Puffy and Droopy Eyelid Problem Solved

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Been thinking about getting surgery for a few...

Been thinking about getting surgery for a few years now. The puffiness used to come and go so I kept thinking, I'm OK. These days the puffiness under my eyes is there 90percent of the time and it's progressively getting worse, no matter how much I sleep. The saggy upper eyelids have been there awhile but I somehow got used to looking at myself that way and said, oh well, I'm old. But having the puffy under eyes with it is unexceptable, I look tired 24/7 and I sleep 8 hours plus naps! Maybe I get too much sleep, haha. When I was in my 20's I had fullness in my upper lids, not too bad, I will post pics so you can see, and I always said to myself, "You will need eyelid surgery some day". So now the time has come and I'm on a roller coaster ride. One minute I'm excited to get it done and the next minute I'm ready to call it all off and live with my tired eyes. Maybe get rid of all the mirrors in the house and get rid of my camera too? No chance, I'm a camera freak and make 3 hour long slide shows every year for family and friends. (have to document ones life in case we forget) I don't want to be the one saying "Don't take my picture, I hate my picture" So that's when I say, "F*@$ IT" I'm going to put my big boy pants on and just do it. But on the flip side of my roller coaster ride I think - I'm a graphic designer, my eyes are the most important thing to me, what the hell am I thinking by risking my eyesight, even if it is a rare event. I am also nearsighted and have worn contact lenses since my late teens. Now I'm into bi focal contacts but the point I want to make is I bothered with contacts and glasses this whole time because of my fear of Lasik surgery. In my head I say "You have perfect vision with your glasses and contacts, what if surgery to correct the vision somehow goes wrong and you have permanent bad vision that even glasses won't fix?" So now I'm saying to myself...Is my vanity worth more risk than having to never wear glasses again? So you see, my way of analyzing is just too intense, haha, it drives me nuts. I sometimes envy people who don't question things too much, they just do it. I Question EVERYTHING. Sometimes overly so, but I guess it's better than regretting later if I didn't inform myself. I have always been this way, very cautious, inherited that trait from my father, the puffiness too. My mother is 83 and has no saggy eyelids or puffiness. She always complains about dark circles but I would rather have that, at least some makeup might cover it. I didn't get her good genes. BTW, my father's sister, she's about 70 now, has HUGE bags, I'm terrified I will look like her some day. So what to do? At this point as I write I have my big boy pants on and I am anticipating getting this done and behind me. I have a surgery date of April 3rd picked out but haven't paid my deposit yet. I guess I need to do that by Monday to hold my spot in the OR. Anyway, I will post some pics and update this page as I ride on my roller coaster. Thank you everyone who has posted on this website, it has been a HUGE help and the success stories are what keeps me going!

So today was a big step for me. I booked the surgery.

Since I'm the type of person that questions everything I had to see my surgeon again before I could make my final decisions. I had read on here that even though I had puffy under eyes rather than hollow, I could still try fillers for lowers, sort of blend my cheek with the fat pouch, lol. My surgeon explained how it would look, which wasn't bad but I asked him in his professional opinion what he thought would be better for me in the long run and he said the transconguntival fat removal so I agreed to go that route. The fillers are temporary and have down time as well. The only real benefit for me would be that I could have it done in his office instead of the hospital. On the uppers he has to remove skin and a small fat pad in the corner. I was concerned about the dry eye I read about but he assured me that out of his 2000 surgeries only 1 complained of extra dry eyes, I guess they had dry eyes before. He said he doesn't test for dry eyes but I'm thinking of going to my eye doctor and ask for one myself. I don't feel like I have them but who knows. I wear contacts and use eyedrops all the time when they seem a little dry so I don't want to make it worse. Anyway, my surgery is only a little bit over 3 weeks away. I was lucky to get a spot in the hospital so quickly. I want to recover as much as possible before summer so I'm glad it's working out. I'm sure I'll need reassurance from everyone as time nears. Trying to stay positive and not read anymore bad stories if I can help it. I need to focus on the success stories and keep looking at everyone's beautiful eyes!

Allergy, Cold? Sneezing my head off and very congested.

Really concerned about my wet cough from being sick and now allergies, plus I smoke so it makes it worse. I heard general anesthesia can cause more buildup. I guess I'm not too worried about that but more worried about it causing complications while I'm knocked out. Anyone go under and have surgery with a wet cough or condestion? The cough might ruin my stitches too. I hope I'm better by the 3rd. I really don't want to postpone. Sometimes the wet cough lingers for a long time. Any suggestions to get rid of it quicker? I have a humidifier, taking mucinex and claritan. Doing deep breathing exercises too. I am trying to cut back on cigarettes but my nerves are shot as it is with impending surgery so it's not going so well. I guess I have to try harder.

Pre Surgery Check Up (a hidden cost)

I'm writing this to let people know that when you have general anesthesia you may need a check up with your primary care doctor. It may depend on the surgeon or hospital what they require. It also depends on your age. My surgeon requires a check up with an EKG if you are over 50. His office manager said if I had one in the past 5 years I would not need another but when I called the hospital to verify they said they required it to be within 6 months. I'm not sure yet what blood work they need but they will be sending me paperwork next week. The bad thing is you are only allowed one physical per year with health insurance and my regular yearly appointment isn't until May, 1 month after my surgery date. I could postpone surgery until after my yearly but I really want my healing to have a good start before summer. I am somewhat disappointed that now I have to pay out of pocket for all this when we pay about $1200 a month for health insurance that I only use once a year. I guess I could ask the insurance co. if they would pay for an earlier app. but I'm guessing the answer will be no for a cosmetic procedure. I really don't know yet what all these tests will cost but I will update. I guess in the grand scheme of things it's not too bad considering what I'm already paying for surgery.


Hopefully this can be corrected during surgery, if not it's ok because it's not noticeable when I smile.

