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Hey ladies.... I'm 33, have 1 child, breastfed for...

Hey ladies....
I'm 33, have 1 child, breastfed for 4 yrs... loved my "girls" during pregnancy and lactation. But now they're gone. So.... after thinking it out, it's time for me. Time to love me, care for me a little.
Getting 320 cc, saline, in 2 weeks.
Looking for advice, support, stories, and friends here. Wish me luck!

1 week 2 go!

Can you believe that I'll be going in one week from today? As much as I know that its not brain surgery I cannot help but feel anxious and the little worried at the same time. How did you/ do you cope with the preop anxiety?

1 day to go!!

Tomorrow at this time I'll be at my drs office already.
Plans for today? Visiting my BFF down the street, some more laundry, cleaning, then on to me: removing nail polish, a loooong shower (maybe a bath, with music & candles to relax !) , washing my hair... and possibly a movie with my princess :)
Hope everyone has a lovely day, especially if you're getting a "new you" tomorrow!!

day 4 post op

Hey ladies....
I got the blues. Feeling gigantic w/ implants :( Not seeing tthe light at the end of the tunnel.
Right now, I don't like me or the girls. not at all...

3 weeks later

One day... I will go into details of how and why, but here I am, 3 weeks out and I'm going again but this time to downsize. Going to 240cc.
As much as they look beautiful the 320cc turns out to be too big for me. After much consideration I am downsizing-- as opposed to just have it taken out and not putting another one in

3weeks, continued

I believe my doctor did a fabulous job, girls look really nice-- but just like I said ,too big for me. in someone else's body I do think they would look awesome. So, 09/14 I get 240ccs.
Again here looking for feedback from you ladies & any input and advice is appreciated

Very Happy @ 240 :)

Feeling great about my girls! Amazing how I immediately felt better after downsizing. If any of u ladies feel you are 'too big' and want to downsize, by all means do it!!! So glad I did.... :) Now I can say it's my time to shine. xoxo


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