BRAVA, Scarless Lift of Left breast and AFT.

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Good morning all, I have been lurking on this site...

Good morning all, I have been lurking on this site for quite some time and am keen on fat transfer to enlarge and even out my small boobs. I have wanted larger breasts for all of my adult life but have not wanted implants or the "look" of them. Instead I prefer the natural feel and shape of my breasts just fluffier. I would love to hear from any and all who have had this procedure and what your experiences have been. This is not a subject I am comfortable talking with my friends about so I would appreciate any support you can give. I am stuck on how to choose my ps. After hours of research I know that I want a Dr. who has worked/studied/published with Khouri out of Miami. There are two surgeons close to me on Boston Tantillo and Del Vechio I would appreciate enormously any and all feedback you could give me about either of them.

Hello again, I didn't get any feedback re: my...

Hello again, I didn't get any feedback re: my earlier questions but I thought I would write and update on how things are progressing over here in the land of little boobs. I appreciate any and all support, comments, questions or concerns you can offer.
First a little more about me, I am a 39 year old mom of four, BF 3 of the 4. My oldest is seventeen and my youngest is just a few months. I have been uncomfortable with my breasts for as long I can remember but would not consider implants. (My mom had her first implants in the 60's but that's a whole different story.)
Today I met with Dr. Delvechio. He was pleasant (I was not sure what to expect considering his mixed reviews) and said I was a good candidate for the surgery. Due to my asymmetry (left breast is semi tubular constricted AA and right breast is a B with no constriction, there is an 80ml difference between the two) even if I wanted implants (which I don’t) he said I would not be a good candidate for artificial implants due to the constriction. Dr. D has had some success with correcting asymmetry as well as adding one to two cup (wow that would be awesome!) sizes by increasing Brava wear on the smaller breast. Typically the best results are done by doing a second procedure on the smaller breast to increase its volume (and reduce constriction) I don’t happen to have an extra $7,000 lying around so hopefully this can be achieved in one fell swoop. Dr. D’s Brava protocol would be one week on left breast only and then three weeks on both breasts. 6 hours mon –fri and 8 hours on the weekends. This seems a very modest protocol for me. I know Khouri and Hartog require much more but Dr. D says it is a question of increasing breast size until surgery and if I am meeting goals there would not be a need to increase Brava use.

Off to meet with another Dr. this afternoon, will keep you posted.

Well, I did it. $1,300 down to pay for my Brava...

Well, I did it. $1,300 down to pay for my Brava and reserve my operation date. Yikes. Now that I have finally taken the plunge I am really exited. And now that I have learned a little bit more about my lipo I am SUPER exited. Whole torso and thighs to get enough fat and here I thought I was going to have to beg the Doc to just “take a little more! I have decided to proceed with Dr. Tantillo although he has not done as many AFT procedures as other Dr’s I spoke with his office, demeanor and professionalism were off the charts. I also loved his pics of liposuction patients. He has a lot of specialties and I wish he was more specialized in Breasts but hey Life is not perfect. Brava is ordered and I start wearing it at the end of April @ 8 hours a day which is much less than I anticipated. Her does not recommend extra BRAVA wear on the smaller breast.

I have been so conflicted about surgically augmenting my body. My mom has had countless procedures, beginning with breast implants in the 60’s and I remember vividly as her daughter being confounded when she told me I was beautiful “ just the way I was.” The sentiment and the facts of her surgeries just didn’t gel well for me. It also didn’t help that at various times in my life she offered to pay for my own implants thereby reinforcing the idea that my body was ugly and needed surgery to fix it. She meant only well but it’s a weird line. I will be keeping this procedure a secret from my family. I feel uncomfortable with that and who knows what the future may bring but for right now I feel like this is my partner and I’s process and everybody else can be kept in the dark.

That’s it for now. I would love to hear, share, support from anyone in the community who is going through this procedure as well.

Am I posting my comments in the wrong section, is there a better place with which I could get more of a dialogue/ discussion going I would love some ps friends to gossip, bitch and share stories with.

Good Morning All, Amelia thank you again for your...

Good Morning All, Amelia thank you again for your suggestion. I added some pictures (ugh) and hopefully this will garner more traffic. Please be kind. My left breast is a tubular very small A and my right breast is a B. The post it is to hide an identifying mark.

