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Hey guys im getting surgery in less than four...

Hey guys im getting surgery in less than four weeks and its finally starting to kick in that its happening so soon! Its hard to believe as ive been planning this for over a year now. Ive never gotten surgery before and would describe myself as having very high anxiety! Does anyone have any suggestions? I know that this is very rare but I also have concerns about waking up during surgery. Thank you all for your help!

Has Anyone Had Surgery with Dr. Sumner Slavin Boston, MA

Just wondering if anyone can share their experience with me of having a rhinoplasty with Dr. Sumner Slavin in Boston. I feel like its so hard to choose a doctor. They can tell you everything you want to hear but you will never truly know if youre satisfied until after the surgery is done. I did a search for him online but didn't find too many reviews. A few people gave him good reviews regarding other procedures like breast augmentation. I did see one negative review from him for a rhinoplasty procedure, but im not sure if that should affect my decision or not. Thank you all :)

Dr. Sumner Slavin of Boston Desereves a Nobel Peace Prize

Ive pretty much always hated my nose my whole life. I had one of the worst noses EVER. I thought I was just going to deal with it and live my life with what God gave me. But I started realizing how much my bad nose affected my life. It affected my relationships because I never thought I was good enough. It affected my self esteem. I thought about it everyday in some way, shape or form. Every time I saw someone or had a conversation, I was painfully aware of what angles they were looking at me with and how my nose looked to them. That's when I realized something had to change. This procedure didn't feel elective to me- it felt necessary. I approached my mother with the idea and surprisingly she was supportive!

I had consults with two different doctors. The first doctor was okay- but what I really didn't like was that she was pressuring me to also get a chin implant along with my rhinoplasty which I didn't want. I felt like she was "selling" me on it. I do have a small chin, but I felt like I didn't need to get it done. Dr. Sumner Slavin in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts was recommended to me by my dermatologist actually. When I met with him, I knew he was a much better fit for me. He didn't tell me I needed a chin implant and he clearly explained what we would do to me nose. He also got me evaluated for my deviated septum and we were going to fix that at the same time. He was concerned with both my nose esthetically and functionally. I cant really explain how nervous I was for my surgery. Ive never had a surgery before, ive never even had my wisdom teeth removed. I didn't know how I was going to go through with it! I stupidly googled anesthesia awareness and was terrified that was going to happen to me. Dr. Slavin gave me Valium to ease my mind before the surgery. I only took them one week prior to the surgery and mostly only at night to help me sleep. But the day came and I just sucked it up because I knew it was now or never. My advice to those that might feel the same way is that 1) This is going to change your life. Be a big girl and do it. and 2) Its not as bad as you think it will be. We got to the hospital and arrived an hour and a half early like I was instructed to. The people at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston were so nice. It was a bit annoying to be sitting there just waiting to be called in, but once I was everything went pretty quickly. They had me get into a gown, got an IV inserted, talked to Dr. Slavin, and the next thing I know I was waking up in recovery. The recovery for the rhinoplasty/septoplasty was not painful at all. I would describe it as uncomfortable. They put a cast on your nose, and I also had splints in my nose. I only breathed through my mouth so at night I would wake up with my mouth completely dry. I also didn't shower for 8 days until they took the cast off (ew). I had a lot of bruising, I think the worst of it was the second and third days pre-op. It went away soooo quickly though. I did use Arnica pills which are supposed to help get rid of bruises, I do think they helped. My bruises were almost totally gone by the time I had my cast removed eight days after the operation. Overall, I think my nose fits my face way better. My nose is honestly one of the worst noses ive EVER seen and he created something so beautiful from it, its really impressive. It just proves that he knows what he is doing and he is extremely skilled and is an expert in his field. Wow, not just anybody could have done this. Dr. Slavin, thank you, you are amazing. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting plastic surgery.

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