Surgery Anxiety. Boston, MA

Hey guys im getting surgery in less than four...

Hey guys im getting surgery in less than four weeks and its finally starting to kick in that its happening so soon! Its hard to believe as ive been planning this for over a year now. Ive never gotten surgery before and would describe myself as having very high anxiety! Does anyone have any suggestions? I know that this is very rare but I also have concerns about waking up during surgery. Thank you all for your help!

Has Anyone Had Surgery with Dr. Sumner Slavin Boston, MA

Just wondering if anyone can share their experience with me of having a rhinoplasty with Dr. Sumner Slavin in Boston. I feel like its so hard to choose a doctor. They can tell you everything you want to hear but you will never truly know if youre satisfied until after the surgery is done. I did a search for him online but didn't find too many reviews. A few people gave him good reviews regarding other procedures like breast augmentation. I did see one negative review from him for a rhinoplasty procedure, but im not sure if that should affect my decision or not. Thank you all :)

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