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I just booked a natural breast augmentation using...

I just booked a natural breast augmentation using fat transfer. I have always hated my breasts and wanted them to be larger but didn't like the idea of getting implants. When I found out about the possibility of using natural fat to increase my breast size, I was sold.
I did some research and found a doctor in Boston who specializes in the procedure (Dr. Delvecchio). I had a consultation with him which was very helpful. Despite some reviews on here describing him as being dismissive and untrustworthy, I found him to be very personable, knowledgeable, and honest. He made me feel comfortable during the consultation, answered all of my questions, and made it clear what my expectations should be. Basically, he explained that I could expect a doubling of breast size (which for me would be around 200cc - and when i google "200cc implants" this seems huge). He provided me with a clinical study he had written to show the average fat retention using BRAVA and fat transfer and showed me plenty of before and afters. He explained the complications including possible lumps and hardening of the fat. My biggest concern in all of this is the liposuction. This is such a serious procedure and I'm so nervous about the complications that could happen including any infections or deformities and of course the swelling afterwards and how long I'll have to deal with that.
And using BRAVA sounds like 3 weeks of hell. I'll have to use a hand pump for 6 hours a day for three weeks. Not looking forward to this at all - but, it's 3 weeks out of my life. . . I'll get through it.
After the consultation I was explained the pricing. To pay upfront, it will be about $10k plus an extra $1k to purchase BRAVA.
I have booked my procedure for March 6th, ordered the BRAVA to be shipped within 2 weeks or so, took out a private loan to finance the procedure, and am hoping for the best! This procedure is a lot of money, a lot of work, and means taking on a lot of risk, but if I can get results like some of the before and afters I've seen or can double my breast size, it will definitely be worth it.
I decided in large part to go through with this based on some of the reviews that others have left on this website. They've been so helpful, and since I am going through this elaborate procedure anyway, I wanted to share my experience, good or bad (hopefully good!) to help out anyone who may be considering this procedure as well.
I will update when I start using BRAVA, before my procedure, and of course after. . . . here goes nothing!

Let's Talk About BRAVA

Okay, so yesterday marked the first day of BRAVA use. I had an appointment to meet with my doctor to show me how to use the device and to get my schedule of usage. I'll be using it 6-8 hours a day for the next 19 days using the hand pump at various levels. Because the snow delayed the shipping, I don't have a fully 21 days. I'm hoping I'll be able to fit an extra hour or two in most days to make up for the lost days.
Anyway, I got home late from my appointment and didn't end up getting the domes on until 8:00 pm. I had to stay up past 1:00am to make sure I got my hours in. I basically just sat up in bed watching a dozen episodes of the office, monitoring the gauge and cruising real self for successful breast fat transfer stories to remind myself this will be worth it and to keep from going crazy!!
I'm lucky in that i can work from home, so I'll be doing that leading up to my surgery so I can get my BRAVA time in during the day while I'm working. The distraction makes the time go by faster.
It's been one day, so I have no complaints. But any tips on skin care / BRAVA use from you ladies who have gone through this would be greatly appreciated!!

This swelling from Brava is too real

First Pre-op Visit . . . Only 10 more days til surgery!

Had my first pre-op visit yesterday which went pretty well. I am right on track with my Brava expansion and have reached about 400cc in each breast. The goal is to get to 500cc so that I can get 500cc injected and hope to retain about a 250-300cc increase. I am going to rush order a new set of domes today because mine have taken a beating under the high pressure I've been instructed to wear them at and I'm so nervous they're going to break completely before my surgery date on the 6th.
I can't believe the surgery day is only 10 days away! I'm nervous and excited and am definitely ready to get this done and over with so that I hopefully never have to see another Brava dome again!


Just got back from surgery. Cannot believe how fast it all went by. I am feeling sore and exhausted but the pain is definitely tolerable. When I woke up from surgery, I was so upset because my breasts felt much smaller than what I was expecting immediately after surgery . . . I thought my doctor wasn't able to transfer that much fat. But then when I went to the bathroom to check everything out, I was marked with 650cc in each breast!! It definitely doesn't feel like a lot, but maybe I just need to wait for everything to settle in.
Anyway, I am so tired so ready to take a loooong nap. Glad to have this over with - can't wait to heal and see the final results!