Pre Op Check up

OK, is it me? Do I question too much? Since my insurance doesn't pay for a cosmetic pre op checkup I wanted to get a price ahead of time just so I'd know what the fees were and I can't believe the runaround I got, how many people I had to talk to and how long it would take to get even an estimate. I should have just asked someone on realself, I would have gotten a quicker answer. I really had no idea if it would be $100 or $500. Time is ticking and I haven't had my check up yet because no one could tell me what blood work I needed until today. I finally found out it's called a CBC (complete blood count) and I still couldn't get a price because the lab bills separate and no one knew what it would be. I ended up googling it and the price for a CBC ranges from lab to lab from $15 to $150. Anyway, at least it's not $500. Unless there is a hidden cost I will be billed for, my quote was $120 Drs. exam, $28 EKG, and about $60 (I'm guessing) for blood work. Not bad at all but at least I know now what to expect. If anyone can tell me if this sounds about right, please let me know. Thanks.

Cut back on smoking

Just about 2 weeks from surgery so I figured I better at least cut down. I have an E cig so now I'm only smoking half of what I normally smoke. Hoping to be able switch to the e cig only 1 week prior but not going to beat myself up over it. Doing the best I can for now. Drinking lots of water, will try to eat better too.

Getting Excited

Surgery less than 2 weeks now. Pre op check up tomorrow with EKG, hopefully all checks out good. Haven't had any aspirin, vitamin e, fish oil etc. like doc says - my eyebrows don't need waxing but might get it done anyway before surgery because i'm sure you can't do that for awhile after. My surgeon says to stop vitamin c as well, I also read that on the National Ocular Plastic Surgeons website. Maybe it thins the blood. I'm always cold so I think I naturally have thin blood or is this an old wives tale?

Not feeling confident with surgical staff.

Since I'm having lowers I needed to get a pre op checkup for anesthesia and this is all coordinated between the surgeon's office and the surgeon's surgery coordinator located at the Medical Center. The surgeon's secretary/office manager has no idea what's needed for testing, why? Hasn't she been doing this awhile? So now I try to get in touch with the surgeon's surgical coordinator at the hospital and she's never in, she just had a baby, no one else can help! My surgery is next week! I finally got some paperwork for my primary care doctor to fill out and while I'm getting my checkup she tells me I'm getting local anesthesia (that's what the paperwork says) when my surgeon told me I was getting general anesthesia. Not Cool. Secondly, when I did get in touch last week to find out what blood work I needed the surgical center's office said just ask for a CBC. So I made a special trip last week just for blood work in case it took awhile (it needed to be in by a certain date) and today the paperwork I gave to my primary care provider said other blood work was needed, so I had to get more blood drawn. Luckily this lab turns results around quickly. I am very upset. I'm just a dog breeder and I have better records and information about each puppy than they do about me. I just called my surgeon for some answers but they haven't gotten back to me. Am I wrong to be upset? Is this kind of confusion normal? Am I too anal about things? The reason I specifically called 3 times last week to find out what I needed for blood work was so I could get all my paperwork accurate and complete so there's no questions. This makes me so mad because I am so organized and others are not. This isn't getting a tooth pulled, this is surgery!

I'm healthy

I forgot to say other than getting the new blood work back (checks thickness of blood for clotting) I'm cleared for surgery!

surgery is all set

My blood work is all in now so I'm good to go next Thursday. This will be the longest week ever!

General Anesthesia Update

So I just received a call from the anesthesiologist's nurse who asked a ton more questions about my health even though I just had an exam. I understand they are just being cautious but all these questions are making me nervous. It makes having general anesthesia sound really risky and dangerous. I need someone to talk me down from my anxieties. I was already worried and after that call I'm over the top. I thought after my physical everything was all set. I have to be in the hospital at 10:30 and my surgery is not til 12 so I think the anesthesiologist is doing MORE tests or something. Otherwise why the early check in? How risky is general anesthesia? Anyone know what could happen or am I better off not knowing?

An Observation

It was recommended by someone here to start taking the arnica a week ahead of schedule (my surgeon's paperwork says 3 days ahead) but I figured I'd start today. So my observation is that 1 bottle is not nearly enough, even with my surgeon's recommendation of 3 days before and 1 week after. Their paperwork states it is $5 - $7 but doesn't say to buy 2 or 3. The bottle doesn't even say how many is in it (unless I couldn't find the quantity but I really looked.) I proceeded to dump the bottle out so I could count them and maybe my bottle was defective but they would not come out so I had to rip apart the top and then when I went to dump them on my makeup table they bounced all over my bathroom, lol. hands and knees picking up arnica, hahaha. so i still didn't get an accurate count because I think I lost some but regardless there's not enough in 1 bottle to even cover the shorter time my surgeon recommended. His office should have told me. Luckily Amazon has pretty fast shipping.

whey protein?

i stopped taking all my vitamins per surgeon's instructions but forgot to ask him about my protein shakes. i checked the ingredients and it seems there's only protein, sodium, potassium and a bunch of amino acids. does anyone know if these amino acids are bad before surgery? i don't want to ask him because i've already bombarded him with a lot of questions.

Self Torture is Over (for now, haha)

I'm done worrying and now looking forward to the big day. I started my arnica and bromelain, put books on my ipod, have netflix ready to go and I will get my supplies situated next to my bed and end table. Going to color my hair tonight or tomorrow. Hoping my surgeon spends plenty of time with me before I go under.

Surgery Time Moved to 11:30

I just got a call from the surgical center and they moved my surgery an hour ahead. I thought I would be starving at 10:30, I'll be almost passed out by 11:30. I get very shaky suddenly when I need to eat. Maybe they'll give me an iv or something as soon as I get in? Looking forward to the recovery stage. I'm going to look so much better this summer!

