Mid 20's Looking to Have a BBL. Boston, MA

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So for as long as I can remember I've dreamed...

So for as long as I can remember I've dreamed about having a huge ASS lol. So my New Year's resolution this year was to finally go forward and get it done. So I started my research on Google and this local doctor kept coming up. His name was Dr.Delvecchio. So I started investigating his work and following his Instagram. And to say the least I fell absolutely and love. His work or his incredible and I love the fact that he not only gives you a bigger butt but also gives you bigger hips which I desperately need. So I called the number on his website and set up a consultation. I got an answer right away and set up an appointment. I took that Tuesday off of work and went into the Boston office. It was kind of small but the people were friendly. I was very nervous because I've never had a consultation before and I wasn't sure how it would go. Upon my arrival I was asked to fill out paperwork. Then I was called in about 30 minutes later and asked to get undressed and change into a gown for the doctor. In the middle of me getting dressed the door just opened this without a knock and it's a doctor LOL. He didn't even give me a chance to get undressed Kinda just walked in and watch me take off my clothing. But I am not shy so I didn't really bother me much but I did find it weird. My consultation lasted about five minutes. He told me he would be able to give me a great result. He ask me the general questions and then told me it was over and that I can meet his receptionist at the front and she would give me the quote. It all seemed a little rushed and I didn't really get that the questions I wanted to ask. She pretty much just quoted me the price and didn't really give me any info.

Some Wish Pics!!

I just love ASS!!!!

This is what I'm looking for