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This website and all the positive reviews has...

This website and all the positive reviews has encouraged me to finally set up a consultation. I am currently about a 34DD/36D and want to go as low as a B. I was a B cup until I had kids then when I lost weight afterwards I was a C. Now I am 50 and hate how big they are. I get rashes all the time and have stopped exercising the way I used to because of that. So now I have gained weight, ugh. I used to bike about 100 miles a week but then started getting a rash every time I went for a ride. I also see a chiropractor for pain in my mid back and neck. I hate wearing bras because the band across my back just aggravates me along with the straps digging into my shoulders. Does all of this sound familiar to most of you? Anyway, my big concern is getting insurance to cover this. I am not enormously huge so I don't know if enough tissue can be removed. I will have to see what the doctor says in two weeks.

What a difference 28 years and 2 kids make

I am looking over before and after photos trying to find some that I can use to show the Dr. what I am looking for. My now husband, then boyfriend, took that picture so long ago when I had boobs I would kill to have now. I might as well bring that photo along.

I posted a question regarding scar pattern....

to the doctors on realself and I didn't get the answer I was after and realize I need to ask it in a different way. I wanted to know what the breast will typically look like if you can go with either the anchor or lolipop technique and start off at my size to begin with and want to end up a B cup. I think I asked to question in a way that most doctors answered you have to have a consult with a qualified PS to make the decision. I do think that is an obvious answer and not really what I was looking for. I wanted to get descriptions of what the breast will look like, will it be high, low, round, pointy, perky, wide at bottom, etc. I will ask again. If any of you ladies can describe the differences of results between the two techniques that would be greatly appreciated.
My consultation was moved from 1/24 to 1/28, bummer. I have also found another PS in the Boston area that I want to have a consult with. Hopefully I don't have to wait too long for an appointment. I really want to have this surgery done before the end of April if possible.

More photos

First consult on Tuesday. I am very excited. Any thoughts on questions I should absolutely ask, please let me know.

Back from the first consult

Well the consult was good and bad. First the good. The PS is very pleasant and easy to talk to. She did think I would benefit from a reduction and thinks she can take out enough for insurance to cover it , but no guarantee. That would take me from a large D to a large B, but again size can not be guaranteed either. She showed me some pictures of reductions she has done that I liked. She said the lollipop incision would work for me.
The bad, I arrived 10 minutes before my appointment but I ended up waiting 45 minutes before I saw her. I thought she did not spend enough time with me, only about 20 minutes. I was able to show her pictures of what I am looking for and I brought pictures of myself at a lighter weight to show that my breast don't change size much when I lose weight. During the last 5 minutes I felt like she was rushing to move on to the next patient, probably because she had gotten behind during the day. I didn't get any pricing information for the surgery which I need to know just in case insurance won't cover it and I have to pick up the tab. I asked at the front desk and then had to wait another 20 minutes for someone to put a quote together. By the time left the traffic was really building up so it took an hour to get home. I was thinking about all the questions I did not get to ask while I was driving home. Has anyone gone back to see the PS again before they booked the surgery just to get more information? I have questions about the surgery itself.
There is another PS I would love to see and will call tomorrow to see how soon I can get an appointment. I really want to do this by the end of March so can get a lot of healing behind me before the summer.

Insurance coverage is questionable

I forgot to mention that although she agrees that I am a good candidate for the reduction because of my chronic rash issue and middle back pain, she says she can get very close to removing what insurance requires but she can not guarantee it. So, even if I get pre-approval, I may get stuck with the bill afterwards if she just can't meet the requirement.
Talk about adding on a load of stress before a surgery. I have to decide whether I can afford $8000 dollars and it may come down to just a few grams of tissue, how ridiculous.
So should I pack on about 10 pounds beforehand in hopes that my breast get bigger and then work on losing weight afterwards? Has anyone here had to do that for coverage?

