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I was only 24 when I decided to have a breast...

I was only 24 when I decided to have a breast augmentation. I have had my breast implants for almost 20 years and have never once had a problem with them. I was never told by my doctor back in the 90's that I would eventually have to have them removed or replaced and now my right breast feels like an apple. I've decided to remove them. Originally I was probably a 34B and now I'm a 36 D or larger depending on where I buy my bra. After two children and breast feeding them both for only a couple of months they look exactly the same as they did 20 years ago.
I am going today for an ultrasound and mammogram to rule out any other problems but my PCP believes that it's the implant. Does anyone know of a good doctor here in Boston. I have them under my muscle and the incision was made under my armpit. I was wondering if anyone has had them removed through the armpit? Do you think I will need to have a lift since I've had them for so long or do they bounce back even after all this time??

Explant scheduled

Today I had my consultation with my PS and I have to say he put me at ease. He explained that the incision will be small and under my breast. He will put in some sutures to try to lift my breast from the inside instead of a full breast lift. My surgery is scheduled for July 2nd..... I'm not nervous about the surgery itself more than what I will look like after its all over. Will add pictures soon.... Has anyone out there had them sutured inside??

"En Bloc"

How important is having an en bloc explantation?? If I remember correctly my doctor said that he would leave the scar tissue in because it dissolves????
I'm afraid to leave anything behind.... After researching for over a week now I believe that my implants have caused my brain fog, tinnitus, vertigo and memory loss. OH NO! What if he just takes the implants out and nothing else???? Losing my mind...............

Two weeks away....

I can't wait to take these awful balloons out and I'm losing sleep over what I'll look like after all is said and done. I have a CC on the right side and I'm starting to feel pain up on the collar bone is that normal? It feels like I pulled a muscle but I know that I haven't. :-(
These next two weeks feel like years away...

Before explant

Right side with CC

Left side 330 CC under muscle

Explant moved to June 27th!!!!!

This time next week they will be gone! I'm scared, nervous, sad, happy and excited all at the same time! How can one feel all those emotions at once???? I pray all goes well!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day....

I can't believe it's here... I'm so nervous.... I know everything will be fine but I'm still a mess. I had to shower with hibiclense to get my skin ready for surgery. That was some strong soap!!!! I will post pictures as soon as I can :-(
It's been 18 years with these and now I'm hoping for the next 18 yrs to be better without them. My headaches and vertigo have been terrible lately and I'm hoping that will get better once these bags are out. It's amazing to read how many women feel better once they take them out! Wish me luck!

Just a few more hours

First day post-op

Feeling sore but have been up and around. Will see the doctor on Monday and he asked me to stay wrapped until then. Will post pictures soon!

One week post op

I'm feeling amazing! I've been wearing a compression bra even when I shower to ensure the internal lift (stitches) stay in place as everything heals. I also bought some gel implants (chicken cutlets) to fill out my bras so that I can still wear certain outfits. The doctor said the breast should be tightly compressed and lifted for two months so the gel implants actually are helping! I am so happy and although I wish I had never put my body through this in the first place I feel that I can be an advocate on how terrible these toxic bags are! I have told everyone that asks me my story because i feel freer in telling the truth! In the last week I've only had one vertigo episode, my tinnitus is gone and the hearing loss in my left ear has been restored. I will schedule a hearing test at Mass Eye and Ear within the next six months to have the physical results n writing. The specialist told me three years ago that my hearing would never be restored and that I would grow to live with the constant ringing in my ear!! I thought because of all the loud noise I had been subjected to (I'm a professional singer) had damaged my hearing but after reading how the implants can wreak havoc on our endocrine system I had hoped that removing them would make me feel better. In only one short week it's already performed a miracle!!!!
I hope that anyone out there that has even an inkling of a doubt about taking this huge step can read my words and feel safe and secure with their decision!
Happy and healthy fourth everybody! Thank you god for this forum and thank you for pouring your hearts out to help me and all of the other ladies that need your wisdom, experience and support! I'm glad that I've found you all and god bless!

He was very informative and caring. He didn't try to talk me out of my decision but gave me all his knowledge on what to expect and what my options are. He did say that he would leave the capsule in so I requested another consult to make sure he takes them out.

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