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After pregnancy I was unhappy with the...

After pregnancy I was unhappy with the "sag" i was a 34 B, not huge but totally livable until one day i got sick of looking at my saggy profile ... realized that at 40 I was clearly secure enough to make whatever decions i wanted. So off to the consults I went and a few weeks later I had an apt for the insertion (under the muscle) of my new 375 cc mentor round silocone implants ... my new best friends.


Not to disparage any woman that does have poll skills but i wasn't looking for the double Ds or Es ... just a better version of me. So it was really important to me that my surgeon really understood where i was coming from ... I am a professional woman, working with mostly men and certainly while i didn't care what they all noticed ... I didn't want to make it crazy obvious. Dr Hall seemed to really get me and I felt like we connected well on my "vision."


My husband ... well an amazing man supported me and took care of our son and me thru recovery - thank God ... b/c someone had to wash my hair the first week!


So onto the good stuff....i suspect you all are interested in.


I really did not have pain. I took advil and stayed on top of it, i think doing that served me well. I also took Arnicare for the swelling gel and tablets. I iced days 3 & 4. Days 1 and 2, i do't recall b/c I slept a lot was very tired and didn't fight it ... figured i needed the rest.

Dr was strict no lifting of the arms ... that was annoying. But i listened and had hubby move things to a place i could reach them.

Mornings i was stiff, but promptly i took advil and would jump in the shower the hot water i think helped. I lived in button downs and zip sweat shirts and tank tops that i could step into and pull up. Also Cobbie Bras ... fantastic for the recovery phase.
My torso was sore a little ... below the incision line but nothing really noticable ... i just found it funny that my torso hurt and not my boobs. Also was very tired for first 3 weeks went to bed early most nights.

Micro tape, Dr had me using this, still am and will continue to for 3 more months he says this will help heal my scars. I belive him as results have been great so far.

the last 2 weeks, 4-6 were the hardest ... I felt great and wanted to workout but Dr said no working out for 6 weeks -- I wanted to cheat but I also didn't want to mess anything up for a calorie burn that would make hardly an impact. So caught on "the Big C" and read "fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy good way to spend the time right??

I am now restriction free still recovering (scars) and getting used to the ladies ... running now and figuring out how to get my lung capacity back. I think i had an incredibly smooth recovery, i think my dr did an amazing job and was incredibly precise and that is why i had no to minimal pain (and i am a huge baby).

I am so happy that i did this, i feel so good about my new figure even though sitting on the bum for 6 weeks recovering put a few extra lbs on me, i still feel great and am even more motivated than ever to get the few lbs off . So for u ladies worried abt the weight gain during recovery, don't worry you are going to feel so super sexy that you'll get it right off to match your fantastic new "ladies" good luck and best wishes to all you women out getting or thinking about getting BA. It's a big choice, one that's all about you ... and maybe that is why i love it so much its totally about me ... noone else - sometimes it feels great to be a little self indulgent!

Two Years Later ... Considering a Reduction

Still think my dr did a great job they look great just too big. I had hoped they would settle in more and be smaller but that did not happen. Considering a reduction I feel they still look to implanty.

Too big?

Still believe that Dr Hall did a great job but have scheduled to go down a size never wanted to be a DD but rather a C. Feel I look to implanty at the top and generally big for my frame. Will use Dr Hall again. Bc I think his work was very good.

Two Years Later - Reduction 375 cc to 275 cc

As previously mentioned I believe Dr Hall's work was fantastic but the size always felt a little large to me after all the swelling had gone down and the implants settled in. I sat with them for 2 yrs then decided to get them adjusted as the reason to do this was to look the way i wanted.

5 Days out from surgery .... it's true what they have all said the swap out is nothing compared to the initial surgery, which to me really did not hurt that much during the healing.

Day 0 (after surgery) felt the incision area sore - but not bad
Day 1 felt a marked difference in soreness, much less. Walking a little slow just being careful.
Day 2 &3 marked improvement in soreness - swelling going down nicely
Day 4 feel like myself - normal walking pace, only taking advil now and again
Day 5 feel really good, mostly concerned about remembering to take it slow and remember I am still healing since i really don't have pain to remind me.

I still have tape and stitches so I'll post pics later maybe after my appt early this coming week. But really pleased that I don't really see the expected super saggy skin i was worried about but that might be still come as I may still have swelling hiding that. STILL LOVE DR HALL ... WHAT A GREAT CONSIDERATE AND ACCOMMODATING PS!

Pics 375 down to 275cc

The profile pic has a shadow it's nothing odd that the PS did :)

Six days post surgery

Front view pic - 375 to 275cc

Thought this had posted ...guess not. Here it is :)

3 mo post reduction 375 to 275

Here's some pics of how they have healed and are sitting with skin recovery being the big question I have been asked.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hall and his team were great and really supported and cared for me every step of the way. From checking up on me post op at home to answering my calls for silly swelling questions. All the staff were so friendly and warm I just felt like every time I went for an appt everyone was so amazing, like they know you have a choice and they care that you chose Dr Hall. Dr Hall has great ratings and write ups ... so his work some might say would speak for itself but still his team really seems to go the extra mile to really make you want to work with them. Anyone thinking about Dr Hall ...go meet him have a consult you'll just love and trust him.

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