My journey to small boobs!

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I never thought of writing a review before but...

I never thought of writing a review before but this website has helped me so much with pre op anxiety I figured I should contribute.

I first tried to get preappeoval for a reduction 7 years ago at age 22. The dr said they weren't large enough and didn't even attempt to submit to insurance. I wish I had gone for a second opinion!

Now in my late 20's I figured id try again. My primary care dr referred me to my ps and I had my consultation in mid dec, 2014. They said approval would only take a few weeks. Weeks went by and I didn't hear anything. Finally after 2 months I had basically lost hope and started planning a trip to Europe instead. Then out if nowhere I was approved and the date was set!

Luckily after setting the date I only had to wait a few weeks because waiting is torture! I have a phone screen pre op appointment early this week. After I'm scheduled to have 2 weeks off of work. This first night I'll spend in the hospital and then my boyfriend will be home with me for the first 3 days. Im scared and excited at the same time!! I've been focusing on eating healthy, lots of protien and I've been taking vitamin c. Hoping for a nice easy recovery! 6 more days!

Photos for comparison

I figured I should take more than one pre op picture for good comparison.
I had my pre op phone screen today. A nurse from the hospital called and asked a bunch of questions. It was pretty uneventful since im healthy. She said to start washing with antibacterial soap. Also nothing besides Tylenol.
I can't wait for small boobs!! I'm only nervous they won't be small enough.

Photo try 2

Try 3?

The rest

1 day post op!

So I got to the hospital yesterday at 5:30am. The worst part of the entire day was getting the iv. I hate needles. I almost fainted and so did my bf. The nurse's and my dr were amazing they were so helpful and patient. I reiterated to my ps I wanted up be small. He drew on me and the next thing I knew it was over! I came off the anesthesia with no problem. Dr removed 640cc from left and 440cc from right. Spent the day hanging with my parents and bf. They we're giving me oxy and morphine. Spent the night at the hospital but didn't really sleep. Got discharged at 730 am. Still can't really sleep. I keep closing my eyes but not really falling asleep. I think it's partly because I am so excited about my new boobs!! So far this has been a great experience. The left boob (my left) has a little bruising (it's not my nipple!) and the right is slightly more swollen. I've started massaging gently hopefully this will help!

2 days post op!

I am on cloud 9. I finally got some good sleep last night. I woke up a few times but fell back asleep quickly. Today I cut my oxy dose in half and am still doing really well. My boyfriend gave me a sponge bath which felt really nice. We didn't wash my hair I was too nervous. I've been gently massaging every so often to help with swelling. I still haven't had a bowel movement I'm hoping that changes soon!
The picture I uploaded is of my favorite bra I used to cram my boobs into. Now it is huge! I am so so so happy!

3 days post op!

I was sick of the pain killers so I switched to Tylenol this morning. Much much better. I even had a bowel movement. The pain is very minimal. The pain due to constipation was worse than the boob pain.

Last night I had some drainage. Today I had a little bit more. I think my boobs are slightly more swollen and I need to take it easier.

I'm wondering how long it will be before the dressings fall off. There is no way I am taking them off on my own! I go back to the dr a week from tomorrow.

Im really missing snuggling with my boyfriend and sleeping on my side! All well soon enough.

4 days post op!

Not much to report today but i want to update once a day for the first 7 days. The pain is very minimal I barely took any Tylenol today.

Spent most of the day in bed again. A friend came over and washed my hair which was awesome!! I've been going on daily 15 minute walks and that was the extent of my activity today. Lots of tv and Netflix.

No more drainage today. I can't believe it's only day 4 I'm already dying to get back to work and the gym!

5 days post op

Holy crap I am back to being constipated. This is worse than anything that's happening/happened with my boobs!

Almost no boob pain today. Again barely any Tylenol. Went for two decent walks. It felt really good to be outside and active.
Woke up almost on my side last night, didn't have any pain but out some pillows up so I couldn't do that again

6 days post op!

I felt really good today. I didn't even take any Tylenol until 530pm. I went on a nice long walk. I even cleaned off th kitchen table.

My surgical bra is very uncomftable and I had my fb drive me to target to try and get a new one but no luck. I'd say I am a little swollen due to the amount of activity today compared to the rest of the days. Also under my left arm is sore. I'm thinking this is where the lipo was done. It is nothing that I can't handle and my pain tolerance is not very high.

So I love going though other people's reviews and seeing how they felt at the same point post op as I am. Today while doing this I had a big realization. There are two types of people, glass half full and glass half empty. If you read reviews of glass half empty people they will bitch and moan and complain and be in pain for "soooo long". These people likely make their recovery worse with their negative behavior. Then there are glass half full people. These people tend to be so happy with their new boobs they don't find much to complain about. They tend to get better faster and be in less pain. Both people are probably in the same amount of pain but one made it worse by thinking horrible thoughts and having a woe is me attitude. So for anyone pre op stage just decide you are going to have a nice easy recovery and you will. So far recovery really isn bad at all... Especially considering hey I just decided to have surgery because I thought my huge boobs were enough of a hassle that I wanted to endure this recovery period.

