41 No Kids TT with Lipo on Back/stomach/arms - Boston, MA

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Stalking this site got two years and loving the...

Stalking this site got two years and loving the info, honest feedback and support. I've always hated my belly and arms. I lived in long sleeves and drapery shirts hoping to hide the disaster going on underneath even in the hottest weather. Constantly tugging on shirts to keep from clinging to my rolls. I promised myself that I would get a tummy tuck when I was 40. I'm a little late but really excited. I was sweating bullets at the consultation and had to peel that paper gown off my rolls. I never ever let anyone look too long at my belly while I was standing up and was shaking. My husband has been super supportive and loves me no matter but I want this for me. I'm still not comfortable posting or even taking pictures of my rolls but I'm hoping to get over that soon. I'm not comfortable even telling anyone except him that I'm going ahead with this but wanted to share my experience with you all and hope I can get some advice on planning for the next few weeks until the procedure and after care. Thank you!

I'm out!!! And leaky!

Very comfortable and in and out of sleep. I'm spending the night in the surgery center and the nurses are awesome. I was woozy at first but that cleared fast. I had a level 5 pain at first but the Tylenol worked wonders. On top of oxy of course. I don't remember anyone taking about the draining. I woke up in a pool of fluids and was happy to finally go to the restroom and change gown and bedding. I'm able to sleep on my side and maneuver which is better than I thought. No nausea except when I went to the bathroom but it passed once I got back in bed. The air compressors on my calves are really comfortable but I am not sure what they are for (circulation?). Don't have a lot of detailed info on the surgery yet just that it went well and dropped about 10 lbs.

Day 2

Didn't sleep much in surgery center even after an ambien. Husband got there at 630 to take me home and doc said they removed about 10 lbs total. I'm comfortable but drainage from arms gets everywhere. I only threw up once on the drive home and haven't been nauseous. I'm resting at home and have been able to stay awake and walk to kitchen to chat for a little bit before going back to my recliner. I'm sore but not uncomfortable. It's only when I make big moves but walking is fine. I'm dying to see what's going on under this binder. My skin doesn't feel as tight as I thought. That's all for now. When I get some pics without binder I'll share.

Day 4

Roller coaster. Evenings are better than mornings nauseous every day and forcing myself to eat. Belly is numb and above the belly button is sticking out further than lower belly. Changed the binder and everything looks good. But I guess I didn't know what to expect. My brain is complete mush and it's really hard to watch tv or play games because I can't concentrate on what's happening. I'm down to 1 oxy every 4 hours during the day and it's been great for the pain. I can get up and down by myself. Questions... am I on track with others experience? Should I feel this out of it? Is anyone else forcing themselves to eat? Does anyone else worry about all the bad things that can happen? I don't regret the surgery but I feel pretty selfish and superficial for having done it. Sorry for the rambling....

The dreaded Before pics

After pics

Let me know what you think


Tight tight tight!! I can stand up and move around pretty good, nausea returned and I'm still on pain meds because Tylenol just isn't cutting this vice grip on my whole midsection. I put the binder on and it's not tight but firm (I can easily put two fingers in it) but the skin under it is solid! Any suggestions?

Back to (almost) normal

Since my last update I discovered I had thrush from the anti biotics which make everything taste weird, which didn't help my nausea but it cleared in a few days.

By one full week out I was back working from home, I had about 2-3 good hours a day but it was really hard to concentrate. Lucky for me its a slow season so I was able to manage the workload. I was still slow moving around, but able to stand up straight. I had someone with me who reminded me to eat and take meds which was wonderful! I tried after a week to get off the Oxy, but my body just wasn't ready so I weaned off by taking 1-3 a day and spacing them out, then 1-2, then 1, then 1/2. I learned a good lesson: Take your time, with everything!

I had my first follow up with doctor, asked about nausea and thrush but he did not prescribe anything. The drain was still draining about 50 a day, ideally there should be <35, but he pulled it out, which I was thankful for and did not have any problems with swelling or anything. I had some weird areas under the binder and used some 1" foam to sculpt the area above my belly button that was weirdly sticking out and around my hips where it was rubbing and it worked great!!

By 10 days out I was going out for 3-4 hour periods but still very tired. Like pass out and take a nap tired. I could go to events if I knew I was well rested during the day. Outfits were difficult because the binder was bulky but I managed with long skirts, leggings and all my old drapey shirts. Unfortunately once the antibiotics were complete (1 week) I was out shopping and realized I was covered in hives. So needless to say my body wasn't happy with me.

Since then I had my second follow up had some pics done and have been feeling great. I'm back on elliptical & treadmill! I started by doing lowest setting 2.2 Mph on treadmill for 20 mins and after one week I've worked back up to 30 minutes on my elliptical but I move slower. I'm not always concerned about where I'm going to sit or if I get bumped in my belly. I've gone out in spanx and a shapewear tanktop and feel pretty comfortable. When I'm home and working or sleeping I put on the binder because I'm supposed to be 12 hours on 12 hours off. My belly is still hard and has the weird foot fell asleep feeling but its getting better everyday. My arms are hard on the underside and feel lumpy but I can tell they look much smaller. They were the easiest part of this whole procedure, they feel sore still like I worked them out too hard but they are completely functional.

I spent about $100 on a big old basket of things I thought I would need after the surgery and didn't use hardly any of them, the walker was helpful for like 3 days but I got that for free. My incisions were glued so I didn't need dressings, tape, gloves, anything to poop, gauze, pads, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide. I had some cute star wars band aids, a pad that was big enough to sleep on so I didn't worry about leaks, tissues to stick in the bandages on days 1-3 so they weren't leaking, two extra pillows to put under my knees to sleep and 4 ice packs which i used nightly and daily. I slept in my recliner days 2-4, and lived in for 3 weeks but I would not have bought one for just a few weeks. I have two binders, two pieces of foam, three shapewear tanks, spanx (which I cut the entire crotch out), and two corset-style shapers. I bought crappy underwear for leaks etc, but found it easier to get in and out of bathroom without any undies just comfy pants (scandalous I know). I hated having to take anything all the way off, so I preferred the corset style stuff rather than the ones that had underwear or shorts attached.

I lived on saltines, oatmeal, applesauce and ready made protein shakes for the 4 days. Now I'm back to a regular diet and try to be conscious of water intake and protein. I've weighed myself and I'm 3-4 pounds lighter than when I went in for surgery.

Before and After Pics

One month prior to surgery and 10 days post surgery (the discoloration on my skin in the after photos is from hives)
Dr. Jeffrey Darrow

I researched a number of docs in Boston but I thought his work was very consistent, realistic and scarring minimal. His reviews were stellar! His photoshop work isn't the best but I don't care how well he works on a computer, I care about his plastic surgery. I could see results from his website and he was very realistic with me. They were able to schedule me relatively quickly. His assistant Helen is amazing, she makes you feel so cared about and is so honest, I just fell in love with her! I called the doc a few times before and after surgery and he got back to me very quickly (this was after hours). I never waited long for my appointments, I received great service, the work was incredible, I would easily recommend a friend to Dr. Darrow and Helen.

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