Late 20's Fat Transfer BBL. Boston, MA

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Sooo I've been thinking about this procedure for...

Sooo I've been thinking about this procedure for about 3 years now. Single young professional, no children ready to full joy life with a beautiful beach bod. I always struggled with belly fat. I even went through bootcamp n my stomach was stubborn. I did intense research looked for 15years plus experience and a specialist. Came across Dr. Del Vecchio in Boston area. $100 for consultation, he says why do lips when you can have a round beautiful butt! I loved his confidence and he made me feel comfortable. I am anxious, my procedure date is Apr 30th. Dr. Says 900cc, but that was last month, I have unintentionally gained some weight, I see it as my last time to pig out and enjoy my favorite foods. With that being said maybe I may be at 1000cc each cheek. So here it is! Wish me luck, as I start my journey to my flat stomach and juicy butt! Lol

Sooo Anxious

Reading some of the ladies comments, seeing their results got me wanting more cc's! Juicier bootayy!'lol at consult he told me 900-1000 I kt saying I want it to look natural, I don't want it to big. But now I gained weight n I'm thinking, hey, might as well go all the way, like zammmmmmmmn look at that .... Lol. Ok maybe not too extra but Dr. D got these ladies out here look FAB! I'm tryna be apart of that moment. April baby, it's fast approaching

Wish pics ????????

Today is the day

Here I am, waiting one procedure to begin. I haven't been posting because I have been so busy and was trying to not think about it. Didn't want to get nervous. I'm anxious and nervous now. I'm patiently waiting and have been praying. I hope all goes well and I get a full hour glass shape body round butt! Lol I do not know how much cc's at this point since I gained weight in the last two months. But here I am, it's happening. I feel amazed at myself for even learning about this procedure for Dr.D and actually doing it! dr. d's patients all look fab this far so I'm excited!

Will def update you guys

Well it was not what I expected...

It was not that bad. My pain scale right out of surgery was a 7! At Elizabeth staff was awesome! So far, we'll worth it! My wall to the bathroom was hell! But felt better after.

My biggest complaint: on on my period... I get nauseous time to time.

I took a while to wake up nurses report. Never fien'd for crush ice so much in my life begore. Pain scale right now mm 6ish. Not bad I hope it's a speedy recovery. I love it this far. Definitely helped having my two friends pick me up because they did everything for me. I used a lot of upper body strength while in bed.

I'm amazed I didn't even have time to be scared or nervous . Will upload detail pics they r in my friends phone. But her

Hey ladies!

Pics , one before ... The r at after. I'll get pics from awesome Dr.D net week at appt ????????????

Question help?!!?!

Can anyone tell me estimation of when I can walk str8 n not like a duck? It's day 2 for me, just curious.

It sucks getting out the bed. The fluids in my lower abdomen burns when I do lol but quickly goes away.

Question?! Gassy anyone?

I keep burping I can barely pass gas but I'm very gassy repeated burping till my chest even hurts

Pain Meds No more

Solo u stopped taking pain Meds.... It's day 3 for me... I am still walking like a duck because I have to get use to this badonkadonk on my back.


When can I take if n leave off. Is it harmful to still have on post surgery garment day 5

Graduated to walking outside for small walks

I hope I'm not over doing it but can't just lay there anymore. Short walks n small sips of Powerade every few steps

Legs swollen here

This happen to anyone else??

My V-jj lip is swollennnn just happened today ???? does not pain,

Had my post op today and Belly thou looks gross with fluids alrdy went done with recommended warm wash cloth by Dr.D and more pressure

7 Days later ....

Even with bruising and water pouch as a stomach, I'm in love with Naked me even more!

Lost some percentage of my bubble butt

Swelling went down, I hope this is it lol I do not want to lose anymore if my juicy booty! I think this size is great, it looks natural. Right now I weight 190lb. I was 184 before the procedure.

I also realize one butt cheek slightly bigger than the other leaving hour glass shape a lil off. My stomach is going down slowly. I am waiting for a different waist trainer in the mail. I want my sides more shapely but it seems to be doing its own thing. Any advice to get tummy and waist lines all the way flat or shapely?

I still love my body, pain scale? Hmmm 2, 3 when getting out the bed. A lot of discomfort due to laying on stomach. So ready to sit but Dr.D said no sitting for 3 weeks ????.

How is everyone healing? ?

So my stomach is still swollen does that mean my butt will still go down more? (I hope not)

Waist training

Got this at first it couldn't go half way on my tummy. Misfits and I am able to pull strings in back. I plan to pull strings tighter weekly. I plan to use this one to get a dramatic hour glass shape.

I have a latex waist trainer from Amazon coming in the mail. I plan to use this one for tummy flattening

Hour glass waist training pics meant to upload from last post

Hour glass trainer

Body compressor n latex waist trainer

Both from Amazon... Total 29.37!!!!!
I LOVE IT'! So comfy smooth and my oh my that latex sucks in my tummy giving a snatched waistline and still breathe able unlike my hourglass shaper lol

Tingling , numbness random shoots of discomfort pain?

My sides tingles a lil I know swelling is going down so I assume it has to do with that I pray I'm not losing too much ore fat, or any fat from my sides at all I want my hips to stay ????. Lol but just seeing if anyone else get the tingling ugh r painful sensation from time to time

losing weight without trying

I lost 5 more lbs without exercise. My booty went down ally ???????????? I miss it big n juicyyyy I really hoped it doesn't go down anymore

2 months post, any problems urinating?

Can't wait for tummy to go flat. It goes up down. Should I be doing ab work outs?

Since procedure I can't hold my urine anymore, when I have I go I must go then and there. Anyone went thru this? Does it pass or go back to normLAl?
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Be sure to let you guys know post-op

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