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So this is my story… I’m 33 years old and...

So this is my story… I’m 33 years old and finally getting the surgery I’ve always dreamed of getting. I have been dealing with a long labia minora for as long as I can remember. I met my ex-husband when we were freshmen’s in high school. . The first statement out of my ex’s mouth when he saw me for the first time was, “Wow your vagina is dark and big”. I was mortified but got over it quickly once we got comfortable with each other. We went off to College and married at the age of 24; I’m now 33 and recently divorced. I noticed it looked different at a young age but as I got older it got longer and more irritating.

I hated how it looked; it folded in during intercourse which made it so painful. I hated beach days because I was limited to only wearing shorts or bathing suits that were crochet. Textured fabrics use to hide the fact that my long labia separated my labia majora which looked like I had a small penis and sometimes a camel toe. Urinating is always a challenge because I never have a normal stream. I have several streams and it always goes backwards causing terrible rashes. I always have to tuck my labia back making it painful when I work out and also wear tight jeans. These are all things I’ve had to deal with because I was too embarrassed to tell someone about my problem.

I’m recently divorced and have decided to go through with the surgery, because I’m afraid of getting intimate with anyone. I have been researching this surgery since 2009 but was too ashamed to reveal this issue to anyone. Finally, last year at my yearly exam with my Gyno, I let it all out. She referred me to a specialist whom I feel very comfortable with already. I have my surgery scheduled for the beginning of July with an Urogynocologist in Boston. My medical insurance is paying for it because I was referred by my Gyno. I'm not sure how much my deductible is going to be or the total cost of surgery. I'm not going to worry about that, I just want to finally have this done. I’m excited but always nervous about going under General Anesthesia. I know there is a debate whether to have the trim or wedge procedure. I believe my doctor said she would trim off the excess tissue. I don’t have a preference because I have faith it will look and feel way better than now.
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