I Want to Get a Nose Job. Anyone Have Any Experiences with Dr. Del Vecchio to Share? - Boston, MA

When it comes to my looks, my nose is the one...

When it comes to my looks, my nose is the one thing that bothers me. There is a bump on the bridge that was caused by healing incorrectly after a break, but it it also very bulbous at the tip. My face is narrow so my large nose seems to consume my whole face and the profile is atrocious.

I have incredibly low self esteem because of this. I'm not going to detail all the teasing I've endured, but let's just say it was extensive. I feel that if my nose was smaller and better looking I would have more confidence and wouldn't always be afraid that people were staring at my nose (sometimes it's obvious that they are).

I want to make sure I choose a good surgeon, as I've heard many rhinoplasty gone wrong horror stories. I got the name of Dr. Del Vecchio from a friend of a friend of a friend who had her breasts done, but I wanted to hear from rhinoplasty patients.

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