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I'm finally getting this over with and I'm super...

I'm finally getting this over with and I'm super anxious and nervous! I just went to my pre-op and things look good. My doctor and his team and beyond nice but I can't help to feel so nervous! I've been thinking of getting this done for a while but I always back off. I gained a ridiculous amount of weight during a high risk pregnancy which left me with a saggy belly and one breast bigger and droopier than the other. If anyone has any suggestions as far as to what to expect during and after the procedure please let me know. I'm so nervous!


I received a prescription for Valium when I went to pick up my meds at the pharmacy but I didn't remember the name Valium. So instead of calling my doctor's office because it's the weekend I posted a question here for the doctor's to answer because I didn't remember anything about the Valium. Anyways, I tried calling the doctor's office and he called me within 10 mins and answered all of my questions!


So tomorrow's the day! I've spent most of my day doing pounds and pounds of laundry and cleaning. Took me 2 hours to get my daughter at school because we have a snow storm. I can't believe this is really happening, oh my!!! Any last words of advice?

Getting ready! Here we go!

I'm up and ready! Gotta be at the PS's office by 8:30. I'm less nervous than previous days but I know I'm going to cry when They take me to the OR. Just last night I was realizing how different my breasts are and how I've put up with them like that for 7 years! They're so uneven! I hope I get good results! Wish me luck guys!

1:20 am update! On the Flat Side

Hey guys. So I'm on the flat side! I went in at 8:30. Was received with a smile. They addressed all of my questions! The anesthesiologist was a sweet heart! I was really scared of pain and they were awesome about it. They took me to the OR and I told the about my big fear of needles! So the one of the OR nurses Debbie help my hand the whole time. Then I passed out. Next thing I know I woke up and they said everything went great. I was so out of it! They gave me ginger ale- no nausea. They gave me itravenous pain medication. My husband and the nurses got me in the car. It was not bad at all . Then we went to pick to my daughter at school, she's in there after school so this was around. She asked sammy why I was talking non stop about the Fugees,lol! The ride took 1:45 mins total because with yesterday's snow storm. The meds were wearing off because of that and to be honest I was not in pain but had this crazy burning sensation on the lipo areas.Got home. my hubby has been amazing taking care of me! I'm not really in pain if I don't move. I'm drinking lots of water. Had some oatmeal and a protein shake. No nausea. For now I just can't sleep. The vicodin doesn't really make me sleepy, so I wish! I hope I'm not in pain tomorrow but so far this has been better than my c section 7 years ago where the pain was unbearable! How are you guys doing?

Day 2 Review

Hi guys! So I couldn't sleep the whole night, not one bit! Not because of pain but I was just wide awake!!!! Just talked to my doctor's nurse and she says I'm probably one of the few that Vicodin gives them energy….just my luck! She sent a prescription of Toradol to CVS hoping that would make me feel a little sleepy and help me rest. As for the pain, I'm more uncomfortable. I'm only hurting when I have to stand up. I have't taken a peek yet. I don't want to have to take the binder off etc I'm home alone today. I've hired someone for an hour in the morning and she's been getting me food etc and she will come back in the afternoon to check on me. Then my husband will be in charge again. He helped me a lot last night. At one point I called him on his cell and he fell asleep again, he said he thought it was a dream.

3pm update

I talked to the nurse at my doctor's office and she said they did repair my abdominal muscles because they were pretty much destroyed which I'm pretty happy about!

Pain and Tired

hi guys! I'm in a bit of pain today, so I took another vicodin within 3 hours instead of waiting 6 hours. I'm really uncomfortable. I wish I could make my torso straight! I took a peek at my boobs and the aureolas looks smaller yay! I'm getting a little overwhelmed with the whole not being able to move etc,


Anyone suffering from this? Since yesterday I have taken 5 pills of stool softener and nothing!


Hello girls! So last night I took a peek at my breasts and the aureolas look smaller, of course there's a lot of swelling etc so I didn't want to see much. I did take a peek at the sides on my TT scar and It's beyond low!!! I hope the whole scar's like that. I've seen some photos of scars that are too high but it seems my doctor listened very well to all my requests. Getting excited! However, how long is it going to take for me t to start walking straight? I managed to wake up last night my myself and go pee. Still taking the stool softener and NOTHING!

Shower Time

Wow that was rough! Not because of general pain but standing makes my lower back hurt insanely bad! So I had to shower while bending completely forward and my husband had to wash my behind because I can't reach it …God bless his soul! WHen he saw me he said my boobs are looking great, that they're pretty even, yay! He said I have no belly either but that he can tell I'm all swollen. So let's give it time. I didn't take pictures because it's really hard to stand straight but will stake some as soon as I can keep my torso straight!