I made it

Biggest fear was going under, never had before. It was great. Took me 2 hours to wake up though. I was shocked when I saw what time it was. No pain, vision perfect. Little blood oozes from lowers that cause slight blurry. Worst thing was headache when first waking up. Now just drowsy, even with coffee. No nausea, was worried, they gave me patch. Was hard to first open eyes. Tons of pics on phone. Need to rest before I can send pics to computer or eye pad. Here's one from my bed. Soo happy it's over, let the healing begin.


Didn't mean eye pad, iPad, I feel drunk.

1st morning

Very swollen, 1 eye worse. Headache behind eyes when looking left to right. They gave me a prescription for oxy something but don't think I'll get it. I am dizzy enough from the anesthesia. Been sleeping almost non stop since I got home. Vision worse today from swelling, easier to look out of 1 eye at a time. I still feel loopy even after sleeping all these hours. I wonder when that wears off. I expected some after effects because I can't even take cold medicine, it makes me woozy. I was wondering why no one mentioned your eyes get stuck together, each time I wake up from sleep I have to pry my eyes opened. They gave me a teeny tiny tube of erthramycine. Enough for 1 application, geeze, couldn't they spare a little more. They gave me a presciption for more but do they really expect you to go out and get it. I have a husband but some ppl don't. I might use some triple antibiotic gel I have here. Mouth very dry, can't seem to drink enough water, must be anesthesia too. I need to go thru pics before I upload because there's so many but I can't see well enough to do that yet.

Pics before and yesterday right after surgery.

Lots of blood on my face. Drips from incision inside lower lids. Not doing it today. I'll update with today's pics later.

Here's a real scary one for ya. Blood oozing out of lowers right after surgery.

Definately looks worse than it feels. My worst complaint is slight headache around eyes and 1 eye hard to keep open because it's swollen more. I've been just trying to keep that eye shut, less disorienting that way.

That was the wrong photo showing blood, hard to see what's what on iPad photo gallery

Day 1 looks worse in mirror than pics. No flash when taking selfies.

Somewhat grainy. If I can get outside in natural light there will be better pics.

Better pic from today.

I know I've looked at millions of these day after pics but because we self scrutinize I'm wondering if this looks normal.

Changed my name just for fun.

I'm proud of myself, lol so I figured I'd brag with a play on words. After I recover I'll probably change it again.

Is this normal?

This is the eye that's worse. They said to only ice for 1st 24 hours so technically I should stop icing now. Any suggestions on if I should still ice, they said heat if wanted after 24 hours. Will heat make it more swollen?

Side views. "One of these things is not like the other, haha"

Hard to watch tv.

1 eye doesn't cooperate and open fully, gets gooey even without the eye gel. Right now I think the eye gel is in both eyes because they're both blurry, it migrates from the lids. There's some behind your eyes headache when moving eye balls too much, is this normal? Been icing off and on all day. Put arnica gel under eyes and not sure if it was that or ice but some of the swelling there has gone down, it was a lot worse this morning. Still hanging out in my bedroom, since I can't see that great I don't want to chance walking around. Hopefully better vision tomorrow if that one eye settles down.

Rough morning

I sleep too heavily and thru the night must have sunk down from upright. Woke up lying on right side of face, the already swollen side. Looked like rocky, so scared. The ice and gravity took the major part down but it's been like yesterday all day again. The good eye is great, no problems, it's still swollen but it doesn't cause any issues. It's mainly in the corners of my eyes that bugs me, it prevents me from being able to open it all the way. Not so dizzy today. I think I have extra swelling too because I have a tall bed , like the princess and the pea, and I'm only 5 feet, climbing in and out was a bad idea, I have a foot stool today. My swollen eye has gel in it now so it's giving me a headache to type with one eye.

Swollen eye

I'm starting to wonder if that eye is worse because the surgeon is trying to make my eyes the same size. If that's the case I wish he would have made my smaller eye bigger, not my bigger eye smaller.

Day 2 am

Took these this morning after I got the rocky swelling down. Seems slightly better tonight.

The good news is...

Other than when the gel gets in my eyes, my vision is perfect. I'm having a difficult time with my bi focal glasses, I never wear them so I'm not used to them and they're almost more disorienting than the gooey eye, besides the fact that they're off most of the time because of icing. I'm not too bored because I'm a homebody anyway but I would like to do stuff around the house and I can't. Going to try the recliner tonight. Would like to strap my head up somehow, I almost don't want to go to sleep because I don't ever want to see what I woke up to today again. I was reading that there's no way the surgeon can change the size or shape of your eye without canthoplasty, etc. so I feel better, I didn't mind my asymmetric eyes, I'd rather the way they were than the way they look now, I just have to let the swelling go down.

Anesthesia hangover

Worse today, almost like I just awoke from it, weird how it comes and goes. Been lightheaded all day so far, getting sick to my stomache. I get motion sickness very easy. The anesthesia has been the worst part for me. I guess it's keeping me grounded, forcing me to rest. I have a slight headache from it too. Still taking Tylenol but I can only take 2 every 6 hours. As far as my eyes go, if both eyes felt like my left eye I wouldn't even feel like I had surgery. It still looks funky but it feels so totally normal. My right eye on the other hand still swells really easily. It gets so swollen that my eyeball looks sunken in, still can't open that eye all the way. It feels sore. Very red in the whites. I switched to warm eye pad last night and saw a dramatic change. A lot of the red and swelling went way down. Slept in recliner last night. I have a pillow that has a ton of little square pieces of foam in it, I pushed the pieces to either side leaving a gap in the middle for my head. I never moved all night but still woke up with swelling. Not as bad as previous but I had to ice this morning before going back to heat. Tried to sit outside for fresh air but too windy so I'm back in the recliner. I'll take pics later, too dizzy and nauseous right now.


I wish my eye would open! So annoying, no pain, just a little tender to move eyeball.

My eye is starting to open a little.

