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Hi all! I've been considering a tummy tuck...

Hi all!

I've been considering a tummy tuck for years, since I've had my daughter. Now that she is 20 y.o. I figured its time. You see, I was a teen mom, had her at 17. Now that my children are older, I figured its time to be selfish. I've always been the provider, and will always keep my family first. This time, I'm learning to start doing me for a change. I'm single, been divorced for a few years now, and honestly, need to get my groove back. I'm not comfortable with my nakedness. And I believe this insecurity is hindering me. By no means do I think I'm unattractive, just want my body to match my face. Lol! I'm sure a lot of you ladies can relate to what I'm talking about! I'm 37 yrs old and oftentimes ppl mistaken me for early twenties. And when I'm with my kids, they think I'm their oldest sibling. These are all ego boosts, but underneath the clothes, I feel like I have the body of an older woman. That is what I want to change. Weight has always been a constant struggle, especially with a thyroid condition, which makes it worse. I've dropped 30lbs within a year thru Jenny Craig, but now, that has left me with sagging skin, and no elasticity.

My areas that I would like to tackle are my upper arms, inner thighs, abdomen, and maybe even my butt. So far, I've reached out to 4 doctors, 2 from Mexico, 1 from DR, and 1 from Boston, MA. So far I'm in the works of getting quotes from Dra. Robles -DR, and Dra. Cardenas -MX.
My concerns for going out of the country is more or less how I'm going to manage recovering. Not sure how long I need to request off from work, and whether I can request medical leave thru FMLA. I would appreciate any support or encouragement from all of you, and hope I can do the same. My goal would be to hopefully make a decision within 6 months.

Thank you all in advance!

Ok ladies! Received my quote from Dra. Robles,...

Ok ladies! Received my quote from Dra. Robles, she's offering $5200 for just TT, lipo, and bbl. I plan to still search, although I do like Dra. Cardenas, hers is a bit more pricey because her amount did not include my stay at the RH. Dra. Robles does. So the search continues! Please feel free to give me info on doctors you've used. Thanks loves!

Hmmm... How do I request blood work without giving...

Hmmm... How do I request blood work without giving too much info to my PCP? DR. Robles needs me to get CBC labs tested before moving forward.... Really hoping I can manage a July surgery date.. Goal is to have it done before the winter begins. Lol. My bday is in Dec!

So my fabulous RS ladies, I'm waiting for my quote...

So my fabulous RS ladies, I'm waiting for my quote from Yily... Although, I'm still leaning towards Dra. Robles... I'll keep you posted!

I received my quote from Yily, and I must say its...

I received my quote from Yily, and I must say its a bit more expensive than Dr. Robles. I think she's my best bet. Yily doesn't offer thebRH in her price. Here is her quote: The price for Tummy tuck, breast, BBL, thigh lift and liposuction of abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, waist is 6600$USD.

This looks like a mommy makeover, which isn't bad, but I don't want to overdo it. I will be ok with getting what Dr. Robles recommended for $5200.

Decided to go with Smartlipo

It has been a couple of years since my last post. A lot has changed - particularly my zip code. Moved from Boston to Tampa. Definitely loving the move, best decision ever. Now that I am finally settled, I decided to reconsider my options. At first I was very interested in doing a TT, but now I am looking towards minimal recovery time as possible. I went and saw Dr. Castor and liked the quote he gave me. He and the staff were pleasant, and he was straight up with me. He highly recommended a TT and thought that I would benefit from that way more than the smartlipo. However, the recovery time would be longer than what I am willing to deal with. I am ok with starting with the smartlipo, and then saving for the TT at a later date. I rather save my vacation time for an actual vacation. In any event, he quoted me a great price for the abs, love handles, arms and inner thigh. I am happy to say that I scheduled my surgery for Jan. 22, 2016! And looking forward to continue this road to creating a better me. My pre-op is schedule for 1/14/16.. I hope to continue loosing some weight up until my surgery. Currently I am 163-165 lbs (5'6"). My goal weight is between 150-155. I am ok with my belly since I knew going in that once I lost weight my belly would be flabby. Remaining hopeful that I will love my results! :) God Bless!
Dr. Stanley A. Castor

In the process of searching for a PS.

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