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I hate hate hate my tattoo it was a dumb young...

I hate hate hate my tattoo it was a dumb young decision, it looks stupid. I hate wearing tank tops or bathing suits that show it off, I hate being in pictures, I was in a wedding and felt like I ruined all the pictures by being in them. I just want this thing gone. I live in NH and have had a really hard time finding any place near here, most of the local "medi-spas" that offer tattoo removal have bad reviews on the facility, and basically none of the reviews have anything to do its tattoo removal so I feel like they must not do the service very often. Recently reading a review I found on here from someone who went to a place in Boston MA, I think I may have found a place... just have to inquire about price first...

Two years later...

So I have been procrastinating... I haven't gotten any treatments done I just didn't have a big enough reason yet I guess. I just got engaged this summer so now I feel the need to do something. Through research I found a place in NH that has the picosure laser! So that means no traveling into the city! The pricing was actually lower that the place in Boston who I consulted with previously. So win win for me! I had my first treatment today on FOUR AREAS. It definitely didn't feel wonderful and the one on my shoulder really hurt for about and hour or two after (burning feeling). I have some vlistering already but I am told that is to be expected. I will update with my progress throughout this journey. I am hoping to be rid of my tattoos by September 2016 for my wedding!

Day 2 after 1st treatment.

The places with the more concentrated dark ink are the areas my blisters seem to be. I feel like I look like I have leperacy but it doesn't hurt much. The blisters just look really gross. My doctor said I Han poo to blisters if I want but that will mean o have to take care of an open wound. I am having trouble deciding which is worse and I'm. It sure if I should pop or wait for them to go down. The ones on my shoulder are huge I can't imagine it won't pop when k put clothes on. Anyways here are my graphic pics from day 2. It looks worse than it feels I promise!

5 weeks after first treatment.

My are and neck healed up well. The one in my foot took almost 4 weeks to heal completely.

After second treatment

Healing was a much smoother process this time. It hurt more during the session though. I decided I'm going to opt for the numbing cream next time. Afterwards I was in a lot of pain. I iced pretty much all night and was much better the next day and did not blister like last time. Two down.

Fully healed after 3rd treatment

This time I chose to use the medicated numbing cream on all areas. I was worried the cream would make the treatment less effective but my technician told me that is not the case. It didn't numb me 100% but it made it more bearable. The healing process seems to be quicker each time. I noticed some areas that once had white ink have darkened slightly, which I read is normal.

after treatment 4

Worst blistering so far. I actually had some blood on my bandages a few hours after my treatment which hasn't happened before. The treatment and healing weren't any more painful than usual. The doctor said she was holding the laser a little further from my skin which allows it to penetrate a little deeper. The blisters looked like blood blisters but the liquid was clear so that was a relief. From what I have seen on here this is pretty normal. I see a lot of fading between my scabs (or what my boyfriend calls alligator skin).

I used aquaphor until the blisters and open skin went away. I am now using Miracle Oil, which is an oil mixture that has vitamin E, tea tree oil, and other oils. It is soothing and is suppose to help reduce scaring. I have used this every time and so far I have remained a healthy skin texture after I heal up. I also notice redness goes away after a day or two of switching to the oil. Tea tree is also a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

Healed from 4th Session - Session 5 is tomorrow

All healed up from my 4th session. Only two more sessions left (that I pre-paid for). I am hopeful that I can get close to full clearance soon! Check out my comparison pictures...

Day after 5th treatment

I never know what to expect the day after my treatments. Sometimes the blisters are crazy and sometimes not so bad. The key on my arm, where the ink was the lightest is where I got the most blisters this time. I hope that means the ink will just disappear there!!! I will have to wear a bandage when I leave the house today so the blisters don't leak on my clothes... yuck...
Since I have been using the numbing cream they prescribed me the sessions have been much more bearable. This time, I chose not to treat my foot. I am planning on having a cover-up done and feel it is light enough to have something done now. It was nice only having to ice 3 areas of my body instead of 4.
I scheduled treatment 6 for the end of June. I am nervous with summer coming up about when I should schedule treatments. I had to push the treatment out 2 weeks further than anticipated because I don't want to go to a wedding or graduation party covered in blisters or wearing a turtle neck. At some point this summer, I will attend my bridal shower, which I didn't realize till now could also cause a problem with scheduling my treatments. I have tried to keep the treatments a secret from my family and I really don't want anyone noticing my bandages or blisters or scabs at my bridal shower. Long sleeve turtleneck dress for a summer bridal party??? Any suggestions???


Really worried about scaring this time on my arm. The scabs have mostly worn off and the skin underneath is very very red. I have been using my usual healing oil to prevent scarring but I'm worried it won't be enough.