My right eye is far from looking normal but surprising this morning it was opened more than usual, which I thought was weird considering I just woke up. I was expecting more swelling, not less. A lot of redness fading on lids and whites of eyes but there's more to go. Under eyes turning yellow. Some itchiness, hard not to want to rub your eyes. Still lightheaded with headaches. I've been drinking tons of water to try to flush out my system. Not sure if it's helping, but it can't hurt. I haven't told my mother yet, I'm wondering when I should spill the beans. So foolish, 51 years old and afraid of what my mother will say. I'm also worried about pms and swelling. I'm due anytime, anyone know the effect it will have on my eyes? I'll add pics later.

Pics day 4

Good to go

Saw dr. This morning. He said everything looked great. He gave me the go ahead to wear my contacts! I might wait a day or 2 til the one eye that was more swollen deflates a little more. I don't have to worry about sleeping sitting up and only need gel 1 time before bed. Doesn't need to see me for a month unless I want him to. My eyes are not dry, itchy, blurry, just a tad tender where the swelling still is. There's still redness in the eyeball and the lids but I'm sure it will die down. Very little bruising on the cheeks. I can't believe I had surgery last Thursday and my cleaning lady asked me yesterday if I had allergies, haha. People are not too observant.

A couple of things I found helpful

I gave up on the bag of peas after the first night. They melted too quickly and frankly I was afraid to poke myself in the eye with the corner of the bag. The bag was slippery and didn't feel too comfortable. I remembered I had this soft cotton bag I use when I have cluster headaches. When the ice melts you have soft squishy ice water around your eye and no sharp corners to poke you. I highly advise getting one of these. It was very soothing. The other thing I have is this microwaveable or freezeable sand bag for your eyes. I only used it after I was done icing, day 3 I think. It says not to use on eyes when heated but I was real careful how hot it was. I wrapped it in clean cotton I cut from one of my husbands shirts because I wasn't sure how sanitary it was. It's been hanging around my house for years. I moistened the shirt piece in water and heated the eye pad for about a minute. Felt sooo good and it was only after that did I notice the swelling go down, I think the heat helped drain the fluids. I also massaged around the whole eye area pressing the sand around the outer edges of the eye, I started going across the eyebrow, towards the outside, around the eye in a circular pattern going between the eyes along the sides of my nose. I did this until the heat was gone and sometimes I would heat it up again. Because it's not recommended around the eyes when heated you need to use your own judgement as to how you want to use it. The sand alone with the massage felt so good and I think greatly helped the swelling because as soon as I stopped the swelling would come back. I will continue with it for my leftover swelling even though the doctor said I didn't need to do anything.

I relieved my husband of his dog duties today

I finally felt good enough to take care of all the dogs and puppies today and answer my 50 or 60 emails, yikes! I took pics of my pups for their new owners and a pic of myself back to work at my desk. My eyes still look quite small from the swelling but I never had big eyes anyway, all the more I need my eyes back, they look so tiny to me.

looks like 1 photo didn't load correctly so here it is

Wearing contact lenses

I couldn't stand my glasses anymore so decided to put my lenses in. No problems and I can see better. One eye is still pink and not opened all the way yet, patience.

day 7

sorry about the bathrobe and messy hair, it's the beauty (or not) of working from home, lol trying to get work done so not even dressed yet! this pic is from my desktop computer camera, not the best so i'll take better pics later. no make up and no bruising. i think i have scar gel on one of my contacts, forgot about that, it's a little blurry. still lightheaded or should i say heavy, my head feels heavy - does that make sense? not sure but i don't feel right in the head.

Better pics

Ok, so eye is still smaller but seems to be getting better. It's still red in the corner too. What is the crinkling above the eye, still swelling? I hope so. It looks like I have loose skin!

Healing moving right along but...

I know it's only been a week but now I'm starting to scrutinize the cosmetic results. I see sagging skin on my upper eyelids. Does this continue to shrink? Did he not remove enough? I'd rather him leave too much rather than take too much and have problems but ultimately aren't we all looking for perfection? Did anyone else still have saggy skin at this point?

This was day 9

I took pic this morning, day 9 post, but didn't have a chance to update today. Now it's technically day 10 because it's 2 am.

Day 10

Stitches are looking weird. I didn't realize they can take up to 30 days to dissolve. Looks like I have gray hairs sticking out of my eyelids, lol.

Tired Eyes

Not sure if this is from eyelid surgery or anesthesia but my eyelids feel so heavy and tired much of the day. Is this normal?

before and 10 days post pics

i wanted to save before and after pics for about a month but figured i'd do some now and again later, maybe after 2 weeks with make up too.

Glassy eyes

I was told yesterday by my sister that I had glassy eyes like when someone is sick, high or drunk. My eyes still feel heavy. I still have extra skin on upper lid I'm not sure looks too good.

For scar pimples and dissolvable stitches

My surgeon told me on my first visit that I only needed the antibiotic gel once at night for a few more nights. I stopped using it a few days ago and noticed those tiny pimples I heard ppl talk about and was going to squeeze them - but decided I better not. Since I wear contacts the gel would seep into my eyes overnight and get on my contacts so I woke up blurry eyed. I wanted to put the antibiotic on the pimples and not get the stuff in my eyes so i cut up small strips of toilet paper to lay over the scar line after i put the gel on, voila, no blurry eyes in the morning. the toilet paper stayed in place all night because it clung to the gel and kept it from running in my eyes. the pimples are almost all gone and i think it's softening the dissolvable stitches too because more seemed to have fallen off. i didn't realize the stitches could last a month but they are about 75% gone now. i'm going to keep putting the gel on until all the pimples and stitches are 100% gone.

Eyes not so tired today.

I guess it's normal to have heavy lids after this type of surgery so now I feel better.

No make up yet

Even though I'm excited to try mascara I didn't have time this morning, I'll put some on later or tomorrow for new close up pics.