RE Brava. I called the company this morning and asked about the FDA recall. It is not a recall it is a review, the FDA has put the kibosh on selling the hand pump that increases pressure and is used exclusively for AFT transfer. The Brava system itself is under no such review. It is this add on piece that is causing this consternation. As of this moment the company and Khouri are not “comfortable” discussing why the review is in place and it remains confidential (odd). Brava is no longer allowed to sell the add on hand pump, and of this moment is not making any “claims” re fat transfer (which is a switch for them). You can still buy the system to use exclusively to swell your breasts.

I will add on any news info I learn as soon as I have it. Is anyone else dealing with this out there? As always thanks for any and all feedback (as long as it doesn’t involve commenting on my hideous photo’s) Be well.

Good morning, the Brava saga continues. My...

Good morning, the Brava saga continues. My wonderful Dr. Tantillo (who I will not be using for fat transfer – more on that later) called me last night to let me know what he learned in his discussion with the FDA. Brava is officially under and IRB by the FDA

The following description of an IRB is taken directly from the FDA website.

‘Under FDA regulations, an IRB is an appropriately constituted group that has been formally designated to review and monitor biomedical research involving human subjects. In accordance with FDA regulations, an IRB has the authority to approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or disapprove research. This group review serves an important role in the protection of the rights and welfare of human research subjects.
The purpose of IRB review is to assure, both in advance and by periodic review, that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of humans participating as subjects in the research. To accomplish this purpose, IRBs use a group process to review research protocols and related materials (e.g., informed consent documents and investigator brochures) to ensure protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects of research.’

Dr. Tantillo shared with me that the IRB is due to some “very minor complications” found in mastectomy patients. There were two incidents of skin infections (most likely due to lack of sensation in breast area after mastectomy) one blood clot and one swelling of the arm, most likely due to surgery and not to Brava use.
This is a completely different story than I was told by Brava itself re: the add on pressure bulb. My Dr. Didn’t know about the bulb specifically because he does not use it in his practice (Nor does Del Vechio my back up Dr and soon to be my surgeon)

Dr. T was very surprised they are reviewing Brava based on such limited and manageable issues but he is not willing to proceed with fat transfer until the FDA has finished its review (supposedly at the end of the month but could be years). I will be calling Dr. D later this morning to schedule surgery with him. I am comfortable going forward with Brava use after discussion with Brava and Dr. T (although I wish Brava had been more forthcoming) There remain no issues for women using Brava solely for breast growth without fat grafting and the issues with AFT remain minimal.

Dr. Del Vechio had heard none of this re: Brava, his office called the company and Dr. D. said it wasn’t an issue he was continuing as normal.

Beagle Baby and Amelia, thank you both so very...

Beagle Baby and Amelia, thank you both so very much for your comments. I have just been chewing my nails and weeping over here in Boston. BB the only surgeons who I trusted (have experience with fat grafting and Brava) and were in my area were Tantillo and Del “Vecchio I researched/spoke with Placik in Chicago, Diana in TX, Greenburg in CA, Sattler in Seattle, Hartog in Florida and finally tried to speak with Khouri himself, He never did get back to me after many repeated attempts. I ditched Coleman after discovering he charges twice what all the other surgeons do. All of them received mixed reviews on various medical boards although Del Vecchio seems to bear the brunt (he also has three times the reviews of the others, maybe in part because he has been doing this so long. ) At first I was willing to travel but when I realized the amount of time I would need to be at the Dr. it just wasn’t feasible financially or practically, I am a stay at home mom of four.

I called this morning to schedule with Dr. Delvechio and again his office seemed frazzled, I have yet to hear back from him. His reviews comment on how he can be tough to get in touch with. It has only been a matter of hours (6) but my anxious self has decided that maybe this is some kind of sign.

I am so frustrated and saddened after years I felt like I was finally going to get breasts (and lipo to boot) that I wouldn’t regret or be ashamed of and that I wouldn’t have to explain to my kids. My partner is so wonderful and supportive and says all the right things but I just don’t know where to go from here. I just don’t know what to do. I sent a bunch of PM’s to patients of Del Vechio and hopefully they will calm my nerves and maybe even let me feel their boobs ?

Sorry to be so long winded, I am obviously feeling frantic. Thank you again for your kind words. You are both ROCK STARS!

It's official the Acad of Plastic surgeons has...

It's official the Acad of Plastic surgeons has been asked to stop using Brava with its breast fat transfers, I have called some PS's (still haven't heard from Del Vecchio Damn't) and have asked if they would be willing to proceed with fat grafting if I were to purchase and use Brava on my own. When I know more I will of course update. ARRRRGH! Khouri is having fits.

