Ready for my 2nd BBL

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Hello, Dolls. i have been literally stocking...

Hello, Dolls.
i have been literally stocking reaself for over 2 years now , and so many amazing stories , and also bad ones that help me mentally , and emotionally. Back in July 2014 i had my BBL done by Dr. Delvecchio in Boston,Ma . i must say my experience has been a good one, allot of women say that he is arrogant, and self center, and that his staff sucks, i can not say i had an issues with any, although at times you need to be on them for a reply after the fact. Dr. D was honest with me from the jump on what my results would be like and he was on point. now that i am 100 healed i do want a 2nd BBL done , but i am scared i dont have enough fat to harvest seeing that he did my abdomen, back and arms , i would never touch my thighs , my sister did hers and now they look horrible. Trust me this journey is an emotional rollercoaster , but for me it was worth the pain, and money. i started wanting my 2nd BBL for over 6m now i do have a few dents, that look like dimples and i dont have the shelf look i want to achieve, do not get me wrong with what i went in with the 1st time i look way better with clothes but i am still self conscience with the defects im left with, i hoping that a 2nd BBL will make a few areas look better , and while im doing this i just rather have a bigger booty..this time around i am more educated , on how to care for my Butt , and over all body , something i did not know back when i did my 1st BBL .


Been on RS off and on all day, i feel like an addict LOL ... i so enjoy all the stories i read , i am such a worrier , im constantly saying should i ? shouldn't i? not because of my results , but the pain, the itching and the whole process, my husband sat here last night reminding me how emotional i was with round 1 hahahahah how i would cry tears from the not being able to sit , and omg all the itching that was driving me crazy. but after one heals and feels good when they see themselves in that mirror all them memories are distant., and after reading and hearing of many stories of women not making it through it freaks me the Hell out .... when dolls just my thoughts this evening hope everyone has a good one ..ill keep posting oh btw i have started to buy my things the # 1 was Arinca tea and pellets ive read and researched on this , and the feed back is great for swelling, bruising , and and over all healing ...

60 days till round 2 BBL

Ok Dolls, 2months away, i decieded to change my date to Dec 14, 2016 i can not wait, i kno the pain, emotions, itching etc.. Are all real but i remember how i was thru round 1, and i feel i am better prepared this time... Ive quit smoking 2 weeks ago cold turkey, and damn it was fu*king hard but im here, i stayed strong, and keep thinkn to myself its well worth it... As soon as i can figure out how to. Cover my tatz on my pucz i will post from my 1st round to 2nd round

4weeks post op and I'm feeling almost back to normal

Had round 2 of bbl with Dr.Delvecchio in Boston,MA I wouldn't go anywhere else as soon as I transfer all my photos to my new phone I will post picz

he was funny, and straight up. he always answered my questions , and would even call me back on weekends when i had any issues.

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