Now I need to work on my wrinkles

I didn't ask for laser or peel with my surgery because I figured 1 step at a time. When I go back for my next check up I might inquire what my surgeon suggests. I don't actually mind the wrinkles too much, I'm just glad the bags and extra skin is gone. Once I get back to my regular regime of creams and facials I might be satisfied. Besides, I think I look worse today because I always look more wrinkly once a month, if you know what I mean, I think the hormone drop makes my skin saggy. Looking forward to next week.

Happy Easter, I have a pig-stye.

Pig-stye...Don't know if I caused it with sunscreen or make up but its itchy. And today I noticed that my bigger eye that became more swollen and smaller than the other eye became bigger again. So my eyes are just as assymetrical as they were before surgery. I didn't really expect him to change the size of my eyes so I'm not surprised or disappointed.

Heavy / tired eyes and anesthesia hangover after surgery update

My eyes do not tire as easily now (they still do on occasion) and I seem to be getting over the almost drunk feeling I had off and on for 2 weeks from the general anesthesia. So my head and eyes are almost back to normal, yeh.

close ups from sunday, 17 days post

Pic that made me go for the eyelid surgery

This pic of me last summer was almost deleted from iphoto if not for my grand nephew being in it. I'm glad I kept it because I keep going back to it to remind myself how baggy my eyelids were and why I made the choice to get surgery.

Pics pre surgery

2 weeks before surgery and 17 days after

Same 2 pics combined so you can see the difference better.

The lighting might be bad on the pre surgery pic because I don't recall looking that bad, lol.

I got the OK to get a chemical peel and lumi lift this Thurs.

I was on a regular schedule of mild chemical peels every 6 weeks and lumi lifts every 3 weeks but I haven't had either in over 2 months because I was preparing for surgery. I called my surgeon and he gave me the OK to move on with my regular routine. The nurse who does my peels doesn't go near the eyes at all so that won't help my under eye wrinkles but it helps with texture, tone and other fine lines on my face. The lumi lift tones muscles and drains lymphatic fluid so I'm hoping it gets rid of any residual swelling around the eyes.

Department store mirrors

I remember someone saying they wanted eyelid surgery because they hated the dreaded department store mirrors. I felt the same way and wanted to tell everyone that today was my first time out in a department store since my surgery and I am happy to report that I actually had a lightness to my step, I almost felt like skipping, hahaha. Happily excited and anticipating my next visit.

pre surgery with eyelash extensions

can't wait to try them with my new eyelids. waiting til one month post op so i don't freak out my surgeon. they're kind of long but you get used to them - you need fillers after a couple of weeks though. you also have to keep them groomed. i was kind of drunk in this holiday pic so they appear unruly. pricey but fun. i want to show off my new peepers and can't think of a better way.

It's been over a month since surgery.

It was 4 weeks ago Thursday. Today is Sunday. Wanted to post a few updated pics and notes. I don't think there's much change since my last pics though except maybe my eyebrows need waxing even more, not sure when I can get that done. My stitches are still pretty bright pink, I expected them to be more healed by now since my bruising and swelling healed relatively quick. They are still tender if you accidentally rub them and still have little pimples along the line. My eyelids are still numb, not sure when that changes. My wrinkles seem more prominent to me now or maybe I'm just focusing on them more since I don't have bags and heavy lids to distract me. I'm still very excited that those are gone though. My asymmetrical sized eyes are back to normal, my right eye is bigger, just like before surgery. Luckily for my surgeon I took plenty of before pics, otherwise I might try to blame him for that. I'm not upset about it because I know it's a common thing and if you stare at people's eyes on tv you will find a lot of them have 1 eye bigger. I have a visit with the doctor on Tuesday, curious to see what he has to say about the lids and scars but not expecting a lot from him because he's not much of a talker. I will give him a full review after my visit. All in all I will say it was worth it. I had to pay more than some because of hospital and anesthesia costs since my doctor doesn't do lowers in his office but some others have paid more than me so I think it's all relative to your location, how the surgery is handled, etc.

1 month post op check up

I saw my PS today. He said the little bumps on the suture line is not pimples like I thought but scar tissue that could take up to a year to smooth out, yikes. Oh well, they're small so you can't see them real good, they just feel weird when you put on eye cream etc. He said everything looks normal, even the pink suture line. I asked if my lowers would get sunken in more or stay as is because I was worried I might get hollow under there without a fat transfer but he said no, it would not get more hollow. Right now it looks perfect so I'm glad, just a lot of wrinkles but no fat bags and no hollowing. I will take close ups tomorrow so you can see that the upper outer section of my lid contours neatly and tightly to my bone while the area closer to my nose still has a little overhang of skin. I asked if that would contour eventually as well and he said you have to have somewhat of an overhang there otherwise your eyes won't close all the way. I asked about botox and fillers in my cheeks and he said the botox will bring the brow down somewhat and I won't have as open eye effect as I do now and to wait 2 more months for filler in the cheeks since it's close to the eye area. So since I didn't get botox or fillers I went to get some eyelash extensions, I'll put on some eye shadow tomorrow with the new lashes and take some pics. Right now my eyebrows are red because I finally got a waxing too. It's been about 5 or 6 weeks since I had my eyebrows done. Feeling almost back to normal now.

Close up pics 5 weeks post op

These are the eyelash extensions I got to enhance my new eyelids. It takes a few days to get used to looking at them but then it's nice to wake up in the morning looking good without doing anything.

Before and After

Not sure why my eyebrow looks higher in my before pic. Is it botox I had back then, camera angle, optical illusion? Anyway I didn't label the pics because they speak for themselves. I'm going to scrutinize all my pics though, maybe the PS was wrong about the botox and it might lift me up.


How do I change the top review to worth it instead of unsure?

