5'2" 34B Looking to Get to a Full C, Small D - Boston, MA

I haven't set up a consultation yet but am looking...

I haven't set up a consultation yet but am looking to go from a full A/ small B to a full C/ small D cup. I haven't set anything up yet because I'm currently pregnant with my fourth baby, but am planning on getting a breast augmentation procedure done sometime in 2017 after I get back to my goal weight. The picture is of me right before I got pregnant. Hopefully, I'll look much the same after my fourth so it won't be too much work. I would love to look like how I did when I was breastfeeding my first.

Wish pics

Some pictures of what I'm looking for. I like the more full natural look that won't overextend to the sides, so I'm thinking high profile implants.

Some more wish pics

Just a two more I had saved

Less than 2 Weeks away!

Since my last update, I have found my PS, consulted, and have my surgery date set for 1/31! We have settled on 430cc ultra high profile, mentor gel, under the muscle, inframammary incision. I'm measuring at 11 cm breast width diameter and the 430cc implant is 10.9 cm. He said he will use a 400 sizer to determine whether if 430cc is best. He has also ordered 400cc high profile and 455cc ultra high. I'm beyond excited and nervous but I feel like I've thoroughly researched what I want to look like and while the dr doesn't have a huge online presence, I was able to contact a patient of his who has fantastic results and gave a glowing review. He really listens to what you want and is willing to work with your vision. Two weeks and hopefully I will be a D! I've attached two photos with the 430 sizer in.
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