My Septoplasty/turbinate Reduction Experience (So Far) -Boston, MA

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I'm a 28 y/o male, exercise frequently, in good...

I'm a 28 y/o male, exercise frequently, in good shape etc. For years I've had issues with nasal congestion caused by a deviated septum which I thought was purely hereditary as my father snored like a chainsaw. My doctor says it looks like I broke my nose while looking up there with a scope. This is not a surprise as I played sports and have a brother in similar age and fighting is just part of growing up. I also think the congestion/obstruction gets worse with excessive alcohol consumption or pollen. I chose to do this on the 23rd; bypassing xmas and most likely new years so I didn't miss valuable work time. I'm in technology sales so this period is pretty dead and I can afford to mend.

It is 10AM est on the 24th so less than 24 hours since my septoplasty and turbinate reduction. (1pm operation on 23rd)
-No idea on cost.. I put 2k in box but I have insurance
-I have dissolvable packing and splints that come out January 3rd
-Funny... most people on here have black eyes. I asked my doctor about that before surgery and she laughed. If you have a doctor who is careful, there are NO black eyes.
-I changed the gauze covering probably 5 times from yesterday at 7pm-through the night
-I slept on and off for 6 hours last night with percoset and ativan
-Overall no pain to cry over. I knew what this was going to be. Take your percoset, buy some books, netflix and chill out.

The biggest thing you see people bitch about on here is "not being able to breath through their nose"... excuse me but if this wasn't a problem to begin with, what are you doing getting surgery? At this point, I'm accustomed to brutal nights of congestion. Knowing this should fix the issue is enough for me to smile through a bloody nose and a lack of sleep for a few days.

In conclusion, if you are diagnosed with a deviated septum, struggle with congestion that makes it hard to breath through your nose and exercise, sleep, etc.: Get it done. This is no big deal. Pick a doctor you trust. Ask a lot of questions such as packing used, "Will I have black eyes?", experience doing these surgeries, do you do turbinate reduction at same time?

I may update my post after I get the splints out on January 3rd. The results I'm curious about:
-How well I will be able to breath with my nose clear?
-Does this fix my sleeping issues?
-When allergies attack and alcohol is consumed, does my new nose allow me to treat it better and blow the fluid out?
-Will I have more stamina during exercise being able to breath better?
-Will I get sick less overall? Not just sinus infections but relying on the nose as the natural filter it is for the first time.

Week later

So quick update as it will be a week tomorrow...
First two days were actually better than last four. I admittedly was probably a little too content on Percocet as my username reminds me so the incoming sinus pressure and lousy sleep wasn't so blunt. That said, it has definelty been a case of reminding myself that the constant nasal drainage and gross zombie-like existence is a short bridge to better breathing and a better overall life. Yesterday was the first time in a long time I could breath through my left nostril without abusing afrin and can breath through both sometimes. Overall I'm congested and drippy but feel I have a cold.

Some details/advice...
-Between days 3-5 the "dissolvable" packing slipped out of my nostrils with light blowing and sinus rinse. This was a major relief. The side of turbinate reduction happened first.
-I highly recommend an ice pack across forehead and eyes. Whether pressure or a headache, this helps a lot. (Especially after you run out of Percs)
-Use a neck pillow to prevent rolling over
-Get up everyday and shower and basically stick to your normal routine. This doesn't mean shave everyday or put makeup on if you're a girl but feeling fresh and somewhat put together goes along way.
-I am still putting ?nose strap? With gause on nose for part of day. When I do this I put Vaseline around my nostrils because they feel a little raw from light blowing/drainage. This gives me a break from tissues and breathing warmer air through gause feels nice and the moisturizing aspect with Vaseline.

Hopefully this is helpful for at least one person. I typed this with iPad so sorry for typos and format.

Splints out yesterday

Dr. Diamond used a numbing spray to remove suture holding splints in. Then removed splints with no pain. Vacuumed out some stuff.

I can breath better than ever and not even fully healed yet. Have a tiny bit of swelling internally, scabbing from turbinate reduction and some soreness to touch. Doc says everything looks great and will only get better.

This surgery was a layup. Going back to gym for light cardio this week then ramp up hard next.

Better call Dr. Pamela Diamond if you are local.
Dr. Pamela Diamond

I did my surgery with Dr. Pamela Diamond at Mass Eye & Ear in Boston. She is part of Harvard Vanguard in Cambridge. I had a list of questions for her at the pre-opp appointment. Again, I truly believe trust and faith in surgeon makes everything goes smooth. If she didn't answer my questions as I wanted or I didn't click, I would not have hesitated to seek another doctor. If having Dr. Diamond do your surgery is possible, do it. She is very nice, funny and has done 1000's of these routine surgeries.

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