Finally ready for my rhino + BA with Dr. C of White Plains, NY!!! :)

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After years of wanting this, I know I am finally...

After years of wanting this, I know I am finally ready. I have a complex ethnic background. Both my parents are very attractive, but some how I think that when I was born my genetics had a brain fart that translated into my asymmetrical nose lol. My nose is currently too long for my face. It is bulbous with a lot of squishy cartilage. I also have a bump in my bridge. Often people ask me if I'm Italian because of my nose. I'm not sure if my nose actually looks Italian, or if they're just trying to tell me my nose is prominent, but you get the point. Overall just aesthetically displeasing and I am over it.

So after a year and a half of research, I went to my first consult yesterday afternoon. It was amazing. The feeling I had while speaking with the surgeon was surreal. It made me feel that the enhancements I want are achievable. I really can't believe that I am SO close to what I have been fantasizing about since high school. I am very grateful that I have been able to save up enough to finally get to this step in my journey. I am also incredibly thankful for this site. Not only has it provided me with countless reviews and testimonies that have guided me to this point, but it has shown me that I'm not alone. All of you RSers have looked in the mirror and saw that one thing that has always bothered you, and imagined how a weight would be magically lifted off your shoulder if you could just enhance/fix/ or remove it. You probably have spent more time in the bathroom than anywhere else solely because it contains a mirror, and a mirror allows you to visualize the way you feel you should look. That is absolutely me for the past 10+ years. And I am too fed up with being so distracted by something I can't avoid to try to put up with it any longer.

That being said, I'm from the NE area and have sought out two out-of-state possible surgeons, Dr. Pontell and Dr. Pearlman. I am so impressed with both doctors' before and after galleries, reviews, and credentials. I just know this is going to be a really hard decision.

I'm wondering if I should travel even further for consults. Originally I was set on a surgeon in Cali. Dr. Pontell and Dr. Pearlman's work changed my mind that I could stay closer to home. I'm wondering if there are any other great rhinoplasty surgeons in the NE area that I haven't looked into. Please comment if you guys have any suggestions, have experience with either of these doctors, or have any advice on primary rhinos.

Thanks :)

My second consult is in mid-May. Following that I plan to book a procedure for my dream surgery to take place in the next few months.

Back to considering traveling to meet dr grigoryants

If you have any info or have done a procedure with him please message me or comment. Starting to realize travel should not affect my decision.

Just 6 weeks and some small change to go

Just want to make it clear that my surgeon is Dr. Ciardullo of white plains, not boston. Boston is where I'm from. For some reason it won't let me change it. :/

Anyway, I can't believe I finally picked my surgeon and date!!! I do have all the money saved up, but I applied and got approved for care credit for the full amount anyway. Now, I'm just sitting back counting down the days. I keep saying I feel like a kid waiting on christmas, and Dr. C is santa hahaha. This week my plans are to book my hotel, and start putting together my collage of wish pics.

I think this whole collage is kind of difficult. There are so many cute noses out there to show him, but it's hard to know which ones would look best on my face. I plan to print out some morphs and put those on there too. I have plenty of breast wish pics.

I'm thinking I'm going to go with 300-380cc moderate plus profile silicone implants, probably sientra. Still gotta try on sizers at my pre-op on july 20th. But I'm pretty sold on moderate plus silicone. I just love the way they look. I feel like high profile are just a little too in your face for me. I'm currently a 32b, 5'7", 135lb.

Quite a few of my friends and family members know about my surgery. I'm really open about my emotions and struggles, so it was hard for me to keep it a secret and still is. Talking to people has always been part of my decision making process, even if I don't side with others. It just has always helped me get my thoughts in check.

No one at work knows and hopefully they won't notice lol. When I asked for 14 days off and said it was for surgery, my manager asked what I was having surgery on. Ugh, awkward. I was just like's personal (GOD DAMNIT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO ASK YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO!!!) haha. Hopefully 14 is enough days for breast aug? I have a pretty physical job so I'm nervous.

Anyway for public before and after pics what would you guys rather see? Boobs or nose? because I'm not doing both haha. Y'all need to take me on a date first..nah just kidding. But I was thinking maybe nose, and then I would send BA before and afters if any of you want to email. I'm all about helping out and supporting others on this site. And I know the number one thing that speaks volumes is before and afters. So don't worry, I got you. That's all for now :)

Less than 2 weeks away!!! ahhhh

Jeez, I should probably start taking some before pics huh?

I had my pre-op appointment a couple days ago. Dr. C and his staff were super helpful and answered all my questions (even addressed stuff I hadn't thought of asking). We picked my implants, which are 350cc Mentor high profile round. I was a bit skeptical about the high profile, but he assured me they would have a more youthful look than the mod plus and mod that I had in mind.

I brought in a posterboard that had all my wish pics and morphs on it. He said no one had ever brought in a board before, whoops! lmao But he said to bring it back on the day of surgery, so some of the pictures must have been helpful.

I just started taking my vit C 500mg w/ bioflavonoids 3x a day yesterday. I won't start the arnica montana and pineapple & papaya enzymes until a few days before. I also stopped drinking last week, and have been trying to just focus on working out and eating healthy. I'm afraid I'm going to put on weight and fall out of shape during my off time from the gym post op. Trying my best to make sure that doesn't happen, or at least that I don't have a hard time recovering from it.

I bought a button down shirt today and a few large sports bras. Hopefully that will be good enough because lord knows I'm not going out in public with that damn cast on my face until the day it comes off!

That's all for now RSers. Stayed tuned

My board

1 week away and thought I would post my board I brought in to show Dr. C so you guys can see! I have multiple morphs (some have a side by side comparison of before/after) and then some pics of girls whose noses I like (also some wish boobies!).
I am so excited, I cannot believe it is only a week away. Still going strong with my no drinking, hitting the gym, and healthier eating. I'm doing the vitamin c 3x a day as recommended as well. So far I've lost 5 lbs :)

Day 3

Had my surgery, and holy shit the pain is just as bad as you guys said. Honestly the worst part to me is having to sit in my house all day when it's beautiful out. Oh well, what can you do? My biggest complaint is I keep feeling itchy under my cast and obviously can't scratch, grrr! I can already tell my nose is going to look great so I'm excited about that. I'm a little nervous I went too big on the breasts, but I guess only time will tell. Can't wait to show y'all my cast removal pics in a little over a week. Stay tuned!

Pics of recovery

Before pictures

Hey guys! I got my cast off today and my stitches out! Other than a little uneven swelling in my tip I am in loveeee with my new nose. My breasts are also looking fabulous, and the doc thinks I will end up being a small D as planned.
I am pretty congested and my nose is tender to touch. My breasts are still sore and I'm taking half tabs of pain meds when needed. I'm worried that I will be in pain when I go back to work which is going to be tough because I have such a physical job :(
I'm posting some awful before pics of my nose. Please excuse the fact that I look like a scrub, but these are the only pics I have of my nose at every angle.
I will post some after pics once my sensitive skin decides to behave. Having the cast on for ten days has me breaking out, peeling and drying out. But I'm still so happy because my nose looks exactly how I imagined it would! Yippee:)

Post op photos

Eh so if anything after I got my cast off my nose has gotten super swollen (as expected). The first day I had my cast off my nose was the smallest, and since then it's been getting bigger lol. Hopefully goes down in the next few weeks! Surprisingly no one said a god damn thing at work. But I think someone will notice eventually. Probably because my nose swelled back to its normal size if not bigger. If you notice that my nostrils are uneven I'm hoping they'll get better as my swelling goes down!
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

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