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Hello all, it has been a while but things are...

Hello all, it has been a while but things are slowly moving forward. Brava had so many different stories, prices, answers about whether they could or could not sell the system to me that I finally bought one used off of Ebay.

JessicaRabbit thank you so much for your comments, but for a variety of reasons I am not comfortable with implants (Believe me I wish I was, at 1/3 of the cost and no Brava hassle I can’t say I haven’t been tempted). I am blessed with no allergies and yes, unfortunately blisters and skin breakdown are a very common side effect and one I am hoping to sincerely avoid with help from the lovely ladies on this board.

AboutMe I am delighted to hear your success with Noogleberry and can’t wait to hear about your procedure. My Dr. Will only use Brava.

SOOOOOOOOO here is where things are at. the moment. I started my Brava wear yesterday – 6 hours, today will be seven. Didn’t suck as bad as I imagined but I can see where this will be a problem moving forward (stay healthy skin, stay healthy.) I am moving forward with Dr. Hartog in Fl. As I mentioned earlier he is only one of a handful of AFT with Brava at the moment. Although I toyed with the idea of simply delaying all this for another year, Simply put. I just really, really, really didn’t want to.

Hartog is about on Par with the leaders in the field $10,000 and my surgery will be a little more because of my teeny, tiny (A cup) left breast. My infra mammary folds are at very different heights (you can check out my asymmetrical hotness in my pic’s) So Dr. Hartog will be performing what is called a RAFT, most often used in reconstruction to create two even folds. It is similar to a reverse tummy tuck but without the scars and much less trauma. That cost is an additional $1,500 – yikes.

I am also very concerned about the added cost and hassle of travel, hotel, meals. I am a mom of four who has been saving for a long time for this procedure but as costs mount so does my anxiety. What I thought would be a joyful decision has turned into an agonizing one. My husband (due to cost constraints) will not be able to travel with me so I will be healing by myself in a cheap motel for 6 days –Not fun! And forget about the extra money I had put aside for lymphatic drainage massage.

On a side note, Dr. Del Vechio never returned ANY of my phone calls or emails so I am delighted we were unable to schedule the surgery as planned. I now see him as dishonest as well as out of the fat grafting loop.

I am in the process of nailing down surgery and pre op dates with Hartog’s office, it looks like late May will be it (must wear Brava for a minimum of 4 weeks pre surgery and for as many hours as I can stand it, blech).

I just want to send out a great big shout out to all the lovely ladies who have helped me sort through this mess. If I can answer any questions at all PLEASE do not hesitate to ask. Be well, and keep healing

Hello, Does anyone have a black bulb that they...

Hello, Does anyone have a black bulb that they used with their Brava system that they would be willing to sell me. Brava no longer sells it and my PS Dr. Hartog really recommends it! Thank you. I have already checked Ebay and craigslist.

Hello All, It has been a while but I thought I...

Hello All, It has been a while but I thought I would give a quick update on how things are moving along here. I am on day 10 of Brava and at 14 hours of wear, so far I have been very lucky without any skin breakdown although I am sore. I am finally comfortable sleeping in the domes – I tried to wear them during the day (I am a SAHM) but it proved too cumbersome I couldn’t cook, clean, feed and change babies with them on. I slather with coconut oil and don’t wear any type of bra (I am tiny so I can do that with no one noticing) during the day. I smell like a pina coloda but hey, there are worse things right?

Dr. Hartog really likes to cycle with the bulb but he is no longer able to get them so I took Amelia’s advice and headed to Home Depot where I bought a brake bleeder, some tubing, and a gauge and plan to rig something up myself. It if works I will certainly “share the recipe”

Organizing the logistics of this surgery are a nightmare. I am a mom of four (3 young ones) and I need to travel to have this done. I will be staying at a motel near Hartogs office for a few days while I heal. I was originally going to stay for 7 days so he could do a full post op. But now he will be leaving town so his nurse will do it. I am not really comfortable with that (she is not a surgeon and what if there is an issue) so I said why stay over (and pay for 2 extra nights and meals) when I am not waiting for an expert opinion. I can go to a nurse here in Boston if something flares up. So ideally I will be staying a total of five days. I am not really happy about this but I am not surprised this has been one heck of a roller coaster. Between the brava drams, the scheduling and now the cycling it seems to be one shot after another. Blech, I just want this done so nothing else can go wrong.

Hello all, I hope everyone is well and doing...

