29...Again, 3 Kids 50+ Lbs Weight Loss. Boston, MA

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Hello my name is Kristen I am 29 again... ???? I...

Hello my name is Kristen I am 29 again... ???? I have had three children and I've lost 50+ pounds over the last two years. So if you can imagine to IHOP pancakes held flat against your chest that would give you a good inclination as to how my current situation is. I have saved and saved over the last year and finally can financially afford to enhance appearance

Consultation is scheduled

I called today and scheduled my consultation it is March 22 2016 my phone call was a little awkward because I was unsure as to what to ask or tell them that I wanted, then again I'm not a very social or phone savvy person. It is scheduled in the Boston office hopefully surgery will be in April. Consultation fee is $100 which is to be expected the doctor and staff need to be compensated for their time. I was asked different questions if I've had a mammogram which is not needed because I'm under 35 yrs old. What I was going to the consultation for; breast lift and implants not fat transfer (for the look that I desire)

My before

These are my before I used to be a 38D I am currently 36/34 depending on the brand B although I have a lot of skin that folds and wrinkles in my bras.

Mommy make over?

I've contemplated time and time again if I should do a complete mommy makeover my main concern is my stomach skin that hangs due to have kids and losing weight. How many of you feel that it was worth the recovery time and the extra financial cost?

Found a zipper front bra

The hunt has been on for at least a month looking for a zipper front sports bra that had no underwire. I finally found one at jcpenneys it was originally $30 typically everything is on sale in the store so the sale price was $17.99 I had a $10 off any $10 purchase which made it $7.99 sweet deal! From what reviews say I will be living in the spa for two weeks after my appointment I'm feeling very excited my consultation is on the 22nd. I can not wait to set my surgery date

Can't contain my excitement

Just got A phone call from Dr. D's office confirming my appointment for tomorrow I cannot contain my excitement

Added a tummy tuck

I had my consultation, initially I was going to do only a breast augmentation with lift and fat overlay. I chose 500 cc silicone under muscle. While with Dr. D we discussed the benefits I would have with getting a Tummy tuck. It was not something I had considered I thought that all my loose skin I would continue to tuck my lose skin into my clothes. I ended up deciding to add a tummy tuck procedure to my surgery date three days and counting. I am very excited about my mommy make over. Both time that I met with dr.d was very pleasant

Got my tummy tuck board

Thank you Amazon for fast shipping also received my compression socks

Before and after

Dr d worked his magic once again it looks amazing

Zombie boobs 7 day post op

Just a few photos showing 7 days post op

Healing has been tough

Well it's been a while I have been back to work for a long while now. Everything is healed up. But I am not happy with my results. I have called the office for a follow up and they won't return my calls. So disappointed in the results. I love the size of my implants but they are not even, and my tummy tuck has a second belly button dip in it noticeable when I wear jeans. I'm so embarrassed see for your self. I just don't know what to do. I can't afford another dr to redo what has been done, and I can't get the office to call me back
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