Full Tummy Tuck Along with Fibroid Removal ,Age 35 - Boston, MA

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So, over the past few months, I've been going back...

So, over the past few months, I've been going back and forth to the doctors and recently met w a surgeon to remove 2 huge fibroid tumors that are causing me to be uncomfortable and anemic. Before I met w her, my mind started turning...thinking if I needed to go under the knife..I wondered if it would be possible to do a tummy tuck at the same time. I have a horizontal scar from a previous myomectomy when I was 17 and a bikini line c section scar..they have healed well, however my stomach has a lot of stretch marks as well as a saggy pouch. I asked her if they can do that..and she said yes. So I went ahead w meeting w the plastic surgeon. I am currently about 20lbs overweight..So, it's not like The timing is perfect, but I can't put off this surgery for much longer. I'm 5'8 currently 170. My belly due to the fibroids is the size of a 4-5 month pregnancy so it's hard to tell what's fat or bloat from the tumors..needless to say I'm totally uncomfortable. I met w the Plastic surgeon 10/31...he said that I would benefit greatly and this combined surgery is done often..I am super super excited to have both surgeries for many reasons! He said that I will get a small discount because they are combined...so it will be about 1000.00 less..roughly about 9,000.00 ! Yikes, but honestly I know it's going to be well worth it. I will post pics soon!

Sometimes things are blessings in disguise..

As I take these pictures, I'm actually starting to become thankful for these huge fibroids! I would not be seeking a tummy tuck now if it was not for them..and Im feeling blessed! I started today being totally conscious of my eating habits, no more chocolates...I drank tons of water through the day and walked the beach tonight...I have a new goal of getting healthy and fit again..! I'm still waiting for them to call me w a date! I'm hoping to go in asap, but if they offer me a date mid December I may just hold off until after the holidays...but I don't know!

A few thoughts

Went to Zumba last night..( I'm going to miss not going after my procedure for about 4 weeks...that was one of my questions I had for him..How soon can I go back to Zumba?) unfortunately I've eaten a few cookies here and there..but for the most part my eating has been better. Something I've been wondering is if I have another baby in the next couple years. Now, Im a single mother, not in a relationship at the moment...I always wanted another baby, however when my most recent relationship ended a few months ago...( we were together 6 years) I started looking at things...Im 35...I've been blessed already once w a great boy who just turned 9. I'm open to it another baby( Id love it), but since I have no current plans w another person..it would be silly not to do something like this. Who knows..this might help me be confident enough to actually want to date again. Lots of thoughts..I want to post some pictures of me in clothes..most people think I look fine...Im almost 5'8 and I've always been about to carry my extra weight w out looking really big.. Update soon

Still waiting....

A week has past since meeting w the PS, I have not heard about a possible date...I know that it will be more complicated to schedule because both the GYN surgeon and the PS will need to have the same time frame open. I'm starting to think it will most likely after the holidays. Another issue I have is that I am currently not working. Injust graduated w my degree in respiratory care...and I have 2 more tests to complete the credentials I want. I was hoping to start working after the first of the year..but it looks like it may have to be more like Feb, which makes me anxious..but times flies and I have enough in savings to get me through. It's more about getting into the field before I feel like the skills I learned are gone..but I know it will be fine...I said Id post a picture of me in clothes..I usually layer to hide my gunt as I like to call it lol

Ants in my pants

I hope to hear something this week as far as a possible date for my surgery...I feel like I am planning around a date I don't even know yet! I'm anxious. And of course, I'm looking at myself saying ...hmmm maybe I should ask about a little lipo on my arms! I have always been able to really get my legs in shape but my arms have had trouble. Im deff going to ask! :) what's a little more pain and money at this point! ;)

Finally Got My Date! 1/27/14

Yay! I was wishing it was sooner, however I have faith that all is good timing! It will give me some time to get in better shape, I started weight watchers this week...so I know how much good can be done in 2 months! But, lets not forget the holidays...I can do it! Having a real date really helps w motivation..today is a good day..! Xo

1 week on weight watchers

Down 1.5 lbs... :) this week w thanksgiving...I'll be happy just not to gain! Thankful for soo much xo

So much for dieting...