Feeling better about first PS

I was not expecting this at all but this morning the PS I had the consult with yesterday called me.
I had forgot to ask about lipo for under the arms/sides. I wanted to know if she thought I could benefit from that. I mentioned it to the girl at the front when I left and she must have told the PS.
When she called, I told her that I thought of more questions I wanted to ask. She was willing to answer and of them right then on the phone but I had to get ready for work so she gave me her email address and told me to send all of them to her and she would answer them. Fantastic!
If anyone thinks there is something I absolutely should ask please let me know. I am going to send the email to her tomorrow night.

It has been approved!

Called BCBS today to see if they got all the stuff they need from the PS office. They got it that day and the surgery was approved 2 days later. I just scheduled my pre-op for March 7th and the surgery will be on March 21st. I am both excited and scared to death all at the same time.
Now I have to figure out how to deal with my 4 small dogs. They will be the biggest issue during the first couple of weeks at least. I need to order a recliner too. I definitely have to sleep in one outside of the bedroom because the dogs will be in there with my husband.

Stupid Gene Mutation

For the past week I have been trying not to think about this subject at all because I have been waiting to have an appointment with a hematologist. I have an inherited gene mutation called Factor 5 Leiden. It puts me at higher risk of developing a blood clot. I just found out about this a few months ago. I have never had any issues with clotting in my entire 50 years but I have also never had a surgery that will be longer than an hour and involve general anesthesia.
My PS wants the hematologist to do a risk assessment for her so she can move my surgery to a hospital setting if needed for safety. Because it may be moved to a hospital that will change the cost so it will have to go back to BCBS for approval, which they will probably still approve. This could be a huge problem for me though. I know that I can handle the cost if the surgery is done at the PS surgical suite and if she can't take enough out for BCBS to pay the claim after the surgery, but if it moves to a hospital, the cost will go way up because of the hospitals added charges. In that case, I will not be able to cover the cost myself it insurance denies the claim afterwards. I am only a DD so she is hoping to be able to take out enough to make me a B. I really don't want to be smaller than that!
So anyway, that is where I am at with this, just waiting to see what the hematologist says.

Positive visit with Hematologist

The hematologist is going to recommend that I be treated like any other surgical patient and that I don't need to be in a hospital setting. He just stressed that I get up and move around as much as I can. So my surgery date is 3/21 and my pre-op date is 3/7. Reading all the updates here is very helpful. It keeps me excited about it. I do have lots of conflicting feelings about it though because I am really not that big. My size now is the "after" size for so many of you. Also, I have smaller boobs than most of my friends. I haven't told any of them I am doing this because I think they will think I am nuts. I know it is a personal issue and decision, but if I tell anyone, I am sure I will be faced with opposition and I am afraid that it will make me second guess myself for the next month. So, to avoid that stress, I will keep it to myself for now.

Pre-op tomorrow

Well tomorrow is a big day. I have my pre-op appointment. I have so many questions so I hope she has enough time to answer them for me. We are also going to decide if some lipo would be beneficial to the whole result. I hope she says it's not necessary because I have read from many who have had it that it is more painful than the BR.
My biggest concern is that the insurance covers this especially if I do the lipo. That, I will have to pay for and if I get whacked with the BR bill I would have to take out a loan to pay for it and that would really suck.
I have been having all kinds of emotions about this too. Mostly I am trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of it. I have moments when I think I am nuts and imagine that I will be really unhappy with my results and then there are times when I am so ready for it, like today when I wore a certain bra to work that after just a few hours it was causing shoulder pain and really bugging me. If I was home I would have yanked that thing off and gone bra less. I don't wear a bra unless I absolutely have to because they are so irritating to me. I hope I can handle wearing the bra afterwards for 6 weeks.

