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I had my mommy makeover and I am 10 week post op....

I had my mommy makeover and I am 10 days post op. I decided to go with Embrace scar therapy as my choice of scar treatment. I was cleared by my doctor yesterday. I applied my first application today. It was fairly easy to applied if you read all the directions. I also watched some videos on their web site on how to apply it which was very helpful. The directions tell you not to put your binder back on for 2 hours which I did. I just wanted to take some picture so I took my binder off after wearing it all day and I noticed it caused some rippling so I emailed Embrace to see if this would have any impact on my scar healing and I am waiting for a response. Hopefully they will be prompt I really want this stuff to be as good as they say. It was expensive but this whole journey is expensive so I feel I'm kind of protecting my investment I guess. Will keep updating.

initial embrace experience

I sent the company a picture and much to my suprise they responded right away and said everything looks good and some rippling is normal. I kind of feel like I have clear duct tape all over me but it really does give you an added sense of security. I woke up this morning and I am noticing some redness and irritation on 2 spots on my tummy tuck scar. The breasts look really good none of that on them. I am going to watch it for a day or 2 if it gets worse I may take off the Embrace and let it heal.

6 days with Embrace

My Embrace patches lasted a good 6 days before the edges started lift. My breast strips could have stayed on a little longer they were not that bad, however I felt just keep them all on the same schedule. My opinion is the strips give you an added sense of security but they are not that comfortable to wear. You really feel like you have duct tape all over you and it can pull and get itchy at times. I was really worried about taking them off but it wasn't that bad. My skin on my bell is irritated where the hair grew under the skin but that is only red and irritated area. The extra tape residue came off with baby oil easy enough. Overall I am not really sure yet how I feel about Embrace.

15 days post op

2nd Round of Embrace

I started my second round of Embrace on Wednesday Sept 7th. It seems to be doing what it is supposed to do and my scars look better and better each day. The breast lift scars look really amazing. I dont think they will even be noticable when all is done. I am having trouble keeping the Embrace on the TT for a week. The first round lasted 6 days. This one I am hoping to make it to 6 days. I find if you put showering off to every other or every 2 days they last longer. I am really kind of disappointed with that because they are so expensive. I will post pictures once they come off again.


Update on second round. My breast strips are awesome and my scars look really amazing! I think this product really has the potential to produce really great results. However my TT strips not going so well. I applied them on Wednesday and they went on really well I was very happy with how they were applied all was flat and looking really good. Thursday they looked really really good as well nice and flat. At this point I am extremely happy and excited that this method is working for me. I would like to add I did not shower at this point. Friday morning all looked great until I showered than the TT strips lifted so much I have to replace them. At this rate I will not make it to the 8 weeks that are recommened by the company with the products I purchased. I purchased the recommened amount from the companies web site to last the 8 weeks for a mommy make over. This was expensive but they way I looked at I was protecting my investment. This morning I emailed the company and explained my experience so I will update once they respond. I will also try to post pictures today.

Lifting after 2 days

14 days!! Amazing results

Embrace going really well so far. I finished 14 days of embrace patches and I am so excited with my results. My scars are really thin, flat and healing really fast. I can't wait to see the results after the full 8 weeks. Turns out the customer service with this company is amazing as well. Quick response very professional and pleasant. So far I am very impressed.

1 month update

Third round of embrace my scar is healing nicely. I am really happy with the results so far. Getting used to wearing the strips. I actually feel more secure with them on. I average about s week before I have to take them off showering every other day before I remove them. I do leave them off the full 24 hours before replacing them. So far very happy.

8 weeks post op

Embrace after 7weeks

12 week update

Scars feel better but still a little tightness. Seem a little redder but I read that happens before they fade. I have little bit of an old tattoo left that my doctor will remove in January. Overall very happy with results so far.
Dr Jeffrey M. Darrow

Dr. Darrow was awesome!! I love my results!

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