Hello all, I hope everyone is well and doing beautifully. It seems that the Brava study has been reinstated (per my Dr. Hartog) Black bulb and all. Because I am not part of the study I can't get a bulb or the new automated electric pump they are using for cycling. It appears I will have to rig something up myself after all.

I know Dr. Hartog is considered one of the best in his field but I am so frustrated at his lack of "pro activity" on my part. He firmly believes that extra expansion is necessary for me due to the nature of my breasts but basically his answer is about getting it with additional mmHg (pressure/suction)-is bummer about all the possibilities because you bought your Brava used we can't help you.

His office told me they would walk me through the protocols and have made no effort to work with me on Brava (although they said they would) I am a HUGE conflictaphobic and haven't wanted to be a "bad patient" and get the Dr. or his staff angry at me. But I feel like I am fumbling along here and am discouraged with my results.

I am sorry I am always complaining on here. I feel like the hardest part of this was behind me but I keep hitting stumbling blocks along the way. I so appreciate the support of this board.

Just a quick shout out to Amelia and BB who have...

Just a quick shout out to Amelia and BB who have been so kind in helping and supporting me in this (at times frustrating and painful journey) you guys rock my world and I truly don't know where I would be without you.

Hanging in there

Good morning everyone. Well it is nine days until surgery and I wish I could say I was exited, really I just want this whole thing over with. Cycling is a PAIN. My home made pump is working much better than it did (maybe it needed to be broken in) and I have modified the protocol for myself- because it takes soooo long to pump the dome pressure up to 70, I let the sportbox do the work and when it goes off I then pump up for two minutes and release all the way . . .let the sport box bring the pressure up and when it stops buzzing use my home made pump to pump my domes back to 70 for two minutes. AAARRRGH, annoying and very hard to find the time but I keep trying. I am cycling at a minimum of twice a day but ideally I would like to be doing it 4 times. I wore my Brava for 36 hours over the weekend and saw some great results, so I am pleased with that. Hartog also remarked that he was happy with my expansion. I can't wait to borrow the "black bulb" (BB you are my hero) because I imagine it is much easier. In the meantime my wonderful husband (an engineer)is rigging up an electric pump (similar to the Medela one) for me. I will post a picture of his schematic (hysterical).

Did any of you out there have buyers remorse before your procedure? I thought as I got closer my excitement would grow (this is something I have wanted since I was a teenager) but I am so nervous about the logistics (traveling, Brava wear, communicating effectively with Dr. Hartog, healing, keeping the procedure a secret). Is this typical or is my gut telling me something?

As always keep being beautiful and thanks for all of your support!

Recovery questions

Hello friends, do you have any suggestions for recovery care? My partner will be with me for the first two days but the next five (as well as the trip home) I will be on my own. I will be traveling from Boston to Florida for my surgery and staying in a hotel. What should I have on hand to help me be comfortable. Any and all suggestions appreciated.


Thank you all for your kind words an support. I spent 7.5 hours on the table yesterday for my surgery Dr. Is very meticulous and wanted to get as much fat as possible to inject, I think I love him. The pain last night was unbearable,it's better today but still hurts like hell I actually haven't been to sleep yet I am hoping this is due my pain meds and will be asking for different ones when I see the Dr today. He put 420 and 460 in the breasts. I will give tons more info when I have it more together! Any suggestions on pain relief or changing bandages (I'm soaked) but am so scared of moving anything/ messing with mu garment because of the pain. Thanks again to all you very kind and lovely ladies!

5 days post op

Good morning all,

I hope everyone is feeling well. I feel better every day but boy it has been more recovery than I anticipated. The lipo really wiped me out, my breasts never really hurt. They are sensitive and "achy" but feel fine until I put Brava on and then they burn. At this point I am just happy to make it through the day because every day it gets better. I still sound like Kermit the frog because of the breathing tube I needed (due to being flipped around for all my liposuction but I can swallow and my throat feels so much better) – Chloraseptic numbing throat spray was a life saver.

I went to see Dr. H for my post op on Thursday (day after surgery) and all I did was cry because everything hurt so much, he switched my pain meds and that helped some but really it was time that helped mend me. The lift he did on my left breast is AWESOME I have two tiny incisions where he put in the stitch and that's it. No scar, we will have to see how it holds up (I am the first patient he has done this kind of scar less lift on). I flew home on Friday and spent most of the weekend in bed

I am still in my compression garments (and will be for some time) and will be wearing Brava for the next 3 weeks ten hours a night, I would like to wear Brava more but don’t know if I will be able to stand it. It really hurts my new boobs. The difference I see in the morning after a night with Brava is phenomenal, I am swelling up at LEAST another bra size maybe another two. It is certainly more swelling than I ever got before the transfer.

