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I hope to loose this gut and shape this bum. I...

I hope to loose this gut and shape this bum. I have 2 kids both by c section which is had to loose that pouch. I'm 33 and I just want to get my confidence back. I let myself go after the kids now it time for me to do something for me! Still nervous but also excited can't wait to see some results. I just hope these few weeks fly by.

Bbl June 8

Just made another payment for my bbl. Things are getting closer! My Preop is May 24th at which time I will pay off the remaining balance and then 2 weeks later getting my procedure can't wait.

Really need a tt looking at Docs in DR

Starting to look at doctors in DR tone able to do the tt and bbl at the same time. I tried getting a hold of Dr Duran but no response. I did get a quote don Dr Luis A Mejia any Mejia dolls here????

Staying with Delvecchio

Was think of switching docs and going to DR but I'm stick with Delvecchio better safe than sorry. 27 more days!!!

26 days!!

Ordering all my supplies. Ordered by Dr Miami Boodybuddy, Gogirl urinal, leonisa garment, ab board, epifoam, arnica pills and gel., compression socks and stool softener. Everything else I can get here and there just wanted to have the must haves.


Just had to reschedule my Preop for another week out ugh hate waiting. I get so anxious. Plus I been struggling with quitting smoking just picked up again stressed!!!!! I been off for 3 weeks I know slacking but it's just for today hopefully ahhhh

Preop tomorrow

My Preop is tomorrow and I can't wait. I have a lot of questions for the doc and I will find out for sure tomorrow if surgery is really going down next week. I'm excited but scared as hell just wanna get it done already!!!!! Fast forward to the 3 months post please !!!!!


Omg only 6 days left I'm soooooo scared. Just made my payment for the hospital and anesthesia... No turning back ish is so real right now!!

OMG Only 24hrs left

So my surgery is tomorrow and I am so nervous. Just thinking of all he what ifs. I hope everything turns out fine. I'm excited but more scared than anything. Was told to be there between 8-830am but after speaking to one of the RNs was told surgery scheduled for 1:30pm!! That's a long wait to sit around waiting on an empty stomach. I'm hoping Dr.D will take me sooner! Just want it to be over with. Starting to feel sick to my stomach. Gotta shake it off and get off my butt to handle any last minute errands. Wish me luck

Today is the day

I'm here!! Can't believe today is finally here and actually doing this. I'm so scared. Already been registered have my bracelet on and waiting to be called into Preop. Soon nervous I just hope they give me something to take the edge off. My leg is shaking a mile a minute. They just called the person who got registered before me so I might be next aaahhhhhhhhhh

Haven't been on Here in a while

Haven't posted since day of surgery just feeling some type of way. Surgery sucks!!!! Dr said he took a lot out like 7 liters and put in 2800cc to each side for butt and thighs ( not that I thinks I needed any on my thighs) everything sucked pain was crazy even at times now. I see he Oates pics none were mine and still waiting for my be fired and afters pics. I feel like everything did not got as well for me as I did for other. Never got a call from him or ext after surgery. Or my pics. I can see some results although oh age a huge lump on one side that does it seem to be going down have my posy op disaster!!!!!!! Felt like shit throw up n peed all over his office so nothing done we did change my prescription which he did not right my name on so I was in pain for two days with NO meds cuz of his fuck up and the gotta chase down them birds at his office not happy at all. Vets should I get some massages done meanwhile????? Been very depressed latley

Had to find my before/after on his instagram


So I'm 4 days away for a month post op and not happy. Had my Preop on the 28th had the lump drained which was uncomfortable but it must need more draining cause the lump still there. Here it in the Fourth of July and I can't enjoy it with this lump sticking out. I feel so deformed! I just want this whole process to be over with so I can live. I feel so uncomfortable like everyone is looking at me like eeewwwww look at her ass all lumpy this is soooo not what I was expecting.

Depressed!!!!! Why me??

Still dealing with this lump I can't belemieve this shit is happening? I did everything I was supposed to why me? I already got drained like 3x going again next week and that is soooo uncomfortable. My butt looks horrible so unhappy. I lost mostly all my volume and now these dents and lump I can't catch a break!!!! Dr D says he can fix it but I'm not seeing any progress mean while I'm all deformed, praying things turn around please!!!!

Regret getting a bbl

It's so hot today wishing I could go to the beach. No beach for me can't wear any type of bathing suit cause it doesn't cover this lump on my ass. Plus gotta keep wearing this damn girdle to try and compress it. It's not working been more than two months and still nothing. I wish I never did this not worth it. Reason I did it was because I was uncomfortable in my own skin felt fat always covering my rolls now trying to cover and hide my butt. So not what I was expecting. If I could just go back I would never have done this. I only was interested in lipo but got sucked into the bbl hype what a mistake

Unhappy with terrible results from Dr Delvecchio

Hey all just updating so unhappy with the result of my bbl by Dr Delvecchio. Paid $9500 what a waste. I have a huge lump on the left cheek and indents on the right my butt is so unpreportioned and deformed. I hourly I choose the right surgeon but I guess not. Your supposed to get what u pay for and I did not. Should have went to DR and paid half the price and probably would have gotten better results. But I wanted to be safe and thought paying top dollar would ensure everything turn right. So wrong!!! Now I might have to have surgery again and still gotta come outta pocket for hospital fees. That's if the Dr actually keeps his word and perform the procedure. Still gotta wait another three months before that even happens. My life has been on hold since this surgery. Today is my anniversary and I am so miserable. Don't even wanna get undressed I front of my husband cause I so embarrassed of my butt. I did everything right this is so frustrating.

10 months post op

Hi ladies it's been a while. I've been so depressed since surgery I tried to stay off this sight cause it was making my crazy. As I said before I had my bbl back in June 2016. My experience was not a good one. I had this huge lump on my left but check after surgery and well let's say it's still hear. It's not as noticeable as it once was but definitely still there. It's a lot harder and u can real it as u rub ur hand against it feels really gross. Supposed to be getting a revision this month but still nada. Hopefully I get the phone call for Dr Delvecchios office soon to schedule thIs revision asap. So over this waiting and waiting. And to think I have to do this whole recovery bs again ughhh.

A month shy a of year!!!

Wow time did not fly. This has been the longest of my life. I looked forward to this time thinking all this would be behind me but um NO !!!!! Still waiting for my revision. I call every week but just keep getting g the run around. At this point I'm like should I bother?? Def NOT happy with these results but this prolonging situation is def not good for my mental. What to do?
Boston Plastic Surgeon

I meet with Dr D on 4/12/16 and scheduled my surgery 3 days later. I am so nervous and have all these mixed feelings. I've been reading reviews on this site and it is something that I think I I'll change my life!!!!!!

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