Feeling better and new pics one week tomorrow

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So I am 27 by the time 2014 rolls around I will be...

So I am 27 by the time 2014 rolls around I will be 29. I've had plenty of years to think about what I would look like with smaller breasts and though I am scared - I feel ready. My current bra size is a 38/40 DDD. I am sick of these huge jugs I have sitting on my chest. I am unable to excersize and be as mobile and active as I would like. My breasts are large and super heavy. It's funny because to show a person just what I mean when I say heavy I do an experiment with their arm. I have them put their arm out- I remove my breast from my bra and I set my rack on their arm and do a test to see how long they can hold up their arm without dropping it. Everyone always fails that test. So just imagine how I feel having to walk around with them all day.

I have been this size for many years. Going back to highschool even middle school I was always known for the girl with the big titties and no booty. I'm a grown woman and too some people I am still known as that girl. I am sick of it!! It's time for a change. So with that said - summer of 2013 I will be getting a BBL done and pushing for early 2014 to have a breast reduction once I find my dream breast doctor. I won't be making to fast of a decision because I am in search of a Dr. that will treat my breast like a work of art and their personal master piece. My biggest fears right now, are being left with jacked up breast. I saw one woman who originally went in with a larger left breast and when she came out of surgery she was now left with a longer bigger right breast. (Jacked up). I don't want my breast to become a horror story. I want perfert -natural perky boobies. Breast I can be proud of.

So ladies and gents I will eventually post pics and wish me luck on finding a reliable trust worthy doctor.

Hey ladies just wondering how much say so did you...

Hey ladies just wondering how much say so did you have with the new size of your breast. I currently am a triple D I want to go down to a regular D cup. Still want a nice full breast with a Lil drop- not a hang.. Just a Lil drop if you get my drift. So if the insurance company is paying I know there are guidelines, do they ever say ,"well your insurance company requires more is removed"? Like bringing me down to a c cup?

BR has been approved

So right after I had my son in January. I think I paid a visit to my orthopedic Dr in April by June I had a apt with plastics. So since then I was denied then about 2 days ago I received a letter stating that my surgery will be fully covered by my health insurance. I won't have to pay a dime. Now the only kicker is the surgery must be done by or before Oct 23rd.. Working on an extension -will keep you posted on more details. I am very excited to hear that it was approved but now scared at the same damn time.

BR approved whoop whoop!!

Breast reduction approved and scheduled for October 3rd. At first I was denied and then a letter comes in the mail stating that surgery has been approved. So that was very surprising but over all happy and thrilled I was approved and cost free. Now for preparations. I am researching scar creams and silicone sheets. I never even heard of silicone sheets, if only I had I would have used long ago.

In the bed and ready to start.

So today is the big day. Doctors have informed me that they no longer will do the full lollipop scar. I will only have the scar that is underneath the breast. So that's a blessing. Welp I'm excited and nervous. Just keeping prayer on my tongue. I'm sure all will go well.

On the flip side

Hey ladies!! I am out of surgery and its 2am and I can't sleep. So why not post for you guys. So far I am very happy. My breast look exactly as I requested, a nice sexy D cup.

So more about surgery. I arrived at the hospital at 10am. Surgery wasn't scheduled until 11:45. They started at around 11:45 /12pm and right on time. I met Dr. Lee and his assistant marked me up. After that came the anesthesiologist. Then off to surgery. So right now they have me on Oxy so I am super drowsy and just out of it. More pics coming soon.

Pain level

Oh yeah forget to mention pain level. I'm not in much pain. Pain from 1-10 is under 5. More like a 3/4. First out of surgery between my breast like the middle of my chest was aching so bad. But that has subsided. Other than that I'm moving pretty comfortably. Getting sleepy bye for now.

So happy

Its 7am drains just got removed. The right I didn't feel at all. The left was so long felt like a snake wiggling out my skin. I have full sensation in both breasts and nipples. No stiches they used glue so it looks really smooth. Not sure how underneath looks but from the top I'm in LOVE. Doctor said shower on Monday and post op next Friday.

Today was rough

Today was a lil rough compared to yesterday. I think today my body was adjusting from not being on anesthesia. The Oxcy are okay but not enough. I think I am going to try the ibuprofen 800 see how that works. Posting pics let me know what u think. The have the boxy look but the Dr. Assured me it would round out in due time.

Underneath both breast

Pics under the new boobs

So confusing

RS won't let me edit my sx date. I had surgery on October 3, 2013

Keep your head up

Hey ladies I posted earlier but RS never updated it. Which sucks because it was pretty long. Long story short I basically touched on how intense surguries are and they should not be taken lightly. This is my second surgery in less than 4 months. Back in June I had a Brazillian butt lift. A BBL is when you have liposuction on the abdomen, flanks, and lower back and have the fat grafted to the buttocks. So total body transformation. I went from no butt at all to having juicy sitting on my back and these ginormous breast on my chest to being a perfect ..maybe D.

So back to the topic of mental health. When considering plastic or reconstructive surgery you have to go in with a strong mind. After any procedure your main focus should just be recovery. What's done is done and now all you can do is just get well then critique yourself later on. I say no real harsh critiquing for at least 6 weeks post op. Trust me what you see at your first 2 weeks won't be the same at your 4th and 6th week.

Prior to surgery It takes lots of research and you need to be aware of all the "what if's". Before havin my BBL done I researched it almost everyday for over a year. Now my breast on the other hand I knew I wanted it done for years I had my heart set on it. My research wasn't as extensive. I looked it up a few times but I also knew my options were very limited as far as shape and size. I knew I wanted to be a D size but I also knew that my healthcare would make the final decision. Before going under Dr told me they would remove at least 628 grams per breast which was equivalent too a coke can.

