not happy with the loss of volume and lumps on my stomach - Boston, MA

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Hello ladies, like so many of you I have been...

Hello ladies, like so many of you I have been stalking RS for months reading endless reviews and educating myself on different procedures, doctors and experiences that all RS ladies go through. Honestly I would like to thank each and every brave lady on here that write about their experiences. It has helped me tremendously in the choices I have made.

After careful consideration I have decided to have a bbl with Dr. Del Vecchio in Boston Ma. It was not an easy choice as there are so many great doctors out there, however Dr. D has by far the best results with the technique he uses for high volume lipo. I also liked that he performs the procedure in a hospital which for me that was a big plus.

Fajas colombianas

I ordered 4 fajas and I guess they run small because they fit VERY tight! I don't know if I should wait until after sx and use them when the swelling goes down or if I should just return them? I have an old one that fits great as my stage 1 but after that I will need something tighter.

If anyone is interested I can sell for $65 a piece???¿¿ they are size XL. According to the size chart I should be in a large but I ordered a size bigger to accommodate the swelling but even so they still don't fit. :(

Wish pics

I barrowed some wish pics from other RS ladies. Looking at these pics all I can do is just lust and wish because realistically I couldn't get to that point so that is what they are just "wish pics"

Trying to lose some ######'s

My stats:

172 lbs

I have a little less than 4 weeks left before my sx and I am trying to lose at least 7 lbs by then. I want to b at 165 and b closer to my goal weight. I will upload current pics as my sx date gets closer. plus I also need to muster up some courage to post pics.

Current pics with clothes

3 more weeks and I will be in bootyland! I'm so excited! That's all I think about all day. Go to sleep thinking and wake up thinking lol. I hope there aren't any complications... Scary and exciting at the same time.

I believe I have all my supplies ready. My booty buddy came in the mail yesterday and my lab orders should arrive today by fed ex. Anyone have an idea how much labwork costs and does health insurance cover it since it is elective surgery?

I will post pics with-out clothes another day. Have a great weekend everyone!

Stage 1 & 2 garments, lipo foam and board

Can some of you Del Vecchio vets explain the timeline of when to use the stage 1 & stage 2 garment. How long to wear it and also when to use the lipo board and foam and where to purchase them.

Thanks so much

Dreaded pics!

Ok so here are my dreaded pre-op pics. As you can see my back is square! I have some curves in there somewhere but they are covered with fat... I'm really counting on Dr. D to work a miracle on me and suck out all the fat and define my hidden curves!!! If he can do something good for me and make me look like I did back in the day I would be so happy! I'm not asking for a perfect body just something nice to look at... Also as you can see the pic where I'm holding out my stomach.. The doctor pointed out that I would definitely need a tummy tuck which I already knew I would cuz I have massive muscle separation and a flappy tummy... I love my 3 kids but they sure did do a number on me :)

On a side note- I have done my labs and I'm cleared for surgery.... My surgery is paid in full and I believe I have mostly all my supplies . I'm good to go and I'm so excited that when I think about the pain it just fades away in the back of my thoughts and I just focus on the outcome...

My two younger kids are sick with upper respiratory infection. I have taken them both to the doctor and they are taking antibiotics, however I also caught the crap they have so I also had to be seen by my family doctor because I want to make sure I'm good for next Friday. It would just be my luck to fly to Boston only to be turned away because I'm sick. So luckily my doctor gave my a z-pakband a steroid shot. I should be ok within the next four days.

Lymphatic massage

Can anyone recommend someone that does lymphatic massages in Boston? Preferably someone that can come to my hotel room..

Let's do this!

I'm waiting to be taken into the OR! It's so scary to be put to sleep that it worries me to think that I might not wake up... Is it really worth it? I'm not afraid of the recovery period I'm more worried about something going wrong during surgery. My kids are little and they need their mommy and I'm not so sure it's worth putting my life at risk.

When I went into the pre-op yesterday of course I had to sign consent forms and everything so I was good until the doctor starts talking about "fat clots" I already knew about possible complications from reading RS reviews but I had never heard of fat clots... Anyway dr Del Vecchio said fat clots kill you instantly in the OR. It happens if during surgery a blood vessel breaks and the fat clot gets into the blood stream you die from it. WOW! I got weak to my knees and felt uneasy all day and last night. Because this is something that just happens and it's not like a blood clot where you can do things to prevent it.

Anyway I came from Texas and spent all this money on this surgery so it's a little too late to back out but I just pray that everything goes good.