Starting my count down to the big day

I had my pre-op today and was very happy with the amount of time my PS spent with me. I was able to get all my questions answered and we even discussed some lipo that I may want to do at another time. For now, she thinks I do not need to have any lipo under my arms on the side of my breast.
That made me happy to not have to deal with that pain and healing process.. She says she will do the vertical incision and will only do an incision underneath if she finds there is excess skin and that may only be on my left side because it is bigger. She said that 200 grams is typically equivalent to one cup size so she estimates that she can take what the insurance requires or at least pretty close and I will be about two cup sizes smaller which for me would mean a large B or small C. Just what I was hoping. I was given a prescription for a transdermal patch that I put on the morning of surgery, oh by the way I have the first one of the day at 7:30am, this patch helps to prevent nausea and vomiting from the anesthesia or from the pain medication during the first three days. She gave me a prescription for vicodin for the pain. She does not do antibiotics at all. If I have signs of an infection she will then prescribe them. She doesn't like to add anything else that can have a negative effect on the digestive system or even cause a yeast infection.
I ordered a Marena 2 bra in XL but it is huge, I can stick my hand right under the band. i am going to get a Large. I am trying to take into consideration the swelling that will be around the ribcage.
So, I will be doing all kinds of things to get prepared over the next two weeks. I will also be getting more and more nervous as the day gets closer and closer I am sure.

This time next week

This time next week I will be on the operating table! Yikes! I have been pretty good emotionally so far. Although I do have moments of doubting my decision to do this. Reading the reviews is so helpful for preparing but they also have a way of making me dread the whole healing process.
I am not the most patient person and I can honestly say I can count how many times I have taken a nap on one hand since I was a baby. Not even when I had my own babies. I am constantly caring for my four dogs and I know they are not going to like me ignoring them.
So I was at Kohls buying some new towels and wash clothes and decided to take a walk over to the bra section. I took a few B cup bras off the rack and out loud I said, "No Way." I can not imagine breasts that small being on my body. Then I looked at a few C cup bras and actually found the same bra I have in a DD. I decided to buy it and try it on when I got home. (see pictures)
Maybe I should say I want to be a C cup. Has anyone brought a bra to your PS to show what you want to fit into. It could be a good visual guide for them, a good way to get your vision across to them.
I am spending the next week making sure I have all the stuff I need to be as comfortable as possible in the days right after and I am stocking my house with enough food for the dogs and humans to survive for a least a week. My husband is taking a week off but after 10 days, I will be on my own for most of the day.
I will not be updating my review until I get back home from my Mom's house. I will be there for the first three days and she does not have a computer. So I hope to make it to the other side and wish any others who are going soon the best of luck.

I am 5 days post op

Everything went well on surgery day. Got there at 7am. Surgery started at 7:30am and I was in recovery at 10:30am. It took a while for me to wake up afterwards. My oxygen level was very low and they had to keep telling me to take deep breaths. I stayed at my Mother's house until yesterday. I only had to take the vicodin 3 times and then I switched to just tylenol. Now I am switching between tylenol and motrin. I am also taking an antihistimine because I am more itchy than in pain at this point.
I have lots of bruising around the incisions. I am also taking arnica and bromalin to help with the bruising and swelling.
My first assessment of my new boobs is that they are not very pretty with all the tape and bruising and all around strange shape. I would say they are still too big but I am not going to care about that yet because it has only been 5 days and I know they are still swollen especially since I had no drains to help get rid of fluids.
I am sleeping really well in my own bed partially sitting up with pillows under my arms and knees.
I am even able to shift to be slightly on each side without discomfort.
Just taking it really easy and drinking lots of water everyday. My first post-op appointment is on Friday the 28th.
I would say my pain level on the first day was maybe a 6 out of 10 and today it is a 2 out of 10. I am more itchy than in pain really.

