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I hate hate hate my tattoo it was a dumb young...

I hate hate hate my tattoo it was a dumb young decision, it looks stupid. I hate wearing tank tops or bathing suits that show it off, I hate being in pictures, I was in a wedding and felt like I ruined all the pictures by being in them. I just want this thing gone. I live in NH and have had a really hard time finding any place near here, most of the local "medi-spas" that offer tattoo removal have bad reviews on the facility, and basically none of the reviews have anything to do its tattoo removal so I feel like they must not do the service very often. Recently reading a review I found on here from someone who went to a place in Boston MA, I think I may have found a place... just have to inquire about price first...

Two years later...

So I have been procrastinating... I haven't gotten any treatments done I just didn't have a big enough reason yet I guess. I just got engaged this summer so now I feel the need to do something. Through research I found a place in NH that has the picosure laser! So that means no traveling into the city! The pricing was actually lower that the place in Boston who I consulted with previously. So win win for me! I had my first treatment today on FOUR AREAS. It definitely didn't feel wonderful and the one on my shoulder really hurt for about and hour or two after (burning feeling). I have some vlistering already but I am told that is to be expected. I will update with my progress throughout this journey. I am hoping to be rid of my tattoos by September 2016 for my wedding!

Day 2 after 1st treatment.

The places with the more concentrated dark ink are the areas my blisters seem to be. I feel like I look like I have leperacy but it doesn't hurt much. The blisters just look really gross. My doctor said I Han poo to blisters if I want but that will mean o have to take care of an open wound. I am having trouble deciding which is worse and I'm. It sure if I should pop or wait for them to go down. The ones on my shoulder are huge I can't imagine it won't pop when k put clothes on. Anyways here are my graphic pics from day 2. It looks worse than it feels I promise!

5 weeks after first treatment.

My are and neck healed up well. The one in my foot took almost 4 weeks to heal completely.

After second treatment

Healing was a much smoother process this time. It hurt more during the session though. I decided I'm going to opt for the numbing cream next time. Afterwards I was in a lot of pain. I iced pretty much all night and was much better the next day and did not blister like last time. Two down.
Laser ink

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