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I'm loving my experience with Invisalign so far....

I'm loving my experience with Invisalign so far. Yes, I've had to change my lifestyle a bit with the constant brushing of my teeth but good dental hygiene is a good habit to have anyways, right?
I'm starting to blog about my experiences. I'm only on my 3rd aligner, about to move to my 4th in a few days. I teach so I'm always talking and showing my mouth (that sounded funny)! Anyways, feel free to read my blog and share :)


Teaching with Invisalign

As I mentioned above, I am a teacher. I teach middle schoolers so there is always the constant need to talk. So far this school year, I have had no out of the ordinary issues with a dry mouth. Without Invisalign, I would need to stay hydrated throughout the day to prevent a dry mouth so I just continue with that now that I have Invisalign. I haven't needed to change anything since getting Invisalign.
I had Invisalign for about 3 weeks before school started so I was able to get used to having them in. Every now and again I think I have a little bit of a lisp but it's not noticeable to my students. My coworkers didn't even know I had them until I plopped them right out during lunch!

1st Check-up

So this week I had my first check-up. I sat in the chair, they looked at my teeth (aligners were on) and made sure they were sitting properly on my teeth. I told them how they felt loose after wearing each Aligner for a little over a week. They had me take out my aligners and the woman said, "I just need to polish a bit where it's crowded." I didn't know what that meant. All of a sudden, the woman has this floss-like thing in her hand and starts flossing my teeth. However, it wasn't floss. It felt like sandpaper. I immediately knew that they were filing my teeth. During my pre-invisalign days, I read a bit about IPR where they file in between teeth to create space for the teeth to move. Most reviews I read screamed out how painful it was....well here's my review, IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL. Like at all. It honestly felt like she was flossing with an extremely hard piece of floss. She didn't file too much away, in fact, you can't even tell that she filed them. She had to of filed at least 5 different spaces and even chuckled, "are you even able to floss?" The answer is yes, by the way.
No harm, no foul.
Then, she gave me my next 7 aligners, had the doctor check me out and I was off with my chart to make my next appointment, which is not until mid-Januray. That will be when I'm about half way through my treatment. That will be my 5th appointment with this whole process and that includes my consultation appointments (there were 2), the one to get my aligners, and then today's. Not bad at all.
I can't wait to see my final results. I feel like the last 9 weeks have flown by!

Flying With Invisalign

For starters, I wasn't too nervous on flying with invisalign. I've flown enough in my life to know what works for me on a plane and what doesn't. I have to chew gum on take off and landing because if I don't, my ears hurt real bad and stayed blocked for days. Not good. My flight left at 7:35pm so I had dinner at home and did my normal invisalign routine. I bought water and a snack at the airport for the flight. When the plane started to taxi to the runway, I took out my aligners and started chewing gum. I did not care what the woman next to me thought about me taking them out. To be honest, I'm not sure she even noticed. I made made sure that my gum was sugar free so that when I was in the air at a high enough altitude that my ears would hurt, I used a Colgate wisp to "brush" my teeth. I then put my aligners back in until the flight attendants came around about an hour later with drinks and food.
I took my aligners out so I could enjoy my Sprite Zero and snacks. I then went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and rinse out with mouthwash. Conveniently I also had to use the restroom at this time so I was good to go for the rest of the flight.
When we started our descent, I repeated my takeoff routine. It honestly wasn't bad to fly with invisalign as I had the necessary equipment (i.e. Wisps, mouthwash, travel toothbrush and toothpaste) to make it work, my aligners were probably out a bit longer than normal (and for less time then suggested) but that was just one day. I don't do that often mad I usually get 21-22 hours of them in. It was just not practical to keep track of the time my aligners being out as I don't have a watch! Oops. That just shows my generation. I rely too much on my cell phone and iPad, both which were safely stowed in my bag by my feet for takeoff and landing. Not a big deal.
Overall, I'd give this a rating if a 9 out of 10 with that minus one as I had to do things on my flight that I did on my pre-invisalign flights.