1 week post op

I'm about 1 week post op now and feeling okay. The lipo areas are still bruised and sore and my breasts still feel too firm to the touch and have some pain, but overall I feel like I'm healing well.

I am so happy with the size now. I tried on my old 32b bra and was way too small. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm about a full c or small d. I absolutely love the size of them so I'm going to be disappointed to see some of the fat go over the next few months. I'll do what I can to have a good retention based on what I've read on this site (don't know if any of these have any merit, but can't hurt, right?). So I won't be wearing a bra for a month (per my doc's instructions), I'm trying to sleep on my back, and will try my hardest to avoid caffeine or alcohol. I guess all I can do is hope for a speedy recovery and high fat retention.

Two weeks post op

Just over two weeks since surgery. Still very happy with the size and hoping they hold steady!
My legs are still pretty sore but I feel like I'm getting better everyday and healing as would be expected

1 month in - still happy

2 Month Update/ Rant

It's been about two months now and I'm having mixed feelings. I feel like I've lost a lot of volume, and I still feel like my breasts are too small for my body. My breasts now feel like the exact same size they were before, just maybe a little bit wider. I'm not happy with my body still and break down crying every time I have to look at my breasts in the mirror. It makes me feel so incredibly inadequate.

On top of that I don't think the lipo did anything to help with the size of my legs. They are exactly the same size they were before but now still have hard spots and weird lumps and bumps that I'm hoping will eventually go away. And I still have two large lines at the incision site near my groin from the lipo that have not faded and I'm hoping won't leave permanent scars.

At this point I'm just hoping I don't develop any complications like lumps in the breast or anything and that I only wasted money and not my health.

BTW, they look bigger in pictures than in real life. Looking in the mirror, I don't notice a difference from where they were pre-op. Maybe I'm just having a bad body image day. . . IDK

3 Months

It's been 3 months since the procedure and I go back and forth about how I feel about it. I still wish I gained more volume from the procedure and feel like my breasts are too small. But they are definitely bigger than they were before and look great in push-up bras.

As for the lipo, I am not happy with that. I don't really notice a big difference in size but they now look kind of misshapen and uneven with a lot of lumps and hard spots. From what I've heard, it can take longer than 3 months to heal, so I'm hoping it will continue to improve over time.

Bra shopping

Just wanted to share - I went to the VS semi annual sale and got some new bras. 32c seems to fit pretty well. I got a push-up bra and wow I have never had this much cleavage! I'm happy with how my breasts turned out. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm still waiting for the lipo to heal so I will keep you all updated .... Hopefully it will improve with time.

Feeling bummed

I wanted to post a quick update for everyone. Sadly I had to change my rating to not worth it.
While I'm overall happy with my breasts (maintaining a full cup size increase), the damage the poorly done lipo has done to my thighs is absolutely not worth any increase in breast size.
In my last visit with dr. D, he said he could do another procedure to try to fix the damage done to my thighs for free... I was ecstatic to hear that. But that was a few months and ago and I haven't heard anything since. I tried calling, I tried emailing, and just get no response. I was told early May I could probably have the procedure done... And yet here we are. I will try calling again but my soon just give up on getting a response.
I feel so embarrassed by my body now and am so upset that I damaged my thighs for the rest of my life. When I save up some money I can try to find another doctor who specializes in lipo revision and just hope for the best...
Boston Plastic Surgeon

I was optimistic about having a breast fat transfer procedure done with Dr.Delvecchio. I'm now a over a year post op and regret having had this procedure done with him. While my breasts did get a full cup size increase as promised, the liposuction part of this procedure was very poorly done. My inner thighs are now vey mishapen, lumpy, and uneven. When I followed up with him, he said he would try a revision surgery at no cost to me to fix what was done. This was a few months ago and I haven't heard back since despite calling and emailing his office multiple times. I would not reccomend him for any procedures involving liposuction.

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