I put together a list of essentials for me on the early days of recovery. These are all things I found absolutely necessary to aid in my comfort/healing. Please feel free to add on in the comments section.

Numbing throat spray (you may need a breathing tube which can really tear up your throat and make swallowing hard)
Lozenges (see above)
Regular Advil and Advil PM (if you can’t sleep)
Straw (for drinking LOTS of fluids)
Puppy pads (to help with leakage and staining of furniture linens for a few days)
Frozen peas/ice packs
Tagaderm (to put on incision sites if stitched instead of band aids/gauze so you don’t have to re apply every day)
Soft stretchy support bra (genie bra is awesome, available at CVS, target, etc.))
Soft bland foods you don’t want salty about the last thing in the world you want is to bloat any more than you already are (think BRAT diet)
Baby wipes (for bathroom breaks)

I was really thrown by the pain that first night, from my reading/research I expected to be very sore, but I was in agony, which surprised me. I write this not to freak anybody out but I think it would have helped me be better prepared if I had anticipated how decimated I would be. Also, remember that I was on the table for a long time (7.5 hours) that must contribute to down time as well.
I had lipo pretty much everywhere from knees to boobs. Flanks, ab, back, muffin top, saddle bags, inside thighs, front of thighs (front of thighs was not for cosmetic purposes he wanted the extra fat)

After surgery I was absolutely helpless for two days – I literally couldn’t sit up, roll over, sip water, or go to the bathroom on my own. It was much worse than my C section recoveries ever were although it resolved itself much faster. I am a tough cookie with pain I birthed my second baby at home/no drugs and was fine but this was worse, I swear.

5 Days out I am much better but still uncomfortable and anticipate I will be for a while – it doesn’t help that we are in a heat wave and I am covered top to toe in compression of one sort or another. My wonderful partner/nurse is back at work so I am solo with the kids today – yikes. As always don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions/concerns I am honored to “pay it forward” on this wonderful forum.

48 hours after surgery

Breasts 6 days out

This is from last night before any Brava wear. The big black and blue on my left boob is from the stitch through my fascia to lift the breast (sounds awful but didn't hurt a bit). I was only able to wear Brava for 3.5 hours last night, I had to take it off it was just to uncomfortable. I am going to keep at it (I am hoping for a minimum of 8 hours for 3 weeks) but if things continue to itch, pull and burn I will stop. I am also getting ALL sorts of blisters, blech. I took off the compression garments for a few hours yesterday, I was having a tough time breathing (not pulmonary embolism - just to darn tight :) ) and I felt nauseous. I found that removing the garments really helped and I was able to put them back on easily ( I was worried I would blow up like a tick). Be well and hold on to that fat girls!

top ten list

I forgot to add to my list of essentials:

Dulcolax, start taking 1 or 2 days before surgery. ( It's a gentle stool softener - it will take forever to poop and believe me when it finally happens you don't want to be constipated)

Probiotics (see above)

Vaseline/Aquaphor - after surgery your mouth will be a mess because of the mask and the breathing tube. Chapstick didn't cut it, I slathered my lips and cheeks in vaseline which really helped with the discomfort.

Brava tip

Thank you breast nexus. I found this great tip and wanted to pass it along. For sore spots between your chest/ribs/ sternum and domes take a panty liner cut it to the appropriate size and put it between the silicon and your skin. Paper back side towards silicon soft side on your skin. It really helps me with chafing and 'hot spots'.

Feeling down

Good morning all, I hope everyone is doing well. I am feeling very discouraged. My breasts seem to be shrinking very quickly and unfortunately they seem to be shrinking back to their original asymmetry. I am hoping I am suffering from a touch of dysmorphia but I fear my fat didn't take well. My breasts are still sore and covered in VERY itchy, scaly rings where the brava sat for a few days after surgery. And unfortunately my nipples have decided to show up for the pain party and they and their sensitivity are KILLING me. My lipo is still uncomfortable although it is certainly bearable. But I feel bloated and tight all the time, My skin feels uber flappy but my compression garment feels the same (compression wise) as it did after surgery which is discouraging because I would imagine It should be feeling looser if my swelling is going down. I am down 2 pounds from 152 to 150 (my pre-surgery weight.) I wish I had a tape measure to check my breast size, and I wish I had measured earlier but on the flip side I am frightened to find out I am a B quickly shrinking back to AA.

