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As many others have described, I am a 34 (almost...

As many others have described, I am a 34 (almost 35) year old mom of two great kids. I have always had curves, which I loved- but this post baby tummy is not quite my idea of a curvy goddess. Alas, it is time for me! In 2004 (before my kids) I had a breast reduction and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I am hoping that this tummy tuck will leave me just as pleased as my reduction did!

Starting the Process

SO I am currently waiting for my Care Credit application to come back... seems to be taking a while...

I got my surgery date!

Yeehaw! I just got my surgery date- January 5th, just 3 short weeks away!!!!

Pro-Op appointment complete!

2 weeks and five days away! I really like my surgeon- great bedside manner. Today we went over all the paperwork and did a physical. Of course, today was also payment day! We decided to go with care credit. I plan to take some before photos of myself in some of my favorite clothes so that I can compare the way they fit after!!!

Surgery Day!

This morning was my surgery! I am currently at home resting. I am not in a ton of pain as I am just laying here with pillows propping me up- the most pain I am experiencing is in my abdominal muscles. It feels as though I have done 10,000 crunches and am being forced to hold the plank position... I have not seen my belly yet, but plan to look tomorrow!

Post Op day 1!

So I just got out of the shower... I am quite pleased with my swollen, tight, yet flat results! My belly button is currently looking diamond shape which is interesting- I am looking forward to seeing what it heals into! My surgeon did LIPO on the outsides if my breasts where I had fat deposits left from my breast reduction from 2004. They are currently swollen so it looks the same to me as when I first went in. My double bubble belly is gone and she did an amazing job with my incision- the line is straight and even. She used surgical glue on the long incision instead of sutures which I love. Other than the general intense tightness in my abs, the only other thing that is bothering me is the drainage tube on my right side. I believe it must be sitting on a nerve inside my body and when we strip the tubes the suction gives me sharp momentary pain. I am currently wearing a faja style binder but have my other one ordered.


So I am 3 days post op and I feel amazing. I am almost done needing narcorics and I am moving around much more fluidly now. My biggest problem/pain was the drain tubes that had come to rest on nerves inside my abdomen. I'm not sure if they have shifted a bit but they don't seem to be as problematic now. The swelling on the outside of my breasts from LIPO is going down quite rapidly and I am already beginning to see my new shape despite the swelling at the front of my abdomen. Dr. Sadowski did an incredible job with the LIPO to my flanks, as she managed to get much further around to my back than I had anticipated she would. As of now, my biggest problem is the itching over my entire torso due to the binder and at the spots where the adhesive heart monitors were above my breasts. I have been using jojoba oil on my torso to help reduce the itching. As it is now, none of my incision points are itchy which is incredible! My long incision is absolutely gorgeous (as far as huge incisions go) and the bruising is not too bad. So, three days out I feel great and am very pleased with my initial results!!

3 Days Post- Op

I finally pooped! Yay! Here are some pics from post-op day 3!

1 week post op

1 week and feeling good! I am off of my pain Meds and am getting my drains hopefully removed tomorrow!

2 weeks post op

I was thrilled to have my drains removed at 10 days post op- I felt like I had two extra appendages fabulously amputated! My incision looks incredible but I am still very swollen. As my doctor told me, compression is my best friend right now. I have a number of different garments- the generic wrap I was given at the hospital, the boobless overall style that goes down my thighs and is crotch less, a similar boobless style that has no legs, and a span style garment on steroids that goes from my thighs up my entire torso. All of these garments have their plus side, but I needed more compression right around my incision. I decided to get myself a steel boned corset and I absolutely love it. Not only do I feel like a sexy vixen, but I am able to tighten or loosen it all along the torso as I wish. As it is right now, I wear my garments as follows- light cami, then boobless torso garment, then corset over the top. I have found this combo to be the most comfortable, and damn the curves- just DAMN! I bought my corset on Amazon.

4 weeks out

I'm 4 weeks out and just started my scar treatment with silicone strips- has anyone else tried them? I'm still swollen but happy! I am also regaining some feeling towards the lateral parts of my scar! Yay! Ouch... Lol
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