End of rant.

I can't believe tomorrow I will be a 1 week post op! I promise as soon as these dressings come off I will post more pictures.

1 week post op!

I took off all the dressings and switched to a more comfortable bra!!! YAY
I didn't get a picture but I am in love. I will get a few pictures tomorrow. I find it funny I posted all of those pictures with measurements I was terrified I wasn't going to notice a change. My boobs are exactly what I wanted. They are less than half their original size. Gahhh I am just so excited about this change!!
I am daydreaming of running and doing cardio classes without huge boobs flopping around everywhere. And running around with kids! And golfing! And getting up in the morning and not having to put a bra on right away. Strapless dresses!!! Oh man it's endless.


Also I have started focusing on what I eat. Time to make the rest of me match my new boobs!

8 days post op!

Pictures as promised. Left boob is still more swollen than the right. There is some bruising. I am in love! :)

So that's what it's like to actually fit in a bikini top!


People keep asking me what size I am so I went online and found instructions how to measure your bra size. Damn I wish I had done this pre op because I really think I was more like a 36J than a 38DD. Anyways Heres how you do it measure your band and then measure your thinkest part around you breast, the difference is your cup size, your band is your band size. I came up with 36D. HA! I can't believe they are still measuring a D cup. They feel infinitely smaller than before! I thought I would measure a C cup at biggest even knowing they are swollen. Anyways doesn't really matter because I think they are perfect. Absolutely perfect. I'm not sure what kind of land I was in before I knew I had large boobs but I didn't think they were that big!

So tomorrow I have my first post op appointment. I am so excited to see my doctor. I have some questions and I want to hear him tell me that everything looks good! I'll post more on that tomorrow and plan to fill in the dr review portion after.

I ended up doing a lot this weekend. My Nana mom and sister came to visit Sunday, Saturday I ran errands all day. I had also changed my bra on Friday. I think that it wasn't as supportive as I need and i may have overdone it. So today I've just been resting and I have the bra I was sent home with on again.

My Nana hadn't seen me since surgery and she couldn't get over how good I looked. She kept asking me where the rest of me went! What a great feeling. Also even though I have been in baggy shirts most of the time I am amazed when I walk by the mirror. I feel like a new person!

Post-op visit

I had my first doctor visit today and I drove myself! It was a lot more than I've done on my own yet so I was pretty happy. He gave me the go ahead to go back to work on Monday. I'm pretty excited about that. He also said I can wear any sports bra I want or even go braless, I can go regular bra shopping in 1 month. (There is no way I am ready to go braless!) I had a few questions and I'll list them below.

1. When can I hav sex? - Now as long as you avoid he breasts and vigorous movement.
2. Can I drink wine? - Yes
3. Can I go to the gym? - No absolutely not. Not for another month. Not even to walk on the treadmill.
4. Can I shower and get my scars wet? - Yes. Also no need to continue convering them unless I want.
5. Should I use bio oil? - Sure. Wait until you are two weeks healed though.
6. When can I go golfing? - In 1 month. Pretty much all restrictions are off after a month.
7. When can I have full movement of my arms? - Now

He said everything looks great and I don't have another appointment for 3 months unless I decide I need to see him.

I went to Walmart and bought a few bras. If I'm going to be getting out of the house I need something more suitable to wear under clothes that still has good support. I got two of the ones pictured. So far it feels great. Also it is a 36C. I tried on a few underwire bras and started with 36D as I measured yesterday. Well none of the D bras fit. Some of the C bras were even too large. I'm thinking I will be a 36B/C depending on brand and also how much more the swelling goes down. I couldn't help but look at all the cute regular bras that I could never fit I'm before. Before I would just try and find the largest bra In the store. A month from now when I can buy some I'm sure I am going to go crazy!!

I feel like a new person

I grew up 5 minutes from the beach, my family still lives there and I spend most of my summer weekends there. I have been trying to buy a bathing suit I feel comfortable in my entire adult life. As you can imagine this has left me with a ton of bathing suits, none of which got rid of my huge boobs that were the real issue. Most of which I was still barely contained in. So today I tried them all on. 1 fit ( the one from the other day) the rest were huge. I can't even deal with the fact that I can buy a bathing suit smaller than size xl and be contained. AHHHHH!!!!! I am beyond excited to buy some in a month or so!

So today I was in the car and I was just so happy with my new boobs and how much more confident/comfortable/happy I feel I started crying. Tears of joy. These new boobs have brought me tears of joy!!!

Warning- don't read below if you're a prude.

So if you read my last update you know I got the go ahead to have sex. I gave it a try last night... And oh my god. Before when I would get on top I would only be able to focus on my huge boobs (not in a good way!) I'd try and keep a shirt/bra on to hold them in. But now I FELT SO SEXY!!! I didn't even think about my boobs. It was amazing. I am so greatful.

It hasn't even been 2 weeks yet and I already feel like this surgery has helped me in so many ways, both physically and emotionally.

I can't believe I get to keep these boobs!!!

I think I should mention that I have been taking vitamin c and b complex since 3 weeks pre op. I also drink an insane amount of water and I have been trying to make sure I eat a good amount of protien. I'm not really sure if any of this has helped me with recovery but it hasn't hurt!