Almost Fell!!

I decided to try to go to the bathroom by myself early in the morning and I slipped and almost fell sideways! Thank God there was a chair right there and I held on to it but then I had to call my husband to help me out. I felt a big pull on the sides of the incision, not blood and no separation! Talked to my nurse she told mr I still need to keep trying to move around more everyday. I feel like I ran a marathon…..soooo tired!!

Got my Period

Just to make it all more awesome…not! I got my period yesterday so I've been dealing with that too. My mission tomorrow is to take a shower and somehow detangle my hair which is very curly all before my post op appt

I can't believe I fell down the stairs!!!

I went to my 1st post op. Dr Samaha said I looked great and that the incisions look amazing give it's only been 5 days. They told me I needed to start walking straight which is kind if hard because my lower back hurts. Anyways, I was doing great and then when I got home I slipped on the stairs backwards!! I fell an awful pain on my belly, like a rip. I started crying and my husband helped me right away. I called Dr. Samaha and they told me that if my belly changes colors, like if it bruises it could be a hematoma and that I should contact them, but so far my belly looks fine, just my back hurts more because I fell backwards…..just mu luck right?!

Update on the fall!

Hi guys, so I'm feeling better. No changes in the area. I did try today to move around more. My lower back is killing me!!!! No I do notice I have no balance…my body's off. Even walking to the bathroom makes me feel like I ran a marathon. Anyone feeling the same? I can't wait until I can walk straight without a problem.

One Week Update and Xmas Outing

Hi all! Thanks all for your comments. I'm feeling way better since the fall, my back's still killing me. We went to a friend's house today for lunch, however it was too much for me so the family friend offered that I slept a little in the guest room. I got 2 full hours of sleep. Non one knows I had a TT and BL. I told them it was a hernia repair lol! But they were all nice about it. Now, when I walk I have no balance so I've been holding my husband's hand. Kids, I'm not kidding, I wobble like penguin and have NO balance, so if you're getting a TT, be ready to ask for help! Also I tried on my regular low cut underwear (I have been wearing granny's undies) and my incision is soooooo low it will be covered! Can't wait to wear a swimsuit in the summer!!!!!!!

2 Important things!

One thing is yesterday when we went out I can't wear anything tight around mu waist cause I'm so sore but when I put on some leggins and a shirt that normally would've made me look more round and I would have hated looking at myself in the mirror with I saw how different I looked!! OMG! No belly, I have curves!
Second, I slacked off on the pain meds yesterday, therefore I was in a lot of pain and didn't get to sleep well. Then had a coughing spell, ohhhhhhh that hurt badly. So yeah, even if you think you're super woman, take your pain meds! I'm now on tylenol and advil and I shall be more diligent about taking it!

10 Days! Review and Itching!

Hi guys! It's been 10 days and I'm feeling so much different! I'm mobile now! My doctor told me to start walking on the 25th so yesterday I went to the mall to walk with my husband and daughter because my house's small and there's no real space to walk. Anyways, after 30 mins I was done!!! I was able to sleep on my side last night, yay! Today I'm itching all over, my belly button has been itching like crazy, but today right under my breasts it's itching and one side of my incision feels like burning!! Thinking of calling my doctor to see what I can do. He had said I could use some A & E lotion but it's not helping with the itching :/ Anyone experiencing this?


I went to exchange a Jacket and….

I was beyond amazed when I went to try on Jackets at Lululemon. I never buy there because why bother with my huge belly. I got a jacket from there for xmas that didn't fit right and I tried on the fitted ones and oh my…..they looked so good!! I have a freaking waist! My hips are still swollen and I can't feel the sides but the skin in front I have normal sensation. I'm having a lot of pain in one little part of the incision but it doesn't look open and it looks normal, but it burns badly!

Tape off!!!

So I went to my 2nd post off and I told them about the incredible amount of itching I was going through so they decided to take the tape off, they said it might have been because of the tape. I have to say, the scars look SOOO much better without the tape!!! I'm very happy on how everything's looking. They gave me Aquafor too in case of more itching. They said to keep wearing the garment and to try not to fall down the stairs again lol! Also, they said to keep walking but no gym still, of course!

New photos

They took all the tape off so this is how I look. It's been 13 says I think. I feel really tight today in the belly area and the incision area is more sore because they took the tape off

Here are the photos

13 days photo

New Year's Eve, New Year and Cleaning All Day!