Feeling a little better

The redness seems to be getting better. Thank goodness!

going for number 6 tomorrow

I keep having ups and downs! I feel like it's almost gone, but I am still having trouble covering it up. I bought Dermablend, and the girl at the store helped me match it to my skin. I got the second lightest color, but after it dries it looks very orange, so I think I need to try the lighter color or try a different product. It's hard going to family events because I either have to wear something to cover all my skin and am hot all day, or I have people asking me why my tattoos look weird.

I have my 6th session tomorrow morning. This will be my last treatment before my wedding in September. Fingers crossed for a good treatment and a fast recovery! It is going to be hard working at a children's summer camp next week while I am still healing but it was the only time I could get the appointment with my schedule!

Anyways, here are my progress photos...

treatment 6

They turned up the laser today. It hurt quite a bit even with the prescription numbing cream. She said to expect more redness this time because there are more ultrasonic waves in the setting she chose. She said there may be less blistering because the ink is almost gone, she had to search to find the ink. I am verrry blistery. I do not have any regrets yet because the treatments are working, but I think if I knew how gross the healing process was going to be I might have wimped out. Treatment? 6 is the fist time I feel sick to my stomach whenever I have to look at the treated areas. There is so much blistering I don't think I can put any clothes on over it.

Tried a new bandage. Anyone heard of it?

The photo quality is awful but it has been almost one week since my 6th treatment. The worst blisters of my life have gone away.

When I went to look for nonstick bandages I came across these hydrocolloid dressings. It says you can leave them on for 3-7 days, and it heals you 50x faster... I thought I would give them a try, I used them on my neck and forearm and did not use them on my shoulder because the bandages were too small. I applied them on Monday and took them off today. My neck looks almost entirely healed. My shoulder just scabbed over yesterday. My forearm wasn't ready to have the bandages removed, however, so I put them back on. I am not entirely sure if they work well or not but figured I would test it out. They are very comfortable to wear, and are not very obvious as they are translucent so you can see the wound, but tinted skin color to mask it.

I am getting excited because I think my treatment worked very well this time. I can barely see any ink between the scabs on my shoulder. I will know more by next week when the redness and scabs are gone. F?ingers crossed!


I have been trying scar away patches on my forearm for two days (they take 6-8 weeks to see results but since my scar hasn't started forming yet I am trying to prevent). This is what it looks like when I take it off. Redness shows up after a minute but I can see soooo much fading!

Healed after 6th Pico-sure session

So here I am healed up after my 6th session. I will not get another session until the fall. I have been wearing a ton of sunscreen all summer so far; my skin has tanned a little and the areas where I was treated have some areas that are completely white. Not sure if that means I am scarred there forever or if that is temporary.

After the amount that I blistered last time I don't think my skin will return to the exact texture it used to be, I can feel a little scar tissue in areas, but we will see with time.

There is still areas with ink; people often think I have a bruise and then look closer and see what it is. I have tried dermablend, which turns really orange after being on my skin for a few minutes, cover fx from Sephora and kat von d products and still haven't found anything that seems to work just right. Eventhough there doesn't look like there is a lot of ink it shows blue through the makeup, and when I put a red or orange color corrector on first, the corrector seems to shine through. I have had two people try at Sephora and one at Ulta, and none of them were successful. I keep hearing stories from people that they used these products, and it covered fresh, bright tattoos easily, but I don't know if its a problem with matching my skin tone or what, but I have not had success yet. My bridal shower is coming up, ?and I still do not know what to wear to camouflage them.

Make up cover-up success

I am very excited after one trip to ulta and two trips Sephora I met a girl at Sephora who was able to use some products to cover my tattoo really well. All I used was a pure pigment color, powder foundation on top and a setting spray. It covered better when I didn't worry about color correction and I finally found a color that matched my skin. Turns out dermablend and kat Von d's products don't do much more than normal face products. At least not for me...
I had my bridal shower on Sunday and no one noticed I had makeup on my arm and and you can see how great it looks in the pictures!!!!!
Laser ink

I have been going to Laser Ink in Bedford NH. When I started this review I was planning to go to Boston so my location shows as Boston MA and it won't let me change it! http://www.laserinknh.com Laser ink has been great. I got price quotes from some places with the Picosure laser and was going to end up driving to Boston from NH when I found out that Laser Ink was in the next town over from me! I went in for a consult and found out not only is it closer, they also aim to be affordable because they know how troubling a situation like this is, and just want to help! Roberta was informative and honest with me. She didn't exaggerate on the type of results and told me what to expect. I highly recommend going to Laser Ink in Bedford NH.

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