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2 weeks out from my BA as of tomorrow! For...

2 weeks out from my BA as of tomorrow! For reference, I'm 5'5, 34AA, athletic build, ~135 lbs. I'm starting to get really excited. I'm going w 350 mod+. After trying on sizers and letting my doctor know my goals, I was stuck between 320 and 350- after I chose the 350 the Dr approved of the size because he thought I could carry them well and they'd be proportional to my hips and butt. Because there's only a 2 tbsp ish difference and most women wish they had gone bigger I think the 350 will be good. I really don't want to be huge and honestly just want to be able to fill out a top and be proportional to the rest of my figure. I have my pre op with the anesthesiologist coming up the week of surgery so I'll be able to run some questions by him, and also want to see what he thinks of me continuing to take my birth control pill. I'd really rather not go off it for a few days because it'll really mess with my cycle. I'm hoping my recovery will be ok and not too brutal- I'm looking forward to documenting this process because the RS community is the best thing I've ever found in all my BA research. Stay tuned!

Wish Boobs

Including some wish boob pics. Like I mentioned I'd love my post-op look to be very natural looking and proportional to my figure :)

1 week out! Need prep suggestions

Hello lovely ladies! I need help from those who have already gone through with their BAs-- what should I get to prep for my surgery? Certain sports bras you guys sweat by, suggested pillow placement, best snacks you couldn't have gotten through recovery without?! Any and all advice will be much appreciated :)

All done!

Today was the day! I got to the hospital at 930 for my 1130 surgery. After I registered in they called me in around 1015, had me empty my bladder, the PS came in and marked me up, then the anesthesiologist, and I met the nurse who would be in surgery as well. They then brought my boyfriend back right as I was done getting my IV set and at 11 they said they were ready for me! I was wheeled down and on the way the anesthesiologist put something in my IV for me to relax then into OR. I remember switching from my stretcher to the surgical bed, then they let the mask on and that was it- woke up in recovery! I was in recovery for 2 hours then my BF picked me up and took me home. I won't lie, today's been pretty rough. I was in pain as soon as I woke up. It the pain wasn't in my boobs but rather my chest muscles. If I wasn't having painful muscle spasms, the pain would be almost nonexistent. I was really nauseous when I left the hospital (even though I had Zofran and the patch behind my ear) but once I got home, slept a little, and ate something I felt a lot better. I have my follow up appointment with Dr. Volpe sometime Monday so I'll fill you in after that. I have the surgical bra on an a compression band so I think he'll just be checking on my progress and the band will probably stay on.

My pain meds are helping a little and I'm taking them and my antibiotics right on schedule. If I keep having muscle spasms by Monday I might ask for a muscle relaxant. Stay tuned!

PO Day 1

Slept pretty decent but won't up at 3:45AM because I was due for my next round of pain meds and antibiotic. Still in pain but not as much as yesterday. I'm able to get in and out of bed by myself, and this morning I could walk to the bathroom and have been watching Tv on the couch while my BF sleeps. I'm not nauseous at all anymore, I just had a banana and have been drinking a combo of water, ginger ale, and pedialyte. I have my first post op visit with my doctor on Monday (PO Day 4) and I can't wait to finally see them! Also, I could definitely do a few hours without this compression band hahaha!! I've also been icing them which helps but because of the thick band I can't really get the coldness on my boobs so I've been putting them under my arms to ice where the compression band hits me and my back.

PO Day 2

In a lot of pain. Slept much better on the couch last night than I have been in my bed, I think just because I could prop myself up more. I threw up twice today because I mistakenly took my paid meds without having anything in my stomach, so everything I tried to eat after that made a quick exit :( my right breast hasn't stopped throbbing, and is still really in excruciating pain, whereas my left is just a little sore. Have any other ladies experienced anything like this? I'm sure it's just part of the healing process but I'm just surprised at how much pain I'm in only in that one side.

PO Day 4

Saw Dr. Volpe today fr my post op- he removed the initial dressing and cleaned my incisions before puttin the steri strips on and the sports bra. I have very minimal bruising under one breast, my incisions looks good, and they're even so far (they look a little off in the pic but IRL they're even and symmetrical). They're, as expected, very high and tight and I need to keep wearing the strap for at least another week, preferably more so. I stopped taking my my pain meds yesterday so I've only been takin Tylenol the past two days (including today). My right breast is the only side with pain, is higher and much more swollen and it's more so in the morning (the dreaded morning boob is very real!). He expects them to drop and soften out in about 3-4 months (not fully) and I was cleared to do lower body exercises and bicep exercises (which I don't do anyway) and can run as of next week but I will be sore afterwards. I might try to start walking slowly on an incline but I'm in no rush to get back into the swing of things. I have another appointment in 4 weeks! Finally I just got to shower for the first time and feel amazing :)

PO Week 1

Feeling so much better today. I was supposed to go back to work on PO day 5 but the night before I didn't sleep AT ALL because of the pressure on my chest, and more so because my back is so tense and locked up from having to sleep in it elevated. PO Day 6 I didn't sleep either but figured I'd give work a try so yesterday was my first day back. It was actually pretty easy to type and do things in my computer, and my work chair felt good on my back. My left breast, which hasn't hurt at all since the surgery, was throbbing all day. I went food shopping with my BF (don't worry I didn't carry any groceries) and I did get a sharp pain in my chest a few times. I only drive a short distance and it was definitely sore when I had to really turn the wheel (i.e. 3 point turn). Last night I actually slept great! Was able to sleep 8 hours without waking up uncomfortable once!! So hopefully it keeps up :) My right breast is still higher than the left, while the left has dropped slightly (not as much fullness in the upper pole as my right one).