Day 7 and 1st post op visit

I am doing extremely well so far. I am needing motrin only once a day and I am able to sleep on my back and slightly on each side for 8 to 10 hours a night. I am still feeling that the boobs are very tight and the left one is still very bruised but it looks better every day.
My post op appointment was this afternoon, a one hour car ride. My boobs were very sore after all that jiggling driving there and then home.
My PS says things look great and I will go back in two weeks. I am to leave the tape on and I can switch to a sports bra if I would like but I need to wear it day and night for the next two weeks.
I have not told anyone other than my Mom and husband so it will be interesting when I do get in the company of others that I know and see if there is any reaction at all. I do look like I have lost weight, my shirts are definitely baggier up top. The only thing that is bothering me just a little is that even with a shirt on, the boobs do not have a normal rounded shape. They are pretty flat in the center where the incisions are because they need time to drop and soften. It is hard to find clothing that hides the flatness. Other than that I am very happy. I wonder how I will feel when the tape comes off and I see my entire nipple and the scars? Hope everyone else is doing well.

2 weeks post op update

Hey all, I am two weeks out and am feeling pretty good. As you can see by my pictures, I still have the bruising on the left breast but it seems to be fading a little every day. The shape is improving very slowly too. I can't wait to get the tape off, that will be on the 4/14. I think it is preventing my nipples from getting back to a more normal shape or less flat. Also, the tape down at the bottom of the incision is irritating my skin now and making me red and itchy there. I also noticed a stitch poking through at the very bottom which is probably contributing to the itchiness.
I have been sleeping fine and can even sleep in my sides. I think having only the vertical incision and not the one underneath the breast is the reason why I am able to do this so soon. Although, last night I was waking up from being very achy and I am wondering if the internal stitches are dissolving and the tissue is settling or irritated from that.
I have been fine as far as my energy level during the day but that may not be such a good thing because I may be doing to much. I am really doing everything I did before now except for heavy exercising. Driving if not a problem either.
I am like a lot of others who have said they don't feel like they are small enough. Today I tried on some of my old bras and they still fit except that now my breast are not sagging into the bottom of the cup or overflowing so much but they still fit and I was hoping they would be too big. I know I probably am still swollen and shouldn't have tried them on. Also, I do hope to lose about 15 pounds which I hope will make them shrink a bit.
Next will be the nipple and scar reveal when I go for my second post op visit on the 14th. The PS will be telling me how to care for the scar. I have purchased a product called Dermatix Ultra which is a transparent silicone gel which dries quickly and is supposed to work as well as the silicone sheets but is easier to deal with and is much thinner than the sheets. I am hoping that my PS approves it. I will update again after my next post op with pictures without the tape.

3 weeks post op

I am feeling more unhappy about my new boobs this week. For one thing, they are physically annoying me. My nipples are super hyper sensitive and I am aching a lot towards the bottoms and sides of them. Going out in the car really aggravates everything and even walking around too much does. Fortunately, I am still able to sleep really well all night.
Mentally I am not happy with the size. I still fit in most of my bras, not spilling out of them as much but still fitting in them. I am measuring only two inches less around them going from a measurement on 42" to 40" but I really wanted to see a 4" difference. I took all the tape off because it was falling off so I got a good look at my areolas and the scars. As you can see by the new photos, my areolas are not equal all the way around so they don't look round, I really don't like that at all. The scars look good right now although the left one is not really straight like the right one. I have my 3 week post op visit on Monday and the PS will tall me how to care for the scars. I know that I will have to wear a surgical bra or sports bra for 3 more weeks.
I am just tired of constantly "feeling" them and I think that is exaggerated because I am not happy with how they look right now.
I am hoping to get through this phase and be happier soon. I do want to lose weight which should help me feel better about myself but right now I can't do anything because of how easily the boobs get aggravated.