Oh my word, Christmas is coming fast!!! Which means my operation in almost a little over a month away! I'm soo looking forward to it...as I laid in bed with a heating pad yesterday...the first 2 days of my cycle are really horrible..Put it this way I had a dream last night that I went out to dinner and ran to the bathroom in the dream because I could feel how much I was bleeding! I know it's yucky sorry..I woke up and went to the bathroom to change my fricking extra long overnight..and I got so excited to think that this operation is going to help the heavy periods and get rid of this spare tire..I have my first job interview Wednesday. I'm nervy. I feel soo out of the loop. After graduating in August..I've been going through all the testing and appointments for this...along w studying and passing all 3 of my national boards..and enjoying the summer w my son..I really wished I could have had this done in November...I need to get back working..and into my new profession. I hope that I get this position, which is per diem( great for me now...maybe 20 hours a week) But its like, with this being next month, I'll prob need a good 3 or 4 weeks...I hope I can at least get through the orientation or just start in march...I have faith it will all work out :) xo update soon

Almost the new year!

What a busy past few weeks! I lost an aunt unexpectedly...so sad right before Christmas...another angel watching over us all...even with that..we rallied together and had a wonderful Christmas...dampened only by hints of the flu! On a lighter note had a successful job interview for a per diem position ! They know about my surgery , so meeting with HR tommorow to see if I start soon or after recovery...either way I'm just soo grateful to have something lined up! My prayers are being answered...2014 is going to bring all good things! I'm looking forward to taking the time before surgery to get everything in order! excited for things to come! Hope all is well for all the real self community!

4 more days...wha wha what?!!

I have been soooo busy ..Ive been channeling nervous energy into painting rooms/cleaning sorting...omg I am amazed w myself..I will post more later..I'm getting scared/excited...trying to center myself but I have soo much to do..I feel like I'm nesting for a baby :)

Just a few pics

While I have a second! I wanted to post some good before pics

What up w the dreams?! 2 more days

I mean I know subconsciously Why the surgery is making it into my dreams... It's soo strange.. Last night I had a dream that I was about to have the operation, and I walked in and an audience was there in stadium seating lol I made them leave... I had to pee last minute and on my way back the meds started working to knock me out and they were like hurry get on the bed.. I remember we were laughing... They couldn't knock me out! And I remember the surgeon saying we have to put you under for 5 Fricking hours lol fricking? Ahhh it's true..

Oh my! Tomorrow is the day

I had my last meal over an hour ago, it consisted of a yogurt and and everything bagel :) I have butterflies in my belly...I can't tell you the last time I had nervy butterflies...I can't believe it's almost time! I will post before I leave tomorrow and as soon as possible after! Surgery is set for 12pm, I have to be there at 10 so I get to take a nice bath in the am :) shave my legs lol xoxo

I'm going!!!

Leaving less than an hour!!! I'm out of body right now! I'm laying here bonding with my gunt before we part! I feel crazy :) Im crossing over to the flat side peeps! Ill update ASAP!

Home! Feeling ok

Spent 2 nights in! I kinda wish I could have stayed another night . I had to come home w a catheter because I just couldn't pee :( it sucks but being home I feel better already.. I'm able to get up easier walk around ..my belly looks amazing already! I'll try to get a picture tomorrow ...both surgeons were very happy w their work ...the fibroids removed were remarkable...they took some pictures for me . She said the large one which was I large grapefruit or softball was soo calcified that she was soo happy I did the combined procedure ..she wouldn't have been about to get it otherwise...she said my tummy would have gone way down anyways! They cleaned everything off my uterus that looked fibrotic :) she was super happy w the results..he was able to totally remove the vertical scare which means he took a ton if skin off..he said he was happier then he thought w the results :)


I woke up in the middle of surgery intubated! Nightmare :/

Flat pics

Some pics

Taking a shower

Felt amazing!!! I feel really good so far I feel like every hour gets better...no BM yet :/ I'm soo relaxed though..someone sent me an edible arrangement and someone else made me a beautiful blanket..I'm soo happy and blessed! I'll try to take another standing picture soon

4 days hardly any pain!

I got a little scared last night I woke up about 2am w a high fever, I took some Motrin and waited about an hour or so for it to go down. I was thinking omg do I have pneumonia ? Am I going septic? I knew I was going today to have the catheter removed so I was in the hospital for 4 hours waiting to pee! Lol and my Gyn was there! It was random but awesome she also visited me in the hospital ( we have a long history) so she was covering for dr York best who is my Gyn Surgeon..she went above and beyond to check for infection and abscesses ...and luckily everything came back fine! It felt good to be up and out for 4 hours! I think that will help me! I had my first cup of coffee today and what a rush lol all and all I feel great?! The first 2 days were terrible but this is nothing..I'm walking pretty upright? I go to get my drains out Monday if the numbers are ok!