I don't look like myself 10 or 20 years ago

I've been mulling over what I see in the mirror. Even though my eyelids look great and I cannot ask for anything more it is definitely not how I ever looked in my life so I almost feel like I'm looking at a different person sometimes. It's taking some time to get used to seeing the new me. When we see comments like "wow, you look like yourself but 10 years younger" it may not be true for all. I'll explain... when I was younger I had "full" eyelids, they did not droop but were just full. As I aged the skin just started sagging so I had to have fat and skin removed so now the sagginess is gone but so is the fullness of my youth. I'm not saying one way looked better than another but it is definitely a different me. If you look at my pic I posted when I was in my 30's you can see what I mean. Anyone else feel like they need to get used to looking at the different you?


My scar bumps are mostly gone - just 1 tiny one left. Still a little pink towards the outside of the eyelid, skin color towards the nose. No more numbness or tenderness.

The messy office

All the mess in the background is my husband's side of the office, I tried to crop it out, haha.

Sorry it's been awhile.

I haven't played with makeup as much as I thought or planned to do. It's too time consuming, haha. Anyway, I work from home so not much need. I had the eyelash extensions last week again but they all fell out, not worth the money really. So here I am with no makeup but looking much better than before surgery. I'll take closeups when I get a chance. My iphoto library was trashed, still rebuilding it.

Better update pics

Not much change from last month, scar lighter and smoother. I think one eye has a tiny bit of fat under, maybe still healing, it was the one slow to heal. 1 eye bigger or smaller, haha, more noticeable to me now i know it's there. I'm asymetrical all over so I guess it's normal.

Morning Puffy Eyes

I woke up for the first time since my surgery was healed with puffy eyes, mostly top lids, a little on bottom. Wasn't nearly as bad as pre surgery puffiness but it was very noticeable to me. It went down very quickly but thought I'd mention it in case it happens to someone else. I panicked for a second thinking my surgery somehow got reversed over night, lol. Not to fear, my nice de fatted lids are back. Maybe too much salt, full moon, heat, not enough water, who knows but as long as it goes down again it's not that big a deal.

Enjoying my new eyes

I still don't wear much make up but if I want to it looks great. I hadn't worn eye shadow in years but now I can. Scars are almost invisible, I can't really feel them with my fingers, very fine hairline. Great to wake up and go thru the day without looking tired, even when I am! No fat, no puffiness, no bulges or bags and sags. Plenty of wrinkles but I can't look 20 so I'm happy with what I have for results. I will try to fight my wrinkles but I don't think I'll go as drastic as laser. It doesn't sound pleasant. Next time I wear make up I'll take updated photos.

Can't believe I needed this so long ago

Just looking at old pics and saw that I look better now than I did 5 years ago. The pics aren't the greatest, both taken with Apple's "Photo Booth" off my computer. I will eventually get around to good pics with my Canon but thought I'd share these. Anyone with droopy eyelids only has to look at everyone's before and after pics to see what an improvement almost overnight. For me it was only a couple of weeks recovery, so worth it.

Put on a little makeup. Hair's a mess though.

Time just slips by, I hardly remember the surgery unless I look back at pics. Although they look bad it was all a piece of cake. I would do it all again - I almost wish I got the laser like some did for my under eye wrinkles though. I'm still fighting those.

It's been awhile but not taking my new eyelids for granted. Still love them!

Almost at the 6 month mark. Since my recovery was so fast I don't see much difference from month to month anymore. Still not wearing a lot of makeup, too much sweating with the summer weather. Been getting Pelleve treatments for crows feet and under eye wrinkles. I have a separate review for that. All in all I feel like I look much younger and it's easier to keep my eyes opened with the extra weight gone.

Pics I forgot about from 2 weeks ago

I am always looking at my top lids and forget to appreciate the fact that my under eye bags are gone too! This was also an attempt at some eye shadow. Still a little reserved with it because I don't want to look like a clown either.

Turned 52 on Tues. and feeling pretty good

(Will do 6th month update tomorrow since my surgery was on the 3rd)
Been busy fall cleaning, painting etc. so hopefully I have time tomorrow but will update with pics. Sorry no new pics right now. Can't believe it's been 6 months already!

6 months ago today!

I had my eyelid surgery on the 3rd of April. Not much change since my previous updates but just thought I'd update since most doctors say the real results take about 6 months. For me it was only about a month or 2. I can't see any difference from month 2 til now but I think it's just because I healed quick.

Really really mad!

I prepaid all my bills including, hospital fees, anesthesiologist etc. but keep getting bills from one of the anesthesiologists from Tufts. I faxed the bill to my surgeon's office manager 3 times in the past 6 months with a promise she would take care of it. Yesterday I got a notice from a collection agency!!!! I have AAA credit and am not at all happy. I might have to change my review for my surgeon if he can't keep track of bills!

Video, haha, why not?

Thought I'd try the new video upload. If it's goofy let me know, lol. With practice maybe I can do better.


Since Halloween is fast approaching I thought I'd review some of my previous pics to see how my eyes looked. Makeup does a wonder to hide puffy/droopy eyes. As you can see, it's hard to tell I had droopy lids with all the eye shadow and fake lashes on. The only pic you can see the droopiness is the side view when I was a fairy. I can't wait til this Halloween with my new eyelids. I still don't know what I want to be yet. I did vampire twice already and witch twice already. Suggestions wanted for something current, fun, scary or sexy. I go out in a group of 7 and they always want to dress as a group so group suggestions would be great. I hope the individual pics aren't too small since I crammed so many in one photo. I thought it would be too much to add all 9 but I can if anyone wants to see them better.

Halloween Eyes Up Close

This is why I had eyelid surgery. I didn't even realize this photo was this bad at the time the pictures were taken. I thought I actually looked good until I just saw this side profile.

If you want to scrutinize with a giant blow up of your eyes...

...you can find faults, there is probably no perfection in eyelid surgery. I noticed in my pics that my right lower eye still has a little fat. I will label the photos. There is some creasing in my upper lids, not such smooth skin as in my youth. The skin is somewhat wrinkly but from a distance I'm sure it looks OK. I just got the eyelash extensions put on again, she got some new, better glue. Wanted to try makeup and extensions at my 6th month mark. Some pics in natural light - others with flash.


