Age 48, Textured Silicone, Above Muscle, 12 Yrs Ago. Explant. No Lift

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I got saline above muscle in 2003. Severe capsule...

I got saline above muscle in 2003. Severe capsule contraction on left breast. Had capsulectamy done with replacement in 2003 or 2004. Silicone, textured above muscle. Left more drooping right one developed a crease and I went back to fix it. He put the bottom half in some sor t of pocket to prevent creasing or bottoming out. I was a 34aa to start. We at a 34b now. Feel like they're bigger although really no weight gain maybe 2 to 5 lbs. 5 feet 110 lbs. Perimenopause. Surgery scheduled for Wednesday. Feeling like I'm on an emotional roller coaster. Really afraid to look deformed and feel unattractive. Although these do not feel attractive at all! Very heavy and uncomfortable.

They're out!

Had my surgery today. It went really well. I've taken a few peeks at them. In a compression bra. Drains. Haven't taken any painkillers besides Tylenol since I got home. Drain sites are most uncomfortable part so far. A little soreness at incision but only on left. Only drainage from left one as well but not much. None in past 6 hrs. I'd like to get these out asap. I'm hoping to convince them to do it Friday if it continues to stay empty. Otherwise scheduled for next Wed! Well, I'm happy that I made this choice. I'll post pics when I'm brave enough to expose these poor little boobies. So smooshed under there...

Day 2 Compression bra and drains

Dr. said drains have to remain. Just his policy. Did others keep padding under bra? If so, for how long? Still not ready to expose them.

Day 3 and I finally exposed these puupies!

Im feeling really well. Slept good last night. Im trying to train myself to sleep on my back. Got those little sleep lines creeping up on my chest from side sleeping. Anyone relate? Anyways, i am pleasantly surprised that they are fairly symmetrical. Still smooshed, but they'll improve. Im loving them I prob wont even need a bra! I never used to wear them before BA.

A couple more photos that didn't post

Day 5

Feeling pretty goid. Woke up today with more fluid than Ive had in drain and blooddripping down my side. Got a little freaked. Called Dr on call. He thought it sounded normal. A little swelling at drain site. Wednesday cant come soon enough with these things. Puppies are still smooshed in compression bra. I try to air them out at least once a day. Very flat. Barely any tissue and I can see the imprint of where the implants were because they were over muscle. Incisions feel ok. Feeling positive and happy with my explant. Love to all!

Are these capsule rims goung to just be here on my chest now?

I'm feeaking out a bit regarding the capaules he did not remove. They are visible and feel like hard rims. Did anyone else wxperience this? Will they soften? I get drains out tomorrow. I hope this is not what I have to live with.

Drains are out! Day 8

So, today I had the drains removed. What a relief! The rim that I was referring to was the drain! Whew! I was so relieved. I'm so happy with my decision to do this. I feel really great. I'm going to need some new clothes, I think. Definitely new bras. Oh well, guess I'll go on a little shopping spree for spring!

2 weeks today

Today is two weeks since my surgery. I am feeling better every day. I took the steristrips off. Incisions look pretty good. Concealed for the most part. Still some bruising from the drains. Trying to find a bra now. Def a aa. Maybe just braless! The right one has this bubble effect going on. That's the one where last Dr. Put the bottom half under a pocket in the muscle. I'm hoping it repairs itself in time. I'm using clary sage and geranium essential oils on the breasts. Lavender as well.

My revised tatoo

I had a tatoo of a heart on my back with my husbands name on it. It was a random choice my first tatoo that I got the same year I got my original inplants. I got this done on Monday. I got rid of his name, added lotus silouette and wings!!! I love it now. The surgery has changed my life and its only the beginning.

3 weeks!

I'm feeling great! This has been a life changing experience for me. Be on the lookout for my upcoming book, "Becoming Divine"
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