Thin BBL with Dr. Del Vecchio (6/2016) - Boston, MA

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Omg I'm so excited! This is my first on realself...

Omg I'm so excited! This is my first on realself post so hopefully it goes through lol. Im going to start by saying I've wanted a booty for as long as I can remember, I've went to the gym tried gaining weight and nothing has worked , I'm tired of my flat booty! I have 2 kids my weight is 125 and Im 5'5. I'm so happy that I'm going to be having my bbl done by Dr. D. I had my pre appointment May 24, He is very friendly and very knowledgeable. Ive been trying to gain some weight but as of now I'm fluctuating between 123 - 126 hopefully by the 10 I'll be at 130. I have bought some things that I think ill need for after the surgery. Im pretty thin but he said he can get fat from my back and belly, I told him I want good projection and to try to fit as much as possible in lol, Im more worried about not having enough vs having to much especially because some of it reabsorbs. I really want a round high bubbly booty but Im also trying to be realistic with the amount of fat I have. Ill post some wish pics and my own pics. I'm so nervous about the recovery but at the same time I'm more excited. feel free to comment or ask any questions Ill answer the best way I can, Ill def keep you guys updated.

One week left, update on gaining weight/my pre op pics!

Ive been eating as much as I can, that I'm now tired of eating but I'm going to force myself these last few days Im hoping I'm going to get to 130-35 but time is just flying, so I'm getting nervous. its odd I can see the weight adding up in my face and double chin but not on my body. If any of u guys have tips on gaining weight fast let me know. Ive been drinking shakes eating burgers , bacon cheetos everything.


Tomorrow was supposed to be in my surgery but Got a call today from Dr.D 's office that they have to reschedule it . Dr.D wasn't feeling well and had to cancel . I'm so bummed I was so ready and excited to finally have it done, I rather have him work on me while he's at his best but still it's messing with me. Hopefully they give me a new date for early next week, fingers crossed . I guess I can deal with one more week of flat booty lol

Just arrived home!

Omg what a day , I just took my pain meds so I'm able to type this ! First of all ladies I want to say do not under estimate the pain you will be in after surgery ! Honestly worse than labor, my husband is literally infanting me on the other hand the results came out so beautiful so far . dr. D took out fat from My skinny self and he ended up putting 1500 in each cheek !! He also rounded my hips literally changed my whole body, if these results stay omg I'll be in heaven ! Sorry if I'm mis spelling words I'm using talk because I'm out of it . Just wanted to give you girls a short update , I will definitely make a long detailed one when I feel better but so far even though I have this pain I'm so excited. I appreciate if u ladies Send me some healing energy <3

3 days post

Hey, just a quick update . Today I'm able to walk around the house a little more getting in and out of bed takes about 10 minutes each . Hopefully tomorrow I feel a lot better because monday my hubby reruns back to work so it'll just be me :( and my kids . I still love how my results look and hope they dont shrink to much . I've been eating healthy and drinking lots of water . I'm happy I bought 2 sizes up like dr . D advises the large Leonisa body suit because I will definitely not be fitting into my Colombian Faja any time soon . I still have to get ok with the idea of not sitting,I've been trying to kneel so I'm not always laying . I haven't put any pressure on my bum except when I woke up from surgery n I was laying on my back n Right away told the nurses I had to turn on my belly that second ,Im not playing games I need this booty to stay lol . I have only told my mother n husband about the surgery , I'm wondering if my friends will notice right away idk y but I'm still not 100 percent about disclosing I had the surgery . My husband says it's a clear change but I'll see after the swelling goes down .

8 days post update

Hi everyone , today was the first day that I could say I see the light at the end of the tunnel . I had mild dizziness and some discomfort but over all not as horrendous as its been . I still can't bend all the way down because of soreness but I'm able to dress n undress myself except for putting on the compression socks . I honestly just want to make sure that you ladies have someone who's going to help you after surgery. I went to see dr.D yesterday for my follow up and the car ride was harsh since I was laying on my belly in the back seat. I can't wait to be able to sit again a lil part of not being able to sit makes me anxious . My booty is still holding up one side shrunk a lil more than the other so I'm hoping that they even out , because it's pretty noticeable . I got one massage on day 4 and am gonna schedule more for next week . Also my waist is tiny I haven't seen any lumpiness so hoping that stays like that , might buy a waist cincher in a few weeks for it to get even smaller .

Day 20 post

Hey ladies quick update , tomorrow I hit my 3 weeks I still havnt sat or laid on my back so a lil nervous to start . I might wait till 4 weeks . My swelling is almost all gone , I still have a lot of bruising and am starting to see bumps on my belly which I have been massaging out like 3 or more times a day . My butts still really bubbly and big compared to what I had plus it jiggles a lil when I walk lol ! even though I haven't been anywhere cause I can't sit I have been trying on clothes and I love the way they look . I'm a lil upset I'm wasting so much of the summer inside the house but if my butt stays like this I know it'll be worth it . My shape looks amazing in clothes I really hope my stomach gets bump free soon : / . I have a small indent in my butt n I know it's from the first garment I wore cause it was to tight now I'm a lil upset I used it cause I know it killed some fat cells . It was the one the dr put on me after surgery, I wish I would have switched into mine right away but I was in so much pain . I'm starting to almost feel normal my energy levels still drop every once in a while but I know that'll get better . My stitches disolved and even though they're small circles I'm still gonna look into a a scar cream . Sleeping on my belly still sucks n my face is all swollen every morning , but throughout the day it goes back to normal .

1 month post already!

Whoa it's been a whole month since my surgery. last night I laid on my back for a while it felt amazing but then I turned around to fall asleep. I'm not gonna sit or lay on it with out the Boppy until maybe 6 weeks . My butt has maintained its shape the swelling has gone down a lot but it's still bubbly and big compared to what I had . My stomach bumps are slowly going away but some marks n bumps are more obvious and darker than others I've still been massaging like 4 times a day to break up scar tissue . I feel stiff n sore after being in one position for a while so I do small stretches , then the skin feels normal . I went out with my husband a few nights ago n I just felt really tired . I went to an outdoor restaurant that had a bar so we just ordered food there n I got to stand the whole time lol I've been also putting lots of vitamin e on the dark marks on my belly , I just want my belly to heal already Other than that everything seems normal .

Pic of things I've been using to massage

I use these massager things plus I do deep tissue hand massages on the sides myself

Stretching is a must

Hey ladies so I just wanted to stop by and give u a tip . Before the surgery I always heard about the post surgery massages but no one ever mentioned stretching . Once I started stretching the soreness started to go away also the hard skin that was attaching to the scar tissue started going back to normal and softening. I realized this a month out n I wish I knew before , I would have started stretching a lot more often a lot sooner . When I first started it felt like my skin was gonna rip but right after the stretch I realized it loosened it n made the swelling subside n skin soft also I apply lot of vitamin e . So this is my experience, and hopefully it helps .

2 months post update

Hey ladies wanted to give a quick update , I'm 2 months post . Starting last week I've been sitting and laying on my back even though if I'm at home I use my boopy still . I fmdon't feel any discomfort while sitting I went back to working out yesterday and it was normal. sometimes after periods of really long sitting I have to stretch because I get a little bit tight but pretty much everything is normal. My stomach is looking a lot better I still have been massaging and rolling and stretching in every day just improves a little more so hopefully it'll resolve itself within a few months . I put them in pictures so you guys can see. Overall everybody compliments how nice my body looks and how nice my butt is. I haven't had any questions about surgery it just looks really natural. If you guys have any questions just ask, and I'll answer the best that I can .
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