Beautiful Breast...The 2 Step Process =Breast Tissue Expander + Silicon Implant

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*Treatment results may vary

Age:43 Height:5'3 Weight: 127 Desired Surgery...

Weight: 127
Desired Surgery Result: Natural well proportioned breast.

After consulting 3 different Surgeons, my final choice is to go for one of the best in America in Brigham Women's Hospital. Due to my tight skin on the chest, surgeon's treatment plan is 2 step. First, put a Breast Tissue Expander in dual plane, starting with 200 to 250cc saline and gradually expand the tissue until my breast tissue and muscle will be able to accommodate the anatomical shaped silicon implant. This procedure costs $10,000. This would help us decide the appropriate silicon implant without sacrificing the future misplacement or missettling of the final implant. Second Step: After my tissue, skin and muscle adjusted to the appropriate size, proportion and symmetry of the breast in relation to the width of my shoulder and chest, the Silicon Implant will replace the expander permanently. My surgeon and I planned to achieve an augmented breast that is well balance, symmetrical, proportional and aesthetically beautiful natural breast. Getting huge or bigger implant was a big "no" the fact that I have a moderate T-spine Scoliosis and I am petite. Big breast will look odd on my height and weight, I want to keep an image of being classy and sexy, to have a well shaped perky youthful breast looking forward in 10 to 20 years from now. I will posts progress as I go on with this journey starting May 18, 2015.


Finally I did it! I checked in at 6:30am, (1)Register (2)Check Vital Signs with Nurse (3) Change to surgery gown/socks/underwear (4)Nurse verified the procedure & other patient data/briefing on what to expect during surgery, started IV and Fluid Drip (5)Met with Anesthesiologist/discuss the option on pain management (6)PA double checked the Medical records (7) Plastic Surgeon made a sketch lines for guide in actual procedure/told me her approach for my case. 5 Minutes after, I am at the surgery room, move myself from stretcher to OR table. Anesthesiologist gave me relaxing meds the after less than 5 minutes I'm asleep. Next thing I knew, I woke up in recovery area, dizzy, feeling loopy, thirsty and hungry. Recovery nurse never left my side until I was fully recovered and conscious.
Surgery started at 7:10 and finished at 8:20am, it was a breeze because the all the staff showed genuine care, compassion and professionalism. They were enthusiastic with their role and put their heart into what they were doing. The level of kindness and respect towards me was beyond words of compliment, it was humanity at its best.
Went home at 12 noon, feeling sleepy, tired, hungry and thirsty. My pain level was 3, between2pm to 4pm my chest felt tight and slightly painful. But it manageable pain. I stay on track with pain meds, taking it at exactly every 4 hours, it's hard to go the the bathroom if you don't have caregiver in the first 5 to 6 hours post op.
Tonight, I felt much better, I can get up, empty the drain (approximate volume around 2-4cc per 2 hour), go the bathroom and use my arms without pain. I kept replenishing my fluids by drinking a lot of water, it really helped a lot.
I put ice packs 20 minutes on, 20 minutes rest and resume again. I observed swelling and bruising subsided faster. Although I slept almost upright, I surrounded my sofa bed with a lot of cushy pillows, I set up a table side wherein all meds and medical supplies were within reach. Frequent trip to the bathroom served the purpose of keeping myself active, better circulation and faster flushing of the medications.
Plastic Surgeon, stated with 200cc to the Breast Tissue Expander, after 2 weeks I will be coming back to have more volume injected until my skin, muscle and soft tissue will be flexible enough to accommodate the permanent Anatomical Shaped Silicon Implant.
For a hassle free from parking and driving within Boston and Suburb, I suggest to take a cab or use Uber, you be easily get lost on the GPS since there's road construction heading Jamaica Plains. Approximate fare from Quincy to Jamaica Plains is around $30-$35 for around 20 minute ride off peak hours.
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PoST Op Day 2

I didn't sleep well last night ,a bit anxious due to the constraint of the surgical bra & binder(upper pole) and to sleep staying semi upright. The pain is minimal between 2 or 3 scale but it was manageable because I strictly followed the timeline of taking Hydrocodone Acetaminophen(pain meds) & Cefadroxil 500mg(antibiotics). Medication is very straight forward (just 2 pills for pain-every 4 hours & antibiotic-twice a day). As long as upon your surgery day, all vitals are normal from Pre-op Screening.

The bandage on the upper chest serves as a shaped forming elastic, this is to encourage healing of the implanted location is towards the lower Inframammary.