Aligner #16

First of all, sorry for the long delay in posts. I'm sure you know how it gets in the way sometimes. Fortunately, invisalign has not gotten in my way!
I am currently on day 3 of aligner 16. I have 31 total aligners in my treatment plan.
I had my next check-up in January and the Ortho was a tad nervous about the tooth you can see on my top teeth on the left. It sticks out just slightly. It has always been like this and she wasn't sure if it was moving correctly. It does line up with my aligners so she wasn't too worried about it. It just hasn't been its time to move yet! I can tell which aligner is moving which tooth because it hurts like crazy the first few days of the aligner. That problem tooth had moved slightly since the first tray because I have felt it a few times and I know that my teeth shouldn't drastically move. It takes time. I go for my next check-up the beginning of April.
No issues to report as of yet *knock on wood* and I will hopefully will update then with what my Ortho has to say about my problem tooth.
Until then....

End of Aligner 18

So I had a checkup this morning. My worries about my snaggletooth (if you look at my pics you'll see it on the top right) were dismissed as my invisalign is working right on track. It doesn't look like I'll be completely done for the wedding I'm in this summer but I'll be extremely close. I got my aligners 20-24 today and my 24th aligners look perfect! I can't wait!
He only downfall of this checkup is that my Ortho discovered that a filling fell out! So off to the dentist I go in 3 weeks to get it replaced. I was worried it would affect my invisalign but he said that as long as my dentist doesn't go too crazy, the aligner should fit fine. Any worries, I should just go back to the Ortho.
I uploaded some pics to show the progress I've made. My only disappoint with invisalign so far is that the teeth with attachments on them have turned a slight yellow. My front teeth are fine. Is there any way to fix this while we're invisalign? I tried to whiten my teeth before invisalign with my training trays but I had a very bad reaction to the whitening. Any help would be much appreciated.
If my filling goes awry, I'll update on here. If it doesn't affect my Invisalign, you won't be seeing an update until June 22nd when I have my next checkup! Until then...

Invisalign and Strep Throat

Hello there! I know it's been awhile. As a teacher, the past few months have been incredibly busy but there is light at the end of the tunnel as there are only 19 1/2 school days left!
About a week ago, in fact, it was the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend, I woke up around 3am with an awful sore throat. It was the last day of state mandated testing so I knew it was important to be there. Plus, it wouldn't look good calling in sick the day before a long weekend!
I got ready and started the 4-minute commute to work (lucky, I know!). Well, not so lucky. It wasn't a hot day out but I had the AC on full blast in my car. Right then and there I knew something was wrong. When I got to school, I had another teacher go get the nurse. Well, I had a fever of 100.3 so she sent me home. She didn't think my throat had any white spots. Long story short, I found out the next day I had strep throat. I was told to throw away any toothbrushes or anything else my mouth had come in contact with.
I cried slightly as having Invisalign means tons of toothbrushes at the ready. In total, I threw out about 5 fairly new toothbrushes and all of my chewies that I had.
I had asked the doc about my aligners and she said that once I've been on antibiotics for 24 hours, I should move on to the next aligner. Luckily, I was schedule to move up to aligner 23 the day after. Starting new aligners a day early is not that big of a deal!
It was just such an inconvenience as I had to get new toothbrushes, new chewies, etc. Oh the joys of being a middle school teacher!
I switch to aligner 24 tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous as the first week of my current aligners, I did not have any chewies. I used q-tips, pens, whatever I could find to try to get a tight enough fit. Hopefully this strep throat wasn't more than just an inconvenience during a long weekend.

I'm attaching pics of my teeth in the aligners currently on tray 23, almost 24. I love the progression they've made! During my initial consult, back in June (can't believe it's been a year since I began this journey), my Ortho said at the end I might want to shave some of the gums over one of my front teeth as they'll be a tad uneven. I can now see what he's talking about. Anybody have any experience with this.?

As a reminder, I only have 31 aligners so I'm getting close! Next visit to the Ortho is in 2 weeks, the same day I move to aligner #25!!!!

I'm already preparing myself for life after Invisalign, it's so close!
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