I made it! :)))))

Will update later. I'm impressed! I got the heart shape I wanted

Day 3

Well I made it to the third day! I'm so elated that the pain is not as bad as I expected.... Don't get me wrong it hurts since I stopped taking the pain pills last night. I felt like I was getting constipated so I stopped the Percocet last night (day 2) and I had already started taking colace 3x a day plus a swig of milk of magnesia. When I went to the bathroom this morning I felt light headed and it really took a lot out of me but I did it.

Now I see how many women get depressed and sad during the recovery... I have my husband and 2 boys with me so as you can imagine there is never a dull moment in this hotel room. I'm so thankful for them because they make my heart happy no matter what I'm going through. I thought I would be bothered by the noise and trying to recover but honestly I'm staying sane because of them so I can't complain.

Also what has helped me is to walk every 1-2 hours. I just get my husband to strap the baby in the stroller and off I go into the hallway and walk back and forth. It has really helped with the soreness.

2 week update

Merry Xmas to all RS sistas!

Wanted to post some pics of my new booty. I'm feeling better and better everyday, although today I am so swollen and tired from cooking Xmas dinner and having a house full of family come over. These pics are from yesterday. I also wanted to show how I ride in the vehicle when I go somewhere. I have the booty buddy but since the doctor filled in my thighs I really don't want to sit at all. I am still in love with my results! I look at myself and I can't believe I have an ASS! Still measuring at 48 inches!! :))

3 week update

I can't believe I am now at 3 weeks! Wow! Never thought I would be here. The firt 2 weeks were hell but now it's easy pee zee. I'm still sore and numb at the lipoed areas but at least I can sleep a little more comfortable. The doctor said I could start sitting on my bum starting at week 3 and I tried it today but it felt weird! Any of you feeling the same way? I started laying on my sides a couple of days ago and it felt weird too but not as much as sitting on it. And I guess the swelling is going down too since you can see my waist is so tiny. I'm impressed! My waist hasn't been so small since years and years ago! :)))) also I'm experiencing some hardness in my abdomen, any of you experiencing it too? I texted dr d and he never replied back (I was expecting that at some point) so I started searching RS to see if anyone has asked the question and I read that it's normal and should get better with time.

More booty!

I'm not sure if it's booty greed or Wth! My butt was huge for a while but now it is measuring between 45-46 inches. I sure want more cuz it just looks like an average big butt! Before the surgery I didn't want anything too huge but now it's like why go through all this to have an average size. Don't get me wrong I am happy with the size compared to what I had before but as time passes I'm like what happened to the huge 49 inches I had? so I'm contemplating a round 2!

Disappointed in Dr. Delvechio!

I contacted javonica in early February about getting round 2 due to loss of volume and a few lumps on my stomach. She asked me to send current pics and I did. She said she would forward them to the dr and would get back to me in a few days. A whole week and a half passed and I didn't hear from her so I contacted her... She "was not available " so I left a message for her and of course she never called me back. A couple more weeks passed so I thought to email the doctor directly and I did. I simply asked for a revision because of the lumps and the loss of volume. He called me the next day in the morning. I told him I wasn't happy because I lost volume and the lumps looked gross. He asked for pics so I sent them to him. (Even though I had already sent them to javonica) I really thought he would respond to my request but I have yet to hear from him despite the fact that I have emailed him another 2 times.

I'm disappointed because his fees are higher than other surgeons and for that amount you should get good after care. They only communicate with you before and right after the surgery and if your not happy after you heal oh well your basically on your own to find another surgeon to get you where you want to be and hopefully fix a lumpy stomach.

I followed all the instructions that were given to me like not sitting... Etc.... With round 2 I'm going to search for a doctor that uses drains and will definitely get massages because I'm sure that is the reason why my stomach is lumpy.


I uploaded pictures of my stomach and sides. Some you can't see too good unless I'm turned at an angle and the light hits it just right but when you touch my stomach and sides you can definitely feel them. I have a lot of loose skin on my stomach which was expected because dr told me I would need a tummy tuck and I'm ok with that because that was in my plans anyways but when I do get a tummy tuck the lose skin will be smooth and the lumps will b even more visible. I'm hoping the next round will smooth out the lumps and I will get massages right away and not wait a month to start.

3 month update

just wanted to post my 3 month pics. I have lost volume since my surgery but that was expected. I'm still getting massages for the lumps i have on my stomach and sides, not really getting any better but Im currently looking for a doctor for a revision. (one that uses drains) Not much else to report, i sit on it all the time now and it doesn't hurt or feel weird. I still have numbness in the lipped area and I feel zingers every now and then but nothing too bad. Im starting to feel normal now. I can carry my one year old without it hurting my stomach etc...

any suggestions on a good doctor that can fix my lumps?
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