5'2" 34B Looking to Get to a Full C, Small D - Boston, MA

I haven't set up a consultation yet but am looking...

I haven't set up a consultation yet but am looking to go from a full A/ small B to a full C/ small D cup. I haven't set anything up yet because I'm currently pregnant with my fourth baby, but am planning on getting a breast augmentation procedure done sometime in 2017 after I get back to my goal weight. The picture is of me right before I got pregnant. Hopefully, I'll look much the same after my fourth so it won't be too much work. I would love to look like how I did when I was breastfeeding my first.

Wish pics

Some pictures of what I'm looking for. I like the more full natural look that won't overextend to the sides, so I'm thinking high profile implants.

Some more wish pics

Just a two more I had saved
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