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I finally took the plunge and decided to have my...

I finally took the plunge and decided to have my breathing fixed and some cosmetic work done at the same time. I have a severely deviated septum as well as a pointy bone fragment in my upper area of my nose from an injury. I have a very large hump and bulbous tip that goes to one side. I am having a septoplasty to correct the breathing issues and rhinoplasty to remove the bump and slightly reshape the tip. I have a very large nose and it is my prominent feature, so the work will be minor and still leave me with a large nose - just a prettier one!

I did this whole process pretty quickly. My first consultation was 1 month ago and now my surgery is this Thursday 6/20/13. I am admittedly VERY nervous, but reading through other's experiences on this site has been unbelievably helpful, so I figured I would share my journey as well. I am traveling to NYC until Wednesday night, so hopefully this will take my mind off things and prevent me from getting too worked up about the surgery.

Such a huge disappointment, so upset - 6 months

It is difficult for me to even write this because I am so totally upset with the results of my rhinoplasty-septoplasty. I patiently waited 6 months for to see the "final" results of my surgery and my nose now, while the profile is better, is horribly deformed looking and extremely crooked from the front with a large bump on the right side. It only seems to be getting worse with time.

Anyone dealing with a similar situation who would like to share their thoughts/feelings would be so great. I am feeling depressed and alone. My friends and family say my nose looks nice, but I am just so distraught over the fact that I traded my bulbous, uneven humped nose for a nice profile but an extremely crooked nose. I just feel hurt and disappointed and shocked this was even a possibility, my nose looks nothing like the photos I was shown.

On top of all of this I had an absolutely horrible recovery. I acquired a skin infection after 4 days and had to immediately have my cast removed. I was in excruciating pain and my doctor mistakenly prescribed Baclofen... and I am allergic to sulfa. Needless to say I suffered an allergic reaction before I was switched to another antibiotic. The whole experience was entirely miserable and was a huge mistake. I will deal with my new nose because there is no chance I can go through any of this again, I am just so disgusted I have to look at myself every day with a nose that, to me, looks deformed.

Am I being hypercritical of myself? Is it really as bad as I think it is. I just don't even know anymore.
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