On the level of pain I'm feeling. Day one wasn't so bad mainly because I was full of drugs. Now day 2 wasn't so bad either I was on Oxcy it was okay but I was definitely feeling more pain. Now day 3 I'm in pain in other places. My shoulders and neck feel tight and strained. My belly hurts for some weird reason. Like I've been doing some intense crunches. My breast r super tight and firm by touch and just the overall feeling in my bra. Underneath my arm pits like where my inner arm rest on the sides of the bra area is tender even to touch. First 2 nights I was able to sleep on my sides since I didn't feel completely comfortable lying on JUICY back there. Tonight I will have to find away to prop myself up. Oh yea I am getting the lil spasms and stings all over my chest really weird but all apart of the healing process.

Getting tired, xoxo till we meet again

So happy!!!!

Words can't explain the joy I have when I look in the mirror at my new perky breast. They are sitting high and my nipples are pointing straight. I see in my new future the option of wearing bra less dresses. I even bought a few online today. I probably won't be that bold to go bra less just yet but it sure does feel damn good to have the option.

Pain level today still feeling tight in my breast and my back aches from leaning forward. Because I'm glued and not stitched I'm feeling afraid of loosening the glue. I just don't want to move the wrong way and F*ck something up.. If yah get my drift.

Still taking my meds every 6-8 hours. Sleep last night was okay not the greatest. I was still uncomfortable but did prop myself and eventually dose off. Shoot it feels so good to sit down and not feel my breast sitting on my stomach.. Can't wait to feel better so I can try on some of my old clothes not to mention the 200 dollars worth I ordered today.. Lawd knows this is a blessing of which he only knows my joy.

Emotional rollercoaster

I'm feeling down and out. For a moment had tears in my eyes. I feel horrible and think I cuased it on myself. I had a lil boost of energy and decided to go to the mall. I needed comfortable sweats and Aeropostale is having a sale so off I wen't. What a big mistake that was. I was only there for about a half hour before things started to go south. My eyes started to cross and I started walking side ways with dizziness. Of course today is the day I decided to return back to work becuase the few days I took off were unpaid and lord knows I need the money. I get here and remembered I hadn't taken my meds for the day so I took and Ocxy what a big mistake. The phone's are rinigng off the hook and I can hear them ringing but my body wasn't allert enough to answer the phone. My co-worker had to snap me out my daze by asking was I at my seat and was I okay. Didn't feel too embarassed because she knew I wasn't myself due to surgery and I kinda just played it off. The Ibuprofen's are way better the relieve the pain without side affects. Damn ocxy they are f***g me up. I will definely take one before bed though at least this will knock me out. I need to get some real sleep. My sleep has been so interrupted to do discomfort.

Pain level today is someone same as yesterday. Few stings here and there. Same tightness. Shoulders and back still achey. Breast still tight. Underneath my right breast has a lil oozing of this yellowish fluid. Not blood but some yellow brown looking stuff. The area where it's oozing is not open flesh thank the lord. I have been using Arnica gel or the swelling an pain and it really works. It's an all natural product I bought it from Whole Foods don't remember the exact price but I know it's made a difference. I apply it on the top area of the breast and on the sides where my arms hang. I also put it underneath my breast -right below incision sites. I really noticed a difference because when I woke up yesterday morning I couldn't put my arms down at my sides it hurt so bad but few hours after applying it they were hanging comfortably.

My hormones are off and just feeling down.. hopefully I cheer up soon. Be out of work soon so I will be jumping in the bed ASAP.

Latest pics one week post tomorrow

Glue- nipple lifting

Hey ladies I'm feeling great and moving around fine. Feeling very confident in my new body. Love how my breast no longer hang and droop. Only issue is when its cold or windy nipples become so erect. I need to purchase nursing breast pads to cover because tissue and guaze is to visible. My breast are still very sensitive to touch. Something weird and maybe to much info but when I touch my nipples feel alil aroused. Compared to when my breast hang and were a lot larger I would never be turned on with nipple stimulation.

So this dang on glue is so annoying. I always have the urge to pick at it. So due to all my picking I can see a tiny corner where it looks like my nipple is lifting or isn't as flat as it should be. I'm going to contact my Dr to see if it needs to b glued back down. No signs of infection though.

Cyst's in both breast 4 months post BR

So ladies I am 4 months post op and about a month ago I was doing a breast exam and felt 2 lumps. Both are on the outer sides of my breast. The one on my right breast was the length of my pinky finger but as thick as 2 fingers. The one on my left breast was as big as a quarter but also pretty big. Now I went to pcp and she said she felt 6 lumps not just 2. So next step, I saw a breast care center Dr who also confirmed the 6 lumps. I then had a mammogram which hurt like hell and I had an ultrasound. The radiologist looked at the images and informed me that the type of cyst I had that it was best not aspirated because would make them worse.

Mind you I started working out last week and 2 days after I started one of the lumps had become so tender and painful to the touch. So the following day I had an apt. with my Dr. who performed the surgery and he said these cyst were Rey common and he recommend that I do aspirate the ones that were causing pain. Boy, am I sooooo happy I did. It was such an immediate relief. The built up fluid was causing the pain. They used a long syringe and the fluid came out very bloody mixed with fluid that resembled puss. It was at least 20/30 cc. It's been a full day and I was able to sleep better last night. The cyst are suppose to calcify and reabsorb. They said this could take a few months. Cyst are also scaring from this intense surgery, just apart of the healing process.

No more pain

The pain went away about 3-4 days later but the other lumps are still there. I'm able to sleep on my belly comfortably with a pillow to prop me up.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lee is very knowledgeable. He answered all my questions to the best of his ability. His office is very busy and at times hard to contact but overall great experience.

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