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I have had multiple Sculptra treatments to boost...

I have had multiple Sculptra treatments to boost volume in my cheek area, and it does work. What I like most about Sculptra is that I still look like me. The effect is a subtle but a definite improvement. Prior to this I had tried Radiesse for the cheek area and Belotero for nasolabial folds. Both did their job and added volume immediately, but never quite looked right. I just looked like someone else. My doc did a fine job, but they weren't for me. Sculptra is a much slower process and takes in my experience a couple of months to start showing ( the immediate swelling is literally injection fluid volume, and it goes away). This is an oversimplification but Sculptra works by stimulating my own collagen. It was originally approved for facial wasting in AIDS patients, so it's been around a long time. Trying to keep it simple by using bullet points (so I don't confuse myself!), this is my experience/what I've learned

- only go to a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who has a number of years of experience administering the product. This isn't a point that i willever compromise on.
- For best results the sculptra powder should be mixed and sitting in the vial for at least a couple of weeks before being injected.
- It's less likely that you will have complications if small blunt cannulas are used instead of regular needles.
- My doc does numb the surface area with lidocaine, and i believe there's an additional small % of lidocaine in the vial.
- Sculptra has to be injected deep, so if anyone tells you it won't hurt that much, they're lying. It hurts like hell, but is over very quickly.
- I was not at all prepared for the amount of swelling i had. I looked deformed/freakish for close to a week and it took 2-3 weeks to go down completely . This isn't typical, and they were quite shocked when i told them. But I've had similar swelling from dental procedures, so im generally more sensitive when it comes to having needles stuck in my face. There was some bruising, but not significant.
- During subsequent appointments we switched to half a vial on each side, instead of a full one, and this has helped somewhat. I still don't plan my appointment at any time where i have to be somewhere for at least a week, but preferably two (i am fortunate that i work from home).
- Having to massage my face a certain way for five minutes, five times a day for five days is a royal pain. That said, following those instructions are as important as the injections themselves. If I don't, I WILL develop nodules.
- if whomever is treating you suggests Sculptra for your eye area, RUN.

I hope some of this helps inform, or at least provides food for thought. Everything I've said is based on my own experience, having received multiple Scupltra treatments.
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