45 yo mother of 2/BL w/augmentation

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The countdown has begun... 1day/12hours/37min left...

The countdown has begun... 1day/12hours/37min left before my Bilateral Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy. Dr. William Gerald (Jay) Austen, Jr. at Mass General Hospital in Boston is doing my surgery (Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery).
Much needed lift and implants... been waiting for this day for a very long time and its almost here. I'll post before photos shortly.

It's done!

Yesterday was tough... But I made through. I still have blurred vision so typing this is difficult.
I'll update more later and post some photos

Day 2 PO

I'm doing really good and my breasts look great so far (VERY swollen). The only thing is .... my vision is still a bit blurry from the anesthesia so typing is difficult. I'll update more as soon as I can.

Before and After (day 2 po)

5 days po

300cc left/275cc right

10 days PO photo's

Doing good... very itchy and still swollen. Feeling bloated all over really... weird. Seeing PS Wednesday... I hate my surgical bra!!!!

15 Days PO

Today was my 2 week PO apt with ps. He said I was healing great... everything look good and he didn't want to see me for 6 more weeks.

1 month post op

I was 1 month post op yesterday. I'm feeling great... my swelling has gone down and my breasts are dropping... I'm much more comfortable when sleeping on my side. I woke up last night in a panic because I realized I was on my tummy... :-)
My breasts are sore lately... the skin mostly, like sore to the touch.

I was massage my breasts the other day and as I was massage underneath the breast...I heard and felt two pops.. almost like a small bubble popping. So I tried massaging the other one and the same popping sound happens. Ummm gross!
It hasn't happened since but I thought it sounded a little gross so I thought I would share ;-)

Hope everyone is well and happy!

Oops 1 more

Almost 4 mo PO. Loving my new boobs :-)

Next Wednesday it will be 4 months since my lift with implants. I love my new look! My breasts feel soft and they've dropped into place. I think they look great :-)
Still don't have nipple sensation but I've been feeling tiny zingers to the nipples and I'm thinking this is a good sign.

9 mo p/o

Almost 1 year since my BL w/aug
300cc smooth round moderate plus profile gel implant.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Mass General Hospital, Boston MA (cant get much better than that).

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