Let the Rhinoplasty Journey Begin - Boston, MA

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I have been planning on having a rhinoplasty since...

I have been planning on having a rhinoplasty since I was 14 years old. Now 10 years later I am finally financially secure enough to turn my dream into a reality. I HATE my nose!! Ofcourse all my friends and family tell me that I dont need one and that it is a waste of money but nothing is going to stop me!! I wanted to have my surgery scheduled for mid-january, but choosing a surgeon has been quite time consuming. I want to get rid of the LARGE dorsal hump, narrow my nasal bones, and basically just make my nose smaller and more proportional for my face.Im both nervous and excited. I cant wait to share my journey with all of you as well as hear your thoughts and stories!!!

Going In Circles. The last few weeks I have been...

Going In Circles.
The last few weeks I have been researching surgeons. I really want to find the best. BUT there are so many rhinoplasty specialists that claim to be the "Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon" in Massachusetts. When I think that I found "the one" I then find one bad patient review and I am instantly turned off from this surgeon. I am really really nervous that I will choose the wrong surgeon and that I will have effed up nose the rest of my life. I have enough money saved for a primary nose job, but what if something goes wrong and Ill need a revision nose job?? I dont have extra money....should I just wait til I have extra money saved for "worst case scenarios"?? I really want to get this done and asap. I am lost.
My parents arent thrilled with me getting this done. They have heard me talk about it since I was 14 (24 now) but I apparently they thought it was just a 10 year phase and I would get over it. When I told my Dad that I was going to a consultation he was like TIME OUT. He finally realized how serious I was about this surgery. He told me to hold off on the consultation until he talked to his Ears, Nose, and Throat Doctor (he has had bad sinus problems for ever and sees a specialist) He contacted his doctor to see what surgeon he reccomends for me. Well my dad got back to me today and his doctor said that Dr. Jeff Smith (Chelmsford, MA) or Dr Richard Glicklich (Mass Ears and Throat) were the best choices. I have never heard of these two surgeons while researching (and I have done alot of research) They werent on my top 3 surgeon list.
The first thing i did was google the doctors. Each had their own webpage but nothing on their websites were really dedicated to rhinoplastys. Also there were no pictures of previous cases which was scary bc honestly i have judged the sugeons on their previous case photos (how well i thought the noses were improved) as well as the number of case pictures they posted. (My thinking is that the more case photos the Surgeon posts on their website then the more rhinoplastys they have done) (idk if its true but what ever)
So now I am going in circles. Do I go with who my parents want or do I go with someone that wasnt reccomended by my Dads doctor????
My Top 3: (If anyone knows anything good or bad about these surgeons please let me know)
Dr. Bentkover (Worcester)
Dr. Fencher (Worcester)
Dr. Min S. Ahn (Westborough)
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