Number 2

Number 2 on day 4 post op :)

One week post!

Wow I can't believe a week has gone by already! What a blur! All bodily functions and appetite back to normal ...( I was enjoying loss of appetite ) I feel really good! I'm starting to worry as to why I am not hunched and able to stand upright! I'm going to get my drains out weds so I'm asking about why I feel soo normal ...Makes me feel like my result won't be as good ...:( I don't know ...I am very bruised thou..I'll post some pics tomorrow

Drains out tommorow !

I was originally going to go Monday to get the drains out but was still draining a bit over...so I was then supposed to go today...we got a ton of snow today in Boston so I'll see the NP tomorrow..I have lots of questions....I don't know when my follow up with Dr Austen will be. ? I don't even know if I have stitches that need to come out! I'm nuts :) I think because I had a combined operation the more health related procedure was more of a concern for me! I'm kinda disappointed in my documenting of my expeirence ...there is soo much I want to write about but I don't know where to start so I hope to add highlights here and there. I was just talking to my mother...we were laughing about seeing my PS to do the markings on the day of surgery..it was super embarrassing...he kneeled down basically infront of my vajay and told me to hold my roll up....I was like eww !! (?he is soo cute too) ! You really have to swallow all pride...I have to say that was soo hard for me..I was horrified ..then I have my mother pissing herself laughing ! I guess that was a good thing lol! I have to say I am soo pleased with the way my pubic area looks...it looks like I got a vajay jay lift! It's actually cute now lol I'll update tomorrow once the drains are out! Yay

Drains out!

My cousin took me to the MGH today to get my drains out! Yay! First of all it felt soo good to get out, get my skinny latte from Starbucks , have girl time w my BFF/cousin. My PS is away so I had the NP and an assistant...they were awesome. I thought it was going to kill and I didn't feel a thing! She said they usually do one at a time but since I had them in longer then needed they did both today! I was soo glad! I feel freeeeeeeeeee w no bloody hand grenades...! They said everything looks good...and I asked a few questions....
When can I/should I start to treat my scar?
She said in about 2 weeks...I can start massaging the scar w aquafore...they said that they just contracted w a new company for a silicone topical cream..they faxed a prescription for me!!! They said sometimes insurance covers all, part or none...but they will let me know and the company will mail it to me! So I'm excited to get it..even if I have to pay for it...it sounds like a cutting edge product And I'm a friggin sucker for new products lol!
I told them I'm only taking Motrin in the day for pain and I'll take a Vicodin at night ...she was like you should not be taking Motrin for at least another week! She looked concerned! Says could cause bleeding...due to thinning the blood...I told her my other surgeon gave me a script and she just shook her head ...no harm no foul I guess so I will just take acetaminophen...but I guess one hand does not know what the other hand is doing! So I have to call next week to make a post op w Dr Austen...:) Oh I also asked about the binder.....how long...they said 6 weeks....I can switch between high waisted spanx...things like that..so that's good to know..there is actually a groupon for a binder! ( I love groupon) I ordered it...it's similar to the one I left the hospital with..and am wearing now...I can't wait to get it...I'm skeiving this one! I want to wash it but I wasn't sure how it would come ...I guess I'll wait til the other one comes. I wear a tank top under it anyways..so after my appointment we went for a nice lunch :) then we came back here and I tried my bridesmaid dress on for her( her wedding is in April ) at the time of the fitting which was in December ...I bravely ordered the size down...mind you the size that fit was on the tight side..but it fits!!! I plan on dropping a but more weight til then..but even if I don't I'm safe! I lost 10lbs since surgery :) sitting at lunch today I felt sooo good ...no gut busting over my pants ...I didn't put my jacket or sweatshirt over my lap ..for the first time in forever I didn't feel like a slob ...or uncomfortable ...I'm talking about the tumors and my belly ...it's only going to get better and Im thrilled and grateful!!! :) here's a few pics from today

Hmmmm...I feel loose today

I don't know if it's swelling or because the drains are out and I may be retaining a little...but I feel when I sit there is a small little roll...like he could have taken more skin :( maybe I'm just being paranoid ill take some pics later I just got dressed...I'm sure there are going to be changes and ups and downs for months to come...I was soo happy yesterday! I really feel like this is a dream come true! And I don't want it to go away :) I think I'm going to go to my fave store target and walk around! I might even drive myself shhhh...I'm not on meds in the day so...I'm not impaired that way ..my son is home today w a terrible cough...catching that would suck!!!! And hurt my belly I'm sure..so I must go purchase some airborne and Lysol :) xo

