5'2" 135lb 430cc UHP Mentor Silicone Smooth Round, Under, 32yo, 4 Kids

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I haven't set up a consultation yet but am looking...

I haven't set up a consultation yet but am looking to go from a full A/ small B to a full C/ small D cup. I haven't set anything up yet because I'm currently pregnant with my fourth baby, but am planning on getting a breast augmentation procedure done sometime in 2017 after I get back to my goal weight. The picture is of me right before I got pregnant. Hopefully, I'll look much the same after my fourth so it won't be too much work. I would love to look like how I did when I was breastfeeding my first.

Wish pics

Some pictures of what I'm looking for. I like the more full natural look that won't overextend to the sides, so I'm thinking high profile implants.

Some more wish pics

Just a two more I had saved

Less than 2 Weeks away!

Since my last update, I have found my PS, consulted, and have my surgery date set for 1/31! We have settled on 430cc ultra high profile, mentor gel, under the muscle, inframammary incision. I'm measuring at 11 cm breast width diameter and the 430cc implant is 10.9 cm. He said he will use a 400 sizer to determine whether if 430cc is best. He has also ordered 400cc high profile and 455cc ultra high. I'm beyond excited and nervous but I feel like I've thoroughly researched what I want to look like and while the dr doesn't have a huge online presence, I was able to contact a patient of his who has fantastic results and gave a glowing review. He really listens to what you want and is willing to work with your vision. Two weeks and hopefully I will be a D! I've attached two photos with the 430 sizer in.

455 cc UHP Smooth round Mentor silicone gel

I did it! 1/31/17 Nerve wracking the day of. I was given anti-nausea patch and anxiety medication. The anesthesiologists basically said they threw the kitchen sink at me. I'm remember being in the waiting in the first room while I got marked up and then being wheeled to the operating room. I was alert and awake and the next thing I knew was that the procedure was done.

Dr. Shenko gave me 455cc with Ultra high profile, smooth round mentor silicone gels, under the muscle. I was given Vicodin and muscle relaxers and went home to rest after the procedure. Being home the first night was rough. I got nauseous and threw up once.

I am now two days post op and ready to take a shower with my husband's help. I'm already trying to wean myself off the Vicodin and took 800mg ibuprofen this afternoon. Hopefully I can the full switch from this point on. I have major frankenboobs right now, totally squarish. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff. The picture I'm posting is after the procedure but before the swelling. The next picture is with the bandage off but with the surgical bra on. You can see how they've swollen up to my neck. I couldn't fit into the large front zip sports bra I bought! I think I may surpass Victoria secret D which is what I wanted. Will update in a few weeks when I get sized.

Week 1 and Week 2 Post Op

The first week, I was wearing a tight front zip sports bra and I guess it was too tight without knowing. When I went to my first post op follow-up at 1 week, the PS said it was way too tight and pushed my implants more up and inward, so that the bottom of my breasts were pushed in as well. It caused my bruising to rise up between my breasts. Luckily, no real damage was done bc he said as long as I wore a cupped bra that fitted over my whole breast and gave room at the bottom of the cup for my breasts to settle into, I would be fine. He told me to get a bra that was sized DD from regular stores or DDD from Victoria Secret! So I followed that advice and went with a cheapie wireless 36DD bc I couldn't find the band size 34. Now at two weeks, I can say that the bottom of my breasts have indeed rounded out. He said that after all the drop and fluff process, I may end up being a full D!

That week was rough bc of the pain, swelling and bruising. The pain meds helped but I was off of them by day 3 or 4 and only on ibuprofen. I would get the chills on and off but only had a low grade fever on one of the nights during that week. The bruising was a concern for me bc as they healed and faded, it felt firm underneath the skin. This freaked me out but with some research and questions asked in another forum I'm part of, I found out it is pooled blood from the bruising which should be absorbed by the body with time. I had read what would help break it up and some people said to massage the area while others said not to. I applied heat with my heating pad and found that it did make the areas feel softer. The hardness is dissipating and getting softer as I heal. I'm not really massaging it bc I'm afraid of doing further damage.

Yesterday, I was officially two weeks post op. I have been off all medication including ibuprofen since day 12. The aches and pains have majorly subsided. Here and there, I feel the bruises ache and my sternum feels like there's pressure and/or stretching. Sometimes I feel my incisions ache but that's slowly fading. I guess I feel zingers, like little zaps, from time to time which I have heard is nerve regeneration. I have feeling in both my breasts and my nipples are super sensitive. Sometimes they feel like they're on fire, much like when you begin breastfeeding and your nipples aren't used to it yet. The drop and fluff process is happening slowly but surely. My breasts are no longer hiked up to my clavicle but inching its way downward and are getting softer as the days go by.

I will be seeing my doctor in a few weeks when I hit a month post op. Until then, he told me to NOT massage and to resume light lower body workouts (which I haven't started) and to do gentle stretches with my arms straight up. He wants the implants to drop naturally in place and said that massaging now may make the implants go out of pocket. He said at a month, we can discuss massaging then. I've been able to do the stretches no problem, up and down and forward. Outward and back are not as easy but he said listen to my body and don't over do it bc we don't want to tear any muscle.

I have been able to do light housework like sweeping and loading the dishwashers. Reaching high up and down into the the washer for laundry are harder and I've had help with it. I have four kids: a 4 month old baby, a 2 , an 8, and a 10 year old. I have been able to pick up the baby at a week as long as I held him close to me, picking him up with t-Rex arms. Holding him onto my chest is still uncomfortable so I often carry him short distances and sit with him cradled against my arm and arm of the chair instead of my chest. My two year old, who is about 26+ lbs is harder to carry. I have him climb up into his bed and to wash hands instead of picking him up and if I need to pick it up, again it's t-Rex arms and boosted onto my knee or leg.

I have one more week at home before I go back to work. I'll be exactly a month then and will have my follow up that day too, so I'll update at that point again. The pictures I am posting will be of me at 1 week and 2 weeks. You can see how squarish my breasts were before and the slow softening of them from week to week.

430 CC Mentor Silicone smooth round, unders

I received my implant identification card for the warranty and to my surprise it said I got 430 cc and not 455 cc like I thought. At my one week appointment, I had asked if I had received 455, and the PS said yes. So when I asked him about it at my one month post op follow up, he said no, that it was 430 because when he tried the 455 sizer, it was much too big. It's not about the number to me because I got as big as I could possibly fit but telling me one thing, while it's another is annoying. Luckily, I'm very happy with the results so it's a non-issue.

From week two to four, bruises faded a lot. The firmness was confirmed to be pooled blood and I was advised to apply heat and massage the area which I feel more confident in doing so because they are not as sore anymore. I get little pangs here and there but it's not often or too uncomfortable for me. I don't really feel the full achy morning boobs anymore either though that was never too bothersome for me.

The tops of my breasts have started to round out but the implants are still rising high. I was given a strap to wear over the tops of my breasts to help the natural process of moving the implant down. I was also given the go ahead to massage and move the implants around and I can't wait to help soften them up more.

The PS took the steri strips off and said I don't need them on anymore and the incisions have healed nicely. Right now there's still glue on them and they are dark looking but I hope for them to fade to nothing. I'm not sure how long that will take though. The PS doesn't recommend any scar treatment but I may look into some anyways.

The pictures I added are of me at officially a month. The bikini top is a large and I currently fit into a 36 D though my band size is usually 34. I also fit into a 34 DD.
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