Laser and Grey... Lower Back - Boston, MA

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The tattoo is on my lower back. Its a cover up of...

The tattoo is on my lower back. Its a cover up of an small old back tattoo that I got about 10-12 years ago. My new tattoo was done march 27. Its all black thinly outlined stars with grey shading. I am worried because the tattoo place I went to uses mostly polymer based inks and I heard those were harder to remove. Is it possible to remove these types of inks with laser or am I just wasting my time and money. Also the dermatologist I am going to see has a picosure laser. Anyone have experience with it? Does it really lessen the amount of treatments?

skin still pink... picosure

I go for my 3rd treatment july 11th. Where the shading WAS (removed from the first treatment) is still pink. I'm getting kind of worried because I read that it may scar. I called the dr. Office n they said it was normal and will go away in time. Its been 8 weeks and still pink. Not raised , just pink. I would go just to have them look at it but its 1.5 hr drive. My skin is very sensitive and turns pink by me just touching it so I'm hoping I just have prolong healing. I finally added a photo. The stars were all filled in with black shading they covered a name which u can see now. Its hard to see but a lot of the outlines are gone in some spots.
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