Thank you everyone for your support!

I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who has said kind words, answered a question of mine or even just chatted with me about the process. This website has been so helpful for me during the recovery process. Also if anyone has any questions I am more than happy to answer them. Now that I have been through this I want to help as many girls as i can because this surgery has been a huge blessing to me.

So I feel like I've gotten a lot of my normal life back. After my dr visits tuesday I've started doing more and more every day since I am going back to work Monday. I've had no setbacks so far. I am still not lifting over 5lbs but have had no issue folding laundry doing dishes showering driving shopping etc.

I've been forbidden from the gym so I have been going for long walks around the neighborhood, Thursday I made it 6 miles and although I was tired at the end of the day it felt great! When I say walking I really mean walking no fast pace, very easy walks.

I've started massaging my scars and Ive started using bio-oil on them. I honestly couldn't care less about scars. I did this surgery for physical and emotional reasons not aesthetics. As long as they heal I will be beyond happy. I think if you go into the surgery very worried about scars then you might not be ready.

Sleeping just keeps getting easier and easier. I've even slept on my left side again! Also I'm back to snuggling with my boyfriend and our sex life is back to normal. I have a confidence I've never had before that make it even more enjoyable.

I'm wearing very supportive sports bras during the day even though my doctor said I don't even need to wear one. I just feel better when they are held in place. I don't want to go over a speed bump and have a wound open! I am small enough that once I'm healed I will be able to go bbraless, but I think that's a ways out. I've been sleeping in really comfy sports bras. That way they are still a little supported.

I am an engineer and I work with a bunch of men who don't know what I had done. I'm interested in what/if anyone says anything Monday because I truely feel like it is a huge change and very noticeable.

That's about all I have right now! :)

I can't believe its already been 3 weeks!

So yesterday was 3 weeks post op. On Monday I returned to work full time. I am mostly at my desk at work so I found my return pretty easy. I was tired but I think that was more from not being used to working than from surgery.

I have been walking a lot. I am usually a very active person. I love running and yoga and spin and go to the gym a lot. I am dying to get back to doing all those things but my dr said not until May 1st. I find that if I walk do long enough, even at my snail pace it helps ease my urge to work out. I've never been that great about diet and my new boobs have motivated me to focus on it. As a result I've lost 5 lbs since surgery and am hoping to lose another 20 or so.

I am still taking my vitamins and drinking a ton of water. I'm massaging my boobs with the bio-oil twice a day. I'm find that since I have been doing that I am much less itchy. Pain is non existent. I have swelling and every so often sharp shooting pain. As th shooting pain is so fast I don't really count it as pain. Swelling comes and goes, I just got over m period so they are a little more swollen now than before I had it.

I'm back to usual for almost all things. I feel great. My clothes fit so much more nicely and I want to buy everything I see when I go shopping! This summer is going to be awesome when I can wear so much more.

I am SOOOO SOOOO SOOOOOO HAPPY WITH MY NEW BOOBS. I am beyond in love with them. I even love the scars they remind me of what my boobs used to be and how much they restricted me mentally and physically. I have a confidence I've never had before.

I wish you all a happy healthy recovery!! Like I said before feel free to ask any questions! I will keep updating as much as I can. :)

My boobs cost more than my college degree!

Thank god for health insurance! My total out of pocket cost is $1350. Less than 2.5% of the total cost. So worth it!! Best $1350 I've ever spent!

Tomorrow will be 1 month post op!!

It's crazy how fast time goes by! I've been struggling to keep updating as frequently because I am no longer obsessed with my boobs and back to normal life(minus running!) I am healing very nicely. I have next to no pain still. I am still using the bio oil twice a day. I am still wearing sports bra type bras with no wires and very supportive ones for everything besides work (it's hard to hide a very supportive bra under dressy clothes!)

I've added biking bake into my routine. It's going great. This week I intend to add light weights and ab work. Im dying to run. I start walking and I just get the itch so bad! I know I am not ready and won't start that yet. I'm not going to do anything high Impact until I'm 100% sure I am ready because Im still a little scared they are going to burst open.

Not much else to report. Still eating clean and taking my vitamins. Sleeping is comfotable in almost all positions except my stomach. Bra shopping should be soon! I'm not sure how I feel about going to back to wire bras! The wire free ones are so comfy.

I have sensation in both nipples. Normal sensation not too sensitive anymore. I couldn't be happier. I am so glad I had this surgery. This summer is going to be amazing!!

It's feels like forever ago this type of dress would've been out of the question!!!

Lif is amazing post breast reduction. I've failed missersbly at keeping up with my review but I've just been so busy being on top of the world!
Boston Plastic Surgeon

He is amazing. I am beyond happy with my results. He was patient with me even when I was freaking out before surgery. The nurses and staff at BWH are also amazing. Everyone was extremly helpful during my stay. I didn't rate the payment process because I haven't paid yet. I did however sometimes get the feeling I was annoying his assistant who is th person that answers all calls to his office. Worth it for such a great doctor though!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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