get a tummy tuck when I was 40. I'm a little late but really excited. I was sweating bullets at the consultation and had to peel that paper gown off my rolls. I never ever let anyone look too long at my belly while I was standing up and was shaking. My husband has been super supportive and loves me no matter but I want this for me. I'm still not comfortable posting or even taking pictures of my rolls but I'm hoping to get over that soon. I'm not comfortable even telling anyone except him that I'm going ahead with this but wanted to share my experience with you all and hope I can get some advice on planning for the next few weeks until the procedure and after care. Thank you!

I'm out!!! And leaky!

Very comfortable and in and out of sleep. I'm spending the night in the surgery center and the nurses are awesome. I was woozy at first but that cleared fast. I had a level 5 pain at first but the Tylenol worked wonders. On top of oxy of course. I don't remember anyone taking about the draining. I woke up in a pool of fluids and was happy to finally go to the restroom and change gown and bedding. I'm able to sleep on my side and maneuver which is better than I thought. No nausea except when I went to the bathroom but it passed once I got back in bed. The air compressors on my calves are really comfortable but I am not sure what they are for (circulation?). Don't have a lot of detailed info on the surgery yet just that it went well and dropped about 10 lbs.

Day 2

Didn't sleep much in surgery center even after an ambien. Husband got there at 630 to take me home and doc said they removed about 10 lbs total. I'm comfortable but drainage from arms gets everywhere. I only threw up once on the drive home and haven't been nauseous. I'm resting at home and have been able to stay awake and walk to kitchen to chat for a little bit before going back to my recliner. I'm sore but not uncomfortable. It's only when I make big moves but walking is fine. I'm dying to see what's going on under this binder. My skin doesn't feel as tight as I thought. That's all for now. When I get some pics without binder I'll share.

Day 4

Roller coaster. Evenings are better than mornings nauseous every day and forcing myself to eat. Belly is numb and above the belly button is sticking out further than lower belly. Changed the binder and everything looks good. But I guess I didn't know what to expect. My brain is complete mush and it's really hard to watch tv or play games because I can't concentrate on what's happening. I'm down to 1 oxy every 4 hours during the day and it's been great for the pain. I can get up and down by myself. Questions... am I on track with others experience? Should I feel this out of it? Is anyone else forcing themselves to eat? Does anyone else worry about all the bad things that can happen? I don't regret the surgery but I feel pretty selfish and superficial for having done it. Sorry for the rambling....

The dreaded Before pics

After pics

Let me know what you think


Tight tight tight!! I can stand up and move around pretty good, nausea returned and I'm still on pain meds because Tylenol just isn't cutting this vice grip on my whole midsection. I put the binder on and it's not tight but firm (I can easily put two fingers in it) but the skin under it is solid! Any suggestions?
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