2 weeks post - photos - 275-300 Ccs Planned W/saline - Boston, MA

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I've been waiting for my buds to bloom since i was...

I've been waiting for my buds to bloom since i was 11y, and finally after deciding we are done trying to have any more kids (i pumped for 1 year for twins), working hard for the past 6 years, "it's now or never" for this special present to myself!

I went back and forth with material and decided on saline, just for peace of mind. I visited 3 different surgeons and chose 1 that I felt most comfortable with personally, though it is a hospital practice (rather than a fancy cosmetic surgeon's private office). Everyone is conservative here in Boston, and the surgeons said i could fit well with 225 cc to 325 cc, and i asked for 275, max 300.

Planning on it tomorrow at 7:20 am! Inframammary (under boob) inciscion and implants under muscle. I took 1 week off work, and tried to take more but they scheduled me for some meetings on Day 8. Hopefully i'll be able to make them!

Everything went well today! Surgeon said he ended...

Everything went well today! Surgeon said he ended up using a 275 moderate-plus profile and filling it to 300, which was what i was thinking. He thought it would put me in a small C cup. Looking down, they seem a bit smaller than i had thought they would be, but in the end i wanted to be comfortable without having to wear a bra, and this might be just the right size.
I was in pain and sleeping all day until just now (8:45 pm) i got a bit of energy and feel decent. My children stayed at my mom's house until 8pm and think i'm just not feeling well.
I took 2 capsules of Quercetin/Bromelain, and then with a burp, the powder came up and hurt my throat! So not sure i'll try them again...any advice on that?
I used Arnica Gel and that was GREAT! I had tested it out on a sore calf muscle last week, and liked it then too. For the top and side of my new boobs, it helped ease the discomfort now.
I'll post photos tomorrow when i feel better able to move around.

Just posted some photos. Feeling much better today...

Just posted some photos. Feeling much better today. Switched over to extra strength Tylenol, drank some Smooth Moves tea and took 1 stool softener, all of which is helping me feel much better. Still a bit light headed and doozy though. I tried to do a bit of work on the computer and most i can do is answer a couple emails, so going to go back to lie down and watch some tv. My post-op appt went well. Surgeon said he doesn't think massage is needed for preventing cap.c. since under muscle, and muscle should act enough of a massage, so I'll go with that. He said it helps with the scar, though, and will show me how to do that when time comes.
I'm happy that the size isn't going to be a talking point at work, but i feel like everyone who knew i was getting this done (my sister, husband, and the 2 friends of his he couldn't keep a secret from are going to be underwhelmed since it won't look much different from what they are used to seeing.
It does look pretty close to the sizers I had on in the surgeon's offices when going on the various consults, which might be reassuring to some of you. Thanks for reading!

So I'm 2 weeks tomorrow. Feeling great for the...

So I'm 2 weeks tomorrow. Feeling great for the past 6 days. I started walking like a mile a day, small hills, a couple days ago - i don't let my heart rate get up that high and it feels good to move and de-stress (work stress!).
The bit of pain I had on the left side is improving. The surgeon thought it was my muscles recovering, since apparently my muscles were really tight together and to my bone so it was harder than normal for him to maneuver them...

Here are my notes, which i wrote up for myself in case i have to do this again in 10-15 years!

- use ledge pillow for inclined sleeping for weeks afterwards
- After surgery, I Slept for 2.5 days, staying in bed entirely
- Vicodin pain meds were used for 1st 2 days post-op, thereafter took Extra Stength Tylenol for pain. After day 4/5, needed pain meds only at night.
- Vicodin made me very constipated and lethargic.
- Must drink “Smooth Moves” tea (senna tea, nice taste and brand), and try Colace to start pooping
- Arnica Gel was GREAT to help swelling and pain.
- roughly, 100 cc’s more would have been nice. Note that the 300 cc implants that i tried on at the doctor’s office, looked much smaller once implanted under muscle, more like 250 ccs. So could have gone up to 400 ccs and been fine.
- take my own before and after photos
- Food raves for recovery: mom’s kale soup; Trader Joe’s frozen pineapple chunks, frozen mango chunks.
- Shave/pluck/wax night before surgery
- get straw with drinks

pillows for sleeping on stomach, do what she does with a few pillows, theirs is 5” height: http://www.ledgepillow.com/links.html
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