Tufts Medical Center Billing

For anyone getting eyelid surgery at Tufts Eye Center you hopefully will not have issues with billing after my phone call from the head of the billing department this morning. Very very apologetic, said he was meeting with the whole billing department to forever change their system. For once someone admitted that someone did not do their job. He wanted me to know that it was in no way any fault of Dr. Kapadia or his staff, solely the hospitals fault. Yeh, no more bills sent to my house.

Before & 5 years later at the same desk taking pictures!

I took the before picture 5 years ago, 2009, to send the nurse who filled my lips, she wanted to see how they looked. Just noticed how grumpy I looked. Even though I'm not smiling in my after picture I don't look grumpy. Wanted to show the same expression for the comparison. Pics like these make me feel so grateful that I was able to get eyelid surgery.

Right before surgery and 6 months later

I went to see my surgeon last week for Voluma and he pulled out the picture he took prior to eyelid surgery. As much as I hate this picture, am embarrased by it, and horrified, I feel that everyone needs to see it. I put it side by side with me now so you can see what a huge difference just simple eyelid surgery can have on your overall appearance. There's no face lift, no brow lift or any other lift, just some skin and fat removal from my eyelids. Of course there's no makeup and bad lighting in my before picture and I'm wearing makeup in my after picture so the comparison is not quite fair but very dramatic.

Changes almost 9 months later.

The weird creases in my eyelids that I had at 6 months seem to have smoothed out. In my 10x mirror or blow up photos I can still see a little but it's much better than before. When they say it takes up to a full year to see your results I guess they know what they are talking about. In this photo the lighter eye shadow on top is somewhat shimmery. Do you guys think it's cheesy looking? Hard to find white or light eye shadow that's matt.

Face creams, vitamins and nutrition

Like everyone else - I'm sure - I have a huge drawer filled with eye creams, gels, serums, moisturizers, etc. Anyway, depending if it's summer or winter I change up my routine and depending on if I have sensitivity from peels, fractional laser or using retina A I use different products. I don't like to spend a total fortune but not the cheapest stuff either. Right now, since I'm using retina A and getting fractional laser I am using emu oil and some form of moisturizer with it, Oil of Olay, Ponds or whatever I have on hand. I also cut open a vitamin E and spread that all over. It's a big greasy mess but I wake up with a real smooth soft face! I haven't been using the vitamin C on the days I use retina A because it burns. I was using retina A every day all over but recently my chin was getting red so I stopped putting it there. I have been taking one or 2 days off a week with retina A and using the vitamin C and the creams etc. I've used Emu Oil for years after peels - works great and much much cheaper than the products the salon recommends and sells to use after peels, I've been taking Ester C for years - I periodically take other vitamins too. I started the Vitamin C serum because prior to getting fractional laser I was trying out micro needling and they recommended using vitamin serums for best results. I will go back to the micro needling when my laser package runs out. The problem with doing peels, lasers, needling and retina A all in the same several months is that I'm not quite sure which one is working the best. I guess all that matters is my skin looks and feels really good regardless of which one is working best.

1 Year since I joined Realself.

I started researching eyelid surgery 1 year ago on March 4th. Without Realself and all the members I'm not sure if I would have went thru with the surgery. I will update with photos on my one year post op date, April 3rd. Thank you everyone!

I only have EYES for this sweet puppy.

These pics are for Peaceiful. Had to share - this is one of my recent pups who went to her forever home last week. She was exceptionally tiny compared to her siblings so I kept her for a couple of extra weeks and spoiled her. She loved licking my face and riding in my bathrobe pocket. Hard to let this one go but she was already promised from birth. Since I have some eye shadow on you can't see my surgery scars but the great thing is even at this side angle there's no bags /puffiness under my eyes. Still working on crow's feet. Doing fractional laser treatments along with the retina A, I might do a review on it. I must say, I hate selfies. My nose is big enough but selfies make it look huge!


I can't believe it. Time goes by so quick, knowing this is part of the reason I was willing to go thru with the surgery. I knew that no matter the recovery time when it was over it would seem like it went by fast. I took some pics for my anniversary even though there's not a lot of change since a few months post other than I'm a year older and probably have more wrinkles now LOL. So weird thinking a year ago today I was in surgery getting my eyelids done. Pics are with no makeup, some light makeup and heavier makeup, 3 different cameras and lighting. I did some light laser under my eyes 3 days ago so it's slightly pink there.

Some observations.

I know I have mentioned the upper lid creases/folds I have on one eye previously then retracted saying they were gone. Well the truth is some days they are there and some days not depending on the time of day, what I ate the day before etc. If there is some puffiness to my lids the creases seem to fill in. All in all I am still happy with my results but we are all a little picky - I know some of us more than others so I thought I'd share my complaints too so that the others don't feel alone. I think the creases probably are not too noticeable until I do a closeup picture but they are definitely there. I actually don't mind when my uppers are a little puffy these days, they seem more youthful (not as sunken in) where as before they were so puffy I looked tired. I also wanted to see if the eyelash extensions were worth the effort of maintaining so I threw up a comparison.

Updated Observation about Botox

I decided to read some of my own review over the past year and noticed about 1 month post I had asked my surgeon about botox and he said my wide eyed look would be not as good. Well about a month ago I had a ton of botox in my whole forehead and between my eyes and now looking at pics from today I think my brow has come down making my eyes look somewhat smaller. I think next time not so much botox. Forehead looks great but eyes look smaller and I had a bad headache for 3 or 4 days after getting so much all at once.

2 more observations

After 1 year, supposed final outcome, there is still scars visible when you close your eyes, I guess those never totally disappear. Didn't know what I was thinking, lol. Anyway the other observation is that even though skin was removed and pulled tighter the tissue/lid remaining is still old! It's crepey, wrinkly and somewhat dry no matter how much cream you use (this would most likely all depend on your age) At my age it's still not perfect when applying eye shadow. Of course it's way better than before but the texture is not like in our youth. Oh well, that's my final observation I hope.