Yuck! I still feel very good about Dr. Hartog I just worry that I may be one of the unlucky few. I would appreciate any and all input from my fellow fatties – did you feel like it wasn’t working? Did it get better? If it didn’t improve what helped you through? How did you manage swelling and lipo soreness?

I am very disappointed I was not able to wear the Brava after surgery but two VERY lovely and newly busty ladies – Amelia (she did 72 hours after) and Colleen (didn’t do any ) and they look beyond fantastic so I am concerned my tubular left breast was just too tight for the fat to successfully breathe

Hello lovely ladies

Thank you so much for your support earlier in the week. Boy was I feeling low, your advice, encouragement, and support were invaluable. I'm still suffering from PTFD (post traumatic fat disorder). It's symptoms are hysterical, irrational fear that you have lost countless hours to brava, researching Dr.'s, reading med journals and finally recovery, oh holy hell the recovery, all for naught because your boobs are gonna shrivel overnight and all the fat is gonna drop to the muffin top you just had lipo on. it comes and goes.

Every day my healing gets a little better, I just found out that my lipo was a brand new technology specifically designed for AFT it is called HydroSolve. Dummy that I aM I never asked what type of lipo. I just assumed small cannula tumescent. So if anyone found me by searching hydrosolve please feel free to ask me questions. I will also try to post more lipo photo's. sorry I don't have many before's


I started eating "very clean" on Monday - I had gotten really lazy in the past few weeks. I have dropped 5 pounds, I hate to be losing weight b/c I fear for my boobs but at the same time I want to reduce as much swelling as I can and help my body be at its healthiest to heal it from all the abuse I put it through

almost 4 weeks out

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well. I will be posting photos in a few days. I continue to heal and cannot wait for the end of this week when I am only in compression 12 hours a day instead of 24. My breasts are smaller either a B or a C depending on the bra but I am delighted with their shape and their symmetry. I do wish the bruises and bumps would hurry up and heal but oh well, time will tell. My lipo scabs have all fallen off and the holes are dark but will fade over time. I am not happy with the marks on my upper thighs, they are too symmetrical so it is obvious that I have had "work" and unfortunately they will easily show in a bathing suit. I am not sure why he didn't try and hide the scar in my bikini area but I never thought to request it. I am hoping some heavy duty make up can hid the scars for now, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm thinking derma blend.

I am perplexed why Dr. Hartog didn't mention that I was having Hydrosolve lipo (a brand new FDA form of Llpo just approved for AFT). I would most certainly have wanted it, but I am surprised he didn't ask as I believe I was the first patient he performed it on. Between that and the scarless lift I was quite the guinea pig! I have not lost much weight, from 150 to 145 but my body shape is most certainly different, and I LOVE it. I am now a size 4 - I was a 10. No saddlebags at all and a much flatter stomach. Due to my c-sections and birthing 4 babies I will never be completely flat without a tuck, but when I suck it in I can give the 20 somethings a run for their money. Still have the fat pad on my back but I sincerely hope that will shrink over time as I HATE it. Be well everyone I will speak with you soon.

10 weeks out

Wow, it has been a long time but I am officially ready to give my fat transfer the big fat thumbs up!!! I have lost a lot of volume but am maintaining at a B or a C depending on the bra. My asymmetry is much approved and my healing continues. Unbelievably I still have some bruising and scaly rings from the Brava. With the proper padding and bra I get some really good cleavage and my breast shape is great. I am amazed at the Lipo transformation, I have only lost 10 pounds but have a wonderful new body shape and am hanging in at a size 4 (down from a 10 ). The boobs look much better in person and in a bra but here is the naked truth for the moment.

PS the lipo reduced my cellulite!!!!

I know, I know Lipo doesn't do anything to reduce cellulite but I swear (and have had it confirmed by others) that having the fat removed from my saddlebags has significantly reduced my dimpling. It used to be when I sat in shorts you couldn't help but notice the wrinkles on the sides of my thighs but now THERE ARE NONE! I will add photos soon.

healing continues

I am posting some pics of my lipo and the breasts in a bra - padded VS size 36B as well as my scars. My breasts have lost a lot of volume but they may be due to the weight loss down from 150lbs to 136lbs. I am still happy with them although, of course, I wish they had retained more size. I am hoping they stay where they are at now.
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Will save review until procedure

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