The main objective here is to create natural upper pole slope and give more volume below the nipple.
My drains on both side produces fluid from dark red(yesterday) to pinkish as of today. I collected around 20cc each side within the 8 hours period.

It was hard to get up in bed without a caregiver assisting you on the first day post-op. The Plastic Surgeon said to try not to use force on arms (no pushing or pulling). Maximum weight you can lift as prescribed was only 10 pound (around 4.53kilos).

To this hour, the swelling starts to subside, lesser pain, frequent trip to the bathroom and pee. I don't feel tired,nauseous, loopy or blurry vision. I guess the anti-nausea patch behind my ear made the difference in relation to nauseous feeling. Second day is way better than yesterday, I can move around independently, full range of arm motion but there's an episodic radiating pain on the chest from time to time.

I have my small puppy snuggled beside me all the time, which I think contributes to my wellness in both emotional & psychology. Petting my dog relaxes myself.

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Have a nice day friends :)


Today is my 4th day Post op recovery, it was tough whenever an episodes of pain hit me.
The scale ranges from 3 to 8, I guess I really have low tolerance in pain management. It is
the hardest part of this procedure process.
Nagging pain went on different areas commonly on right side, mid chest and diaphragm.

Attached is the record of the consistent collection of drain data.

The fluid on the right side is lighter today and the left side is still on the shade of pink.

I don't suffer from severe swelling and inflammation. I diligently used cold pack for the entire duration.

Prepare for limited range of motion on arms and shoulders. It hurts when I lift my arms above my clavicles. I'm lucky my bf gave me a sponge bath and wash my oily hair, it felt so much better after being cleaned. Eventhough I have a hard time moving, I force myself to get up whenever I need to go to the bathroom, this is to promote circulation and prevent embolism. Never dare to drive or just being a car passenger if your area has lot of pot holes, each time the car hits a hump, it felt like your breast is falling off and the pain is beyond description.

I stock myself with a lot of cold packs, the amount of swelling decreases tremendously by this alone. Be aware that simple movement like getting up from bed was quite a challenge, you need a caregiver to help you lying down or getting up in bed. You will be using a lot of your abdominal muscle and lower limb since it is not advisable to use your upper limbs and pectoralis muscle.

Having Metamucil Fiber added to my diet helps a lot to be not constipated from taking the pain medicine. I went to the bathroom to poop starting on the 3rd day Post-op.

Little details that you pay attention counts a lot for an easier and less stressful recovery.


1. No swelling
2. Continue Draining
3. Pain scale between 4to 6
4. Upper Limb/forearm strength was regained
5. reamin sleeping upright.



The drain should be less than 20cc in two successive days before the Plastic Surgeon take the drain out.

18 Days Post Op

1. 130cc Saline injected on the breast tissue expander.
2. Chest was tight, remain slepping in upright.
3. Hydrocodone pain Meds worked but I get chills when I stopped taking it. I will completely stop Hydrocodone in the next 2 days and deal with the pain Meds withdrawal.
4. Scar is healing well, felt tender & sore on breast area.
5. When I sneezed (due to pollen allergy) I felt my breast tissue expander is gonna popped out. ????

23 Days Post Op

1.Upper Body Muscle strength is regain, I can move my arms up/down & forward/backward with ease.

2. Still experiencing occasional Upper Back Pain along T1-T7 spine, Trapezius Muscle(upper back) and Splenius Capitis(back of the neck) area.

3. I can feel the skin tension of the expander on the suture part(approximately between 6th or 7th Rib area), pain scale is between 2-6.

4. Sleeping Flat Supine is possible but lying on the side was hard.

5.Skin, tissues and Muscle is rather soft to slightly firm to touch, Nipples are tender and very sensitive.

6. Abdominal Binder/girdle helped my back posture and preventing myself from unconsciously slouching. It also assist in sitting or standing correctly, thus it alleviates from triggering the upper back pain.

I hate taking Hydrocodone, but when the pain was unbearable, I don't have a choice of splitting a pill and take it to make myself comfortable.


Final Size and Shape

5 Months Post Op 370cc Moderate High Profile

10/18/2015 the result is beautiful and natural looking breast.

8 months after Breast Expander...Final Result with Silicon Implant

Final Silicon insertion was January 25, 216.
Recovery was way better than the previous breast expander, the pain scale is only 1 or 2.
I didnt even took Hydrocodone pain meds for this recovery.
It was worth the wait and the effort.
I am happy with my new 36D 275cc silicon mentor
Boston Plastic Surgeon

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