2 weeks already!! Woweee

So, I had a post op w my Gyn Surgeon...she was impressed how quickly I am healing and how good I looked.....that made me happy...I'm an old pro when it comes to healing from abdominal surgery..;) ( fortunately ) She said my uterus feels 1/5 the size it was pre/op! I am soo grateful..I asked her about exercise class, she wants me to wait to speak w/ Dr Austen.but she cleared me for driving and walking for exercise.yeah ..( ill see him in a couple weeks) ..I bought myself a 3 ld hand weight ive been doing in bed :) ...the only discomfort I have had over the past couple days is what feels like trapped gas..? I went and got myself some probiotics...since taking antibiotics and lots of other meds my digestion is a little blah. I've been a little tired here and there but other than that I feel great..I've been dropping some weight! Yay I honestly feel like a tummy tuck is the best diet incentive! You don't want to ruin anything , or eat something that might swell you...so I've lost a good 10 pounds ..( 15 since Christmas) ...:) I'm happy ...hope everyone is feeling awesome xo love to you all talk soon

2week pics

Not sure why they didn't upload w last update :)


...trouble Adding pics today :(

Maybe one pic?

Not sure why they are not saving



Over 3 weeks post

Wowee, I forgot to post..then I was just going to put it off til a one month uodate..but I'll just do a little! I was a tiny bit annoyed..I have not seem my PS since surgery. I did go to the office to get my drains removed w the PA/nurse...I was told to call to make an appointment for the end of the month...so w a little phone tag ...the sec calls me and tells me she put me in for March 13th..? I'm finally starting a job on the 10th so I wanted to get my post op taken care of before then while I have free time...she told me to call back after I start work? Lol I was like when does Dr Austen normally see people...she said he likes to see them before 8 weeks?! I was like okay! Wtf? I read all these posts of people seeing their PS often..I guess I'm grateful because I feel I'm healing well but it would have been nice to see him sooner..now w starting work..who knows when I'll get in there. I did see my GYN surgeon so at least I know she feels things were looking good...and I don't need to see her again...anyways, I'm feeling really good. I'm deff. Blah from not being out in the world like normal..but I've been reading and watching a ton if documentaries :) I am oddly more uncomfortable then I was a couple weeks ago...I think I'm swelled a bit and the fact the feeling is returning I feel more sore to the touch...not much of a change to my look...if anything I prob looked flatter 2 weeks ago then today..like I said I'm a but swelled. I did take a picture just to show the change in the scar from one week it's deff changing and healing more..I do notice a tiny bit of puckering but I've read enough on it not to freak out. When I massage myself I can feel the sutures so I know that's what it is...and I'm happy w the way it's healing ...I'm still wearing my binder, I finally got my second one last week so I was able to was my first one..they want me to wear it for 6 weeks...I'm starting to feel attached to it :) but having it under my clothes inhibits the real feeling if my results but I can wait a couple more weeks. If I was to recommend a time for a TT I would deff. Say January! It's winter...it's cold...it's the perfect time to rest and to wear big clothes to hide binders and drains :) so all is swell ;) I've been working out my arms w 8 lbs weights as I lay in bed...it's going on 2 weeks and I'm deff toning up...I'm making sure my abs at to engaged..it's making me feel good I'm also doing a thigh master lol for my inner thighs..I can not wait to get back to Zumba! But honestly yesterday I was listening to some music and I tried to dance and its just not happening..I'm scared to move! Plus it's very tight...I'm not even going to try until after 6 weeks.. I still take pain meds at night :) they deff. Relax me and make me comfy for sleep..I haven't taken them in the day in over 2 weeks...I don't like the way they make me feel in the day...I treat my scar w a coconut oil massage and then I apply scarguardMD it's a silicone treatment..looks like nail polish ...you brush it on 2x a day..got it at target cost me 20.00..I never heard about that treatment the doctors office faxed for me? So I just got this stuff..I like it. I've been using it 5 days now...groupon had a mederma special so I have that coming in the mail too :) it's all good..love and healing to the RS peeps xo

Time flies when your in swell hell

Lol! Been soo busy. Feeling good. Start my new job next week!! I am deff. Swelling way more now then I did weeks ago. I'm still wearing my binder for the most part..these past few days have been really uncomfortable w the swelling. I have no desire to take pictures or try cute clothes on...:) it's such a weird yucky feeling but this too shall pass..xo
Dr. William "Jay" Gerald Austin Jr.

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