Not for nothing but it seems the format has gotten even worse. YOU REALLY HAVE TO SEARCH AND DIG AROUND FOR COMMENTS!!!!!! Links used to bring you to the exact comment right from email. Now it just brings you to your review and with a big review like mine it's daunting. I prefer the original format from last year but the first change was still doable. Now it's stupid. I miss a lot of updates too! Have to look for them. The emailed update is limited and a lot is outdated!


3 different reviews in 1

Explicit - Click to view

Even though this is my eyelid review page my video reflects all 3 reviews I have on Realself.


6 year photo journal

Explicit - Click to view

To make it easier to see the before & after affects of surgery, botox, laser and voluma I put together a photo journal spanning 6 years.

53 years old and feeling great!

Since I'll be 53 in a few days and I haven't updated in awhile I thought I'd show some before and afters of eyelashes since they really enhance eyelid surgery. The 2 pics are no makeup and then with Ardell eyelash extensions that are easy to apply yourself. I was tired of spending all that money getting professional extensions and found these for about $4 at Target. I tried the short ones since the long ones for everyday seemed a little over the top for me.

Beyond eyes

I believe the eyes are the one most important thing, if anything, that you can fix relatively easy and give the most stunning results. Having said that, for some of us, once the eyes are fixed we fixate on other, minor imperfections. I wanted to share a few of my ongoing treatments that I think give an all around younger look without going for the full out face lift. I feel they are a compliment to my eyelid surgery.
1. botox on my forehead - around eyes didn't work for me, tried it once, may try again though.
2. fillers - voluma in cheeks lasts up to 2 years, it's been a year for me this month, I think it filled some of my under eye wrinkles, not really sure, could have been other treatments that helped
3. fillers - juvederm for lips or certain deep crevices/wrinkles, lasts only about 6 -8 months on me depending on where it is.
4. lasers, chemical peels and derma rolling (I do derma rolling at home)
5. retin A, vitamin C serum, moisturizers etc.
6. lumi lift - facial muscle stimulator

Now all of this may seem like a lot but it's all spread out over a long time and not all done at once. In general I go to the facial salon about once a month for 1 or 2 treatments of one thing or another. I get package deals. It's also helpful to take vitamins or eat well and drink a lot of water. We all have our good and bad days - just stay away from the mirror on your bad days, hahaha. Hope my routine is useful to someone. My eyes feel wide awake since my surgery. It might sound weird but my eyes are hardly ever tired anymore. That skin must have been heavy, lol.
Boston Oculoplastic Surgeon

I have been thinking about eyelid surgery for several years. For one reason or another I kept putting it off. I began researching again in February and found the Realself website. I was happy about that because my main objective when I was researching was for reviews. Let's face it, these are our eyes we are talking about, not something to take lightly. I get reviews on Amazon for things as simple as a garden hose so getting reviews for a surgeon would be a must. After careful reading I decided that an Oculoplastic surgeon would be my preference and found Dr. Kapadia of Wellesly MA on Realself. He had great reviews so I decided to meet with him. My first meeting was not very long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes. I had read lots of surgeons on Realself say that the first meeting with a surgeon should be somewhat extensive so I left Dr. Kapadia's office still feeling a bit unsure and apprehensive. Since I really wanted the surgery and I really wanted an oculoplastic surgeon I emailed him a few more questions. He said I should come in again to have another face to face because he didn't like discussing those things via email or phone. So I went back about a week later and he answered my questions and I paid a deposit to hold a surgery date. I had to have my surgery at Tufts Medical Center because I needed lowers done as well and Dr. Kapadia does not do lowers in his office. I was offered 3 different dates but chose the one soonest so I could get it over with before summer. I did not see Dr. Kapadia again until the day of surgery. Of course I was nervous the whole time up to the day of surgery. My husband came with me and waited until they administered the general anesthesia. In between the nurses and 2 different anesthesiologists Dr. Kapadia came by to see me before I was knocked out. We discussed a couple of things and out I was. WOW, I never had anesthesia before and that was really weird, you get knocked out so fast. Next thing I know I was trying to pry my eyes opened after surgery. I don't know if it was his gentle touch, my body or the arnica and bromelain I took but before the week was out my bruising was gone and my swelling was really minimal. I saw Dr. Kapadia 5 days after surgery and he said I could wear my contact lenses! I was not prepared to hear that and I was really excited. I had even bought special sun glasses to wear over my glasses thinking I would need them for at least 2 weeks or maybe a month. I went home and put my lenses in! I had no blurry vision and no dry eyes even from the beginning. It was only a little blurry when I would get the antibiotic gel in my eyes. I believe Dr. Kapadia took special care with my eye health above all else. That is exactly what I had hoped for. I couldn't live with myself if I had eyesight problems for getting something cosmetic. Visually I look much more rested, the fat pads in the top corners are gone, the fat underneath is gone and the droopy skin on the uppers is gone. I can wear eye shadow if I want to now. I saw Dr. Kapadia again after 1 month and he said everything looked great. I asked him about getting botox and he said I should wait. He didn't think I needed filler just yet either so he wasn't trying to make me buy things I didn't need even though I thought I did. He is not a man of many words so if you think you are going to have long discussions with him about surgery you won't but in the end you will be glad you chose him because he has a lot of experience. I believe he gets the job done in the most conservative way, you won't look pulled, scarred and your eye health will remain intact. If you have a ton of questions it's best just to ask him the ones that are most important to you and research the others online. If you are living in MA and want eyelid surgery I highly recommend you seek out Dr. Kapadia. If you never had anesthesia before be prepared to feel weird for awhile after. It took me 2 weeks to feel back to normal. That would be my biggest complaint, the surgery and recovery other than that was a breeze.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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