Please Help Decide if I Should Get a Lift or Implants. Or Both?! Mommy Makeover - Boston, MA

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I am very interested In getting a mommy makeover....

I am very interested In getting a mommy makeover. At first I was only looking into a tummy tuck. Now I'm doing more research and figure why not fix 2 things at once.
I'm 28 yrs old have 2 kids (2 and 6)
I weigh 110 and have extra skin and my muscles are separated. Before kids I had a very nice body and naturally. I never stepped foot in a gym prior to having the kids. Now it doesn't matter how much I work out it won't come back as you all know.
I am def getting the tummy tuck. Not sure if I should get a lift only, implants only or a combination of both. I have enclosed pictures. I covered my tattoo with stickers from a photo editor.
I am hoping someone can give me some good advice :/
Thank you and I hope everyone recovers well. I'm scared to death!!!!!!!!!!
I got quoted 16,000 for full TT and breast lift in Massachusetts.

I forgot to add...

I forgot to mention I'm a 32 DD (according to Victoria's Secret, but my PS said I'm def not a DD)
My main concern about implants is the fact that I will probably need another surgery either bc it leaks or my body rejects it.
But my concern with a lift is I will lose 1 or more cup sizes and might not be as full as I like on top :/
So any advice is helpful!!!! :)
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