4 weeks post op today

There has been a definite improvement in the pain level and nipple sensitivity. I can lay completely on my sides now when I sleep but can't imagine laying on my stomach. I jogged in place for a couple seconds and that set off all kinds of sharp pains so that isn't going to happen any time soon.
Next week I am going to start walking for exercise since the jiggling isn't making me ache anymore or at least not this week. Things can change on a day by day basis.
I started treating the scars with a product called Dermatix Ultra Advanced Scar Treatment. It is a silicone gel. At night I put it on and put tape over it but in the morning I put it on and just wear a bra. My PS said I can wear any bra I want but no underwire yet, that's okay with me because I would rather not ever wear an underwire, I hate them. My PS also gave me the go ahead to do any activity but to just take it easy. Like I said, I will not be doing anything that has the boobs bouncing up and down!

6 Weeks today

It has been six weeks since my surgery. I am still not happy with my size because I really think I should be smaller. I have lost 8 pounds since and they have not changed at all. They are definitely in a better place but absolutely no one has noticed at all or even noticed or mentioned that I look like I have lost weight. Also, I am not thrilled with the strange shape of my nipples. The areolas are not very even all the way around especially the right one. I am also having an issue with the right one. It is causing some pain and there is a feeling of pulling when I reach my arm up over my head. You can see in the photos that the very bottom has sucked way in and the bottom of the breast looks like it still needs to round out. The left one is doing fine in that department. I don't see my PS again until May 14th. Anyone else have the pulling feeling? It feels like something needs to be released in there.

7 wks post surgery

Hi everyone I have some new photos this week. Last weekI had made note of how my right breast is not dropping as well as the left and this week it is no different. I have my last follow up with the PS on Wednesday and I will be discussing this with her. Also, I am going to tell her that I really wish she had gone smaller. I am so happy that they are at least smaller than they were and are sitting much higher but still I wanted them smaller. I am considering having the area under the bra strap liposuctioned in the Fall and I will ask her if she can do some around the sides of my breast to possible make them a bit smaller. They do tend to hang over that way and that may do the trick. I know that many may be thinking that being a 34D is great but I was only a DD to begin with. For those having much larger reductions, ,many have made it to a C cup from being a lot larger than me to begin with. I don't think you would be happy going from say an F cup to a G cup. There is really no reason I could not have been brought down to a at least a small C cup. I am a small framed person as you can see by my photos and especially with a 34 measurement for a bra band. And I know you can't go by the cup size as many will say but I only measure 2 inches less around the breast going from 42" around to 40". My widest measurement around the lower half of my body is only 38" so I am still top heavy. I sure need to vent about this. Anyway, I will update in another week and let you all know how my follow up appointment goes.

After my follow-up

It has been a couple weeks since my follow up appointment. At the appointment I told the PS that I am still not happy with my size since I wasn't that big to begin with. Not one person I know has noticed any change and if they notice anything they aren't saying probably because they can't figure out what it is. I wanted it to be obvious especially to me! I talked to the PS about doing lipo on my back because I always have a bulge below my bra strap and she said that I can have some lipo done to the breast at that time if I am still not happy with my size. Also, she wants me to vigorously massage the scar and surrounding area of the right breast that has the flat area at the bottom. I have been doing that already and no change yet. I also purchased the silicone sheet that is already in the shape of the lollipop incision. It is a lot easier to deal with than putting on the silicone gel everyday. I have another follow up appointment in August which will be my 5 month mark.

6 month post op update

I had my 6mth follow up and told the PS that I am still not happy with how big they are. She said she can reduce them with lipo and I would only have to pay for the surgical suite fee, I don't know what that is yet. I posted a question to the doctors on the site about reducing with lipo. I posted a picture with my question and most of them think it will leave me sagging or deflated and I should basically have the same surgery over again. I would do it if I don't have to pay for it because it was covered by insurance the first time but I don't know if they will cover a revision surgery. This just gets me angry thinking about having to go through it all again. I know my breasts are smaller and higher but they are not small enough and I am still bothered by that. The other area that is concerning me is the odd appearance of the underside of my right breast which can be seen in the photo.
I have another follow up scheduled for early December and I will be discussing what can and will
be done to address my disappointment.