PO Day 9

Still wearing my sports bra and compression strap but needed a regular bra to wear to a dinner party. Went to target and got this ba, which is wireless and has really good support, and it's the most comfortable bra I've ever had ($16)!! My breasts are obvs still high and swollen but I'm so excited this bra is a 34B! Exactly what I wanted, full B :)

PO Week 2

Feeling pretty good- haven't had any pain, just a little soreness in the morning but it goes away very quickly. I still wear my compression band to bed every night and wore it constantly up until PO day 10. The left is definitely starting to soften up on the sides and doesn't have any of the fullness in the upper pole the way the right does (fingers crossed the right starts to follow suit!!)

Great sports bra!

So I'm 3.5 weeks PO, feel great! Have been sleeping on my left side which is the side where my boob started to drop and soften up a little already. Although I got the okay by my PS to start running at 2 weeks I'm still gunna wait it out another week or two. I have started doing some lower body and ab exercises (squats, Russian twists, etc) and I wanted a high impact supportive wireless sports bra for when I do start running again. I got the VS front zip, wireless bra and it's extremely comfortable, very supportive and it'll definitely make me feel more secure when I start running again. It has built in cups that clip in the front and then also has the more traditional front zip sports bra on top of it.

6 weeks PO!

Officially 6 weeks out! Now my scars and capsules are strong so I don't have anymore restrictions as far as the gym, activities, etc. I saw the doctor yesterday and he was happy with my profess but wants to catch up my right breast with the left one, by starting to do massages on my right breast only. They've both softened up, but the right one is still firmer and riding high. My doctor showed me how to do massages by basically pressing down hard in the upper pole with one hand and pressing in on the lower fold with my other hand to hopefully stretch the skin a little and allow the implant to drop into place. He thinks it's not so much my muscle but my skin was very tight and there may be a very small (teaspoon) amount of blood that settled in the bottom of e pocket and is preventing the implant from dropping. My next appointment is in 8 weeks (14 weeks PO) so hopefully we will see a little ,ore progress by then and the scar tissue has softened up a little to allow the implant to drop. I was in Aruba this past week and was very happy in my bathing suit tops! I never wanted to be big and just wanted breasts that looked like they naturally came with my body and that's ho they look! I've never felt so good in a bathing suit before!!

8 months out and they're perfect!

I'm almost exactly 8 months post op and I love them- best thing I've ever done!! The right one started to drop down and the implant began to settle probably in months 4-5 post op but now they're about as symmetrical as possible! They're the perfection size, they look completely natural and people would really have no idea I had implants unless I told them. They look great in bikini tops and tank tops, I've been able to comfortably sleep on my stomach since probably month 2, even earlier. I could've probably gone up to 450 and they wouldn't have been too big but I'm very happy with my size- maybe go a little bigger after kids one day. Couldn't recommend Dr Volpe and St Elizabeth's Hospital more- they and everything about who surgery, staff, nurses, and all post op staff were excellent!
Newton Plastic Surgeon

I had my consultation w Dr. Volpe and felt comfortable w him right away. I did my research for months before hand and really loved Dr Volpe's work. All of the before and afters were so well done and natural looking, which is what I'm going for. After trying on sizers and letting him know my goals, I was between 320 and 350- after I chose the 350 the Dr approved of the size because he thought I could carry them with my hips and backside. Because there's only a 2 tbsp ish difference and most women wish they had gone bigger I stuck with the 350. The morning of surgery he again explained everything thoroughly and reassured me with the few additional questions I had. The anesthesiologist was absolutely fantastic and extremely nice. Dr. Volpe made sure he called my bf after surgery to let him know I did fine, and I saw him 3 days after surgery. I recently saw him for my 6 week PO and I can start massages. He's very patient, very thorough, and overall gave me exactly what I wanted. Though my breasts are still healing, they look natural, are proportionate to my frame and exactly the size I was hoping for. I couldn't recommend him anymore!! ***UPDATE 4/7/17*** AMAZING! I had 350, moderate +, saline implants put in one year ago today. I'm 5'5 about 130 pounds and was an AA. I didn't want to go huge and just wanted them to look natural and Dr. Volpe knew exactly what I wanted! His bedside manner is exceptional and he really took the time to talk to me about the procedure and really put me at ease the morning of the surgery. I couldn't recommend him more!

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