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I have had problems with my implants for years...

I have had problems with my implants for years with at least four operations on one side and three on the other. I had gone to 5 other plastic surgeons before getting a referral from another great plastic surgeon who wouldn't even think of touching me. He told me Dr. D. was doing new procedures with fat grafting and I might be a candidate for it. I called and scheduled an appt. I'm from CT so it was a drive but well worth it.

The office is beautiful, the staff so helpful and I love the doctor. I brought in my medical history for Dr. D but he took one look at me and knew all of it. From that point I knew he was the doctor for me. He had no reservations from the start and I felt so confident. I'm doing the work required before surgery. Its a little trying at times, but I know it will be worth it in the long run and Dr. D. will do a beautiful job.

Plus for now I get to eat chocolate cake, pasta and chocolate. All the things I've stayed away from for ever. I need to gain the fat for the procedure. That outweighs the pre-surgery prep.

Now reading my post there is much I should have...

Now reading my post there is much I should have included such as it was 20 years when I first had my implants, I stayed with the same doctor and after the first ten years, I noticed a hardending and went back to the same doctor. Yes it was time for new implants, from then on it was a nightmare and to think he was a board certified surgeon and well concognized in the community. I wish he still practiced because I would write information that would steer people away from him. Unfortunately or maybe for lots of other contemplating surgery, it is fortunate he is no longer practicing. Please realize that when you have implants, the consequences involved. They only last for a total of ten years, they will need to be replaced. Think of the placement of the implants as there are so many options out there. The chance of infection(s) is there. I spent a total of three days in the hospital because of infection and a stitch that was left inside. They do harden, no matter what you may think or think it won't happen to you, it can and the instances that it will are great. So it was a total of 20 years for me and I will post pictures of my now (post-op) pictures, but they are still difficult to look at. I hope the after will be well worth it. I will keep you updated.

Well today is one day pre-surgery. I'll be going...

Well today is one day pre-surgery. I'll be going for post op and to my doctor's office for digital stereo imaging with the camera to see the expansion. We'll have to see if I've made my volume goals. Last week I had one over and one under. We were all pleased. I was told this week would be more difficult in growth. Its been a bitch of a week trying to expand these breasts of mine but its amazing that it is working. The crease is going away. I'll try to update you on Friday if I'm not too over the top from the pain meds. I'll be so happy not to have to wear these huge monstrosities anymore. Thank you all for your well wishes!!
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