Reducing some more on Jan. 16th

I will be having Dr. Halperin reduce my breast size some more via liposuction on January 16th. She did not do my auxillary area at the time of the reduction and that will be done on the 16th also. You can see by the before and after pictures in the black top that my reduction was minimal and ,to this day, not one person, including many family members and close friends ever noticed anything and have no idea that I had the reduction. I know I did this for my own comfort but I also wanted to look different in my clothes. My PS says that the lift that is achieved with the surgery has kept my breast projection pretty much the same. Well, that is what I wanted to change so hopefully the liposuction will flatten them more. She said most women don't want that but as you can see by the photo with my arms up and my comment on it, that is what I want. The photo with my arms down at my sides shows that I do have some shaping that can be done as it seems that my boobs do wrap around my sides under my arms.
So unfortunately I will have to endure another surgery and more pain and recovery. Also, this is going to cost me $2500, which really irritates me since the reduction was covered by insurance. At least I don't have to go under general anesthesia for this procedure.
I will post pictures afterwards with an update.

Breast lipo is done

On Friday morning, I had the lipo to reduce my breast size some more. I also had under my arms done and the area that would be considered the bra bulge area of the back.
I am very sore, swollen and bruised. It is going to take a while before I see what the final results are.
When I went for my pre-op appointment, the PS was okay with me just having a twilight sleep for anesthesia instead of general but when I got there the anesthesiologist was not comfortable with that because I would be on my stomach for a while and there would be no access to give me oxygen if needed. He convinced me to go with the general but I really didn't seem to have a choice at that point. He did it really light so it was not that bad coming out of it like when I had the actual reduction surgery.
Now I just have to wait and heal up to see if this lipo did the trick as far as reducing my size a bit more. Even if isn't enough, I am done with this whole thing and just want to get on with my life.

3 weeks tomorrow

I had the lipo three weeks ago but the photos are at 2 weeks post op. I am finally not feeling pain all the time. My underarm/side of breast areas are still very hard to the touch and are very irregular looking. I am sure there is still edema there and the right side still has bruising now at 3 weeks out.
Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Halperin. I was not expecting to see her because it was her husband, Michael Davidson, that was shot and killed at Brigham and Women's hospital back on January 20th. I had my lipo done on the 16th and then four days later this poor woman's whole life turned upside down. She has three small children and is pregnant with her 4th and her husband was just murdered. I am happy to be able to have her see me for this post op visit but I really wasn't expecting it.
Anyway, so far I am not seeing any change in my breast size, which was the main reason to have the lipo done. It seems that she only addressed the sides of the breast and did not actually go into them with the lipo cannula. I never had any discomfort in the actual breast to make me sure that she did. I will have to find out the details of the surgery tomorrow. I don't want to complain at all because, considering her situation, my not being completely satisfied with the size of my breasts seems so trivial to say the least.

Need to move on

This will be my last update because I need to stop thinking about my breasts and get on with life. It has been a year since my BR and 9 weeks since my lipo which was done to try and get them smaller and more symmetrical. I will say that the lipo for me, was/is much worse to recover from as far as pain and bruising. I still have some swelling at my sides and it still hurts for some reason when I get up in the morning but then eventually goes away after an hour or so. I think overall my breast look so much better than before I had anything done. Because the lipo to revise the BR was so painful, I am still upset about not getting what I wanted from the BR. At this point, I am so tired of dealing with this, I just want to get used to them as they are and get on with life.
I will leave my review up for a few months more in case anyone has questions and so that my review might be helpful for anyone considering a reduction.
Brookline Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Halperin is a very nice person who has a very friendly personable manner. She did a good job on the surgery but I must say that you have to be very strong when you request what size you want to be. I am not as small as I had hoped and that seems to be a very common complaint for reduction patients. Her office is very nice. There were a couple times that I felt I had to wait a bit too long when she was running late Overall I had a pleasant experience with Dr. Halperin.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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