Hey guys, so I went to a friend's house yesterday to celebrate new year's eve and I wasn't feeling so hot. I was in a bit of pain on the sides, I guess from the lipo so I took some Tylenol so I sat a lot. Thank goodness it wasn't a dress up party so I wore yoga pants with a fitted jacket and UGGs. Today I'm feeling a thousand times better so I've been cleaning ALL day. A little bit of back pain from my belly pulling me in so I've done a lot of cleaning while sitting. Also, sleeping in my bed's still tricky because there is not position in which I am comfortable. Any ideas?

Pounds and Inches

Hello everyone! I just wanted to update you. I weighed myself and I have lost 7 pounds since my surgery….what???!!! Also, right under my belly button I used to measure 38 1'2 inches, that's where the bulk was. Now it's 33' 1/2!! I know once the swelling goes down the change's going to be more dramatic but I'm already happy with the results as of now. I have been trying to eat healthy, lean protein and veggies, fruit, low sugar etc….. the first days after surgery I had to eat whatever my husband got me cause I couldn't move, which included pizza and wings lol! On new year's eve I did eat sweets but I'm taking care of my investment :)

3 Weeks update

I have been feeling great! Walking straight and all. One part of the scar is open still, like 1/2 an inch so I haven't started going to the gym because I don't want it to get infected on anything. Same thing under one of my breasts. My doctor told me to use aquafor and not worry about it because it's not infected and that I should wait until everything's close to do any silicon treatment for the scars, however my scar looks great overall!

I'm freaking out! Incisions are open :(

So on 01/7 I saw my doctor because I noticed I had an opening on my TT incision in 2 different areas and right under my right breast. They said that it was normal, no infection and that it will heal on it's own but today I noticed they're bigger!!! I'm so sad and depressed. I don't want complications. I haven't been to the gym or doing any activities and I'm taking scare of myself so I don't know why this is happening.

Possible Infection

So, I did go see my doctor on Monday to check on the openings and everything was fine but today I woke up with crazy pain on my right breast where the opening is and it was intense. So I called my doctor's office and they told me to come in. My breast was red! Doctor said the opening didn't look infected but he put me on antibiotics just in case, but it still hurts like crazy. I took advil and 3 hours later tylenol and it doesn't help with the pain :( He told me to call tomorrow to see how I'm doing. He also said because I'm dealing with so much crap he was going to give me the scar treatment silicone lotion for free. He told me to put it on my left breast which healed nice and my belly button. Ugh, I hate this!!!

Weird-Do I still have a huge belly?

I was sitting on my computer and I had this crazy feeling that I still have a huge belly….I even took a peek to make sure. I've been feeling this on and off….is anyone going through that?


The boob pain has been bad so my doctor prescribed vicodin cause Tylenol and Advil were not helping. I'm really hoping to get better soon!

Super Swollen

I don't know if it's because of all this stuff I'm going through but I'm super swollen…maybe it's because I'm about to get my period? I wore a pair of exercise pants without my CG for a couple of hours and now I have indentation around my hips. I just put my CG on again!


Vicodin is like eating candy….it doesn't do anything! My poor little boob hurts like crazy and the freaking vicodin don't do anything….I'm gonna take some advil!

Healing, slowly but healing!

I've been seeing my doctor twice a week. They've been really caring. I was on Vicodin for a couple of days because of the pain on my right breast. I'm still on antibiotics but the pain is gone, yay!!! So this means that hopefully I won't have more complications. My doctor says he thinks I've had a reaction to the stitches but that if I'm not satisfy with the end result that he'll fix whatever needs to be fixed. Also, the holes on my TT incision are closing, finally! The one on the left side is almost closed, and the one on the right is on it's way, but so much better, doesn't hurt or anything. The incision around my belly button has raised on the left side. I've been applying the scar treatment, but I think I'm going to get some silicone sheets to that. I will post some pictures later when I have some time. Thanks all for the support!

Still dealing with this!

I finished my antibiotics but my right breast still hurts, in the nipple area. I've been having to go to my doctor once or twice a week because stitched keep popping. Also yesterday I noticed I have another opening under my left breast too! Both breasts have holes now and it hurts and burns :( One of the openings on my hip closed the other one is healing. My belly button scar raised and looks ugly. I'm using the silicone treatment for it but I don't see any difference and I hate it so bad! My doctor says I have to wait until 3 month appointment because that's usually when scars look the worse and to not freak out but it's obviously a keloid! How am I not going to freak out?!
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