36, No Kiddos but Getting a TT After Major Weight Loss - Boston, MA

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In 2005 I weighed 260 pounds. I had always been a...

In 2005 I weighed 260 pounds. I had always been a yo-yo dieter with a love of fast food and ice cream. I exercised on a semi-regular basis but I was still a very unhealthy 26 year old. Then one day my Doctor ran some blood tests and they showed my hormones were out of whack and I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It was a wake up call for me.

Flash forward to now and I am a very healthy and active 180 pounds. I am 5' 9" for those wondering. I have run 3 half marathons and no longer have a diagnosis of PCOS. This surgery is something I have wanted ever since I left my Doctor's office that fateful day. I think part of the reason I have been pushing it off is that I don't have children. Every time I watched a weight loss show where they talk about excess skin and extreme weight loss I was was always longing and hoping that someday I could fix this belly of mine. At my heaviest I always carried most of my weight in my stomach, with relatively thin arms and legs.

I never had the courage to have a consult with a PS until this year. Being 36 and single at the moment I finally had a moment when I realized I shouldn't put this surgery off anymore in case I have a baby. In reality I could meet the man of my dreams tomorrow and my 36 year old body just might not want to get pregnant. It doesn't mean I can't someday be a Mother. And the PS was very reassuring that the way your skin rebounds after a pregnancy is very different to how your skin reacts to a life time of obesity. I have noticed there aren't a lot of folks on here having a TT without having babies first. I'm hoping to be a voice to those folks!

Two weeks out!

Two weeks from today I will be waking up on my couch on the flat side! I'm feeling pretty calm, but I'm sure I will have some moments of panic between now and surgery day. I Wanted to get down tom175 pounds by surgery day and Im down to 178 so that feels good. A friend of nine gave me a book about how to mentally prepare for surgery. It has been a great gift! It comes with a relaxation cd and I listen to it as I'm falling asleep. I've been sleeping soundly and stopped having crazy dreams which had been plaguing me!

Found out this week my insurance won't pay for 2 out of 3 pain meds that my ps wants me to take. I asked if he ever prescribed a difer t protocol of meds but he convinced me to pay out of pocket for the meds. I guess in the big picture, a few extra dollars that will ensure me being as comfortable as possible after the fact will be worth it!!!!

almost there!

Just a few more days to go and I feel ready! I would however like to live in a germ free bubble or wear gloves and a mask at all times for the next 6 days. There's a nasty stomach bug running through my office right now! I work with small children and there is just no way to avoid germs! A week from now I'll be on the flat side!

I made it!

Surgery is done! 5.5 pounds of skin removed!

Pain is manageable but I definitely wish I had rented a recliner!!!

3 days post op!

day one was pretty rough. I couldn't seem to catch up on pain meds. I was prescribed Celebrex, OxyContin, and oxycodone. The oxycodone is the only one that seems to help.

I've been staying in my bed and have been able to get up and move independently since yesterday. It feels good to walk around.

I just weighed myself which I know is a big no no! But for those curious I weighed 179.6, and presurgery I was 178.6. I'm not worried!!

My ps said I could take the binder off to wash it today... We shall see how that goes!

Happy Monday!!

First after pics

Trying to stick to Tylenol only today! I successfully took off and washed my garment last night. I know there are a million dif garments out there. Here are my first after pics, day 4 post op

feeling good!

I got to wash my hair in my kitchen sink and give myself a really good sponge bath! Very exciting! I also put on the blue dress from my before pics and even with my drains poking out you can see a change already less than a week out!!!!

First post op appointment done!

Doctor said everything looks great! I'm cleared for light exercise which makes me happy. I got winded walking around the block yesterday which was depressing. I'm used to running. My belly button looked super bruised but doctor said it looked good. The incision looks really low and thin! I can go buy spanx if I want!

My only complaint is I've been having these coughing fits that are so so painful. I bought lozenges and the Doctor said that no cough or sneeze can ruin it at this point. That was a relief!

Yes it hurts having the drains pulled but it's over in a second! And life is much better without them!!!!

I have a belly button!

I've never had a visible belly button! It's always been a frown. But I love my new one!

Just ventured out to target. It might have been a little too ambitious but my goal is to get out of the house once a day and I knew target would be pretty empty midday on a Friday. Also got my first coffee in a week today. Super yummy!

1 week post op

Here's a pic of the whole thing!

10 days post op

Today is Marathon Monday. It is my favorite day to live in Boston and even before the bombs, I have always gained inspiration for the runners and been so so proud to call myself a Bostonian. When I scheduled my surgery, I thought I would be watching from my couch today. But I'm happy to report I was able to join my usual group of friends to cheer on the thousands of runners. Yes it rained, yes it was freezing, and yes I might be a little sore tomorrow but it will have been worth it.

Two week post op

Feeling almost back to normal! My waist has really made an appearance the past couple of days. Minor aches and pains and I'm still taking Tylenol. Been sleeping better since I've been able to sleep on my side!

Close up of incision

Another great post op!

Incision is completely closed! Just have to keep putting Neosporin on my belly button. Cleared to soak in a bathtub which makes me happ! Finally got pics of my skin that was removed!

3 weeks post op

Looking swollen today. Went out to see a comedy show last night and put new meaning to the phrase "laughed until my stomach hurt". I know it's all normal swelling! Went back to work on Thursday and made it through!


Bikini bottoms!

Still some swelling almost four weeks out, but I'm keeping them! I think.... Never thought I'd ever have the courage or confidence to!

Happy one month surgiversary to me!

Feeling really good today! Officially out of the surgical binder because it was to big. I'm wearing compression garments from Walmart 24/7 instead. Did a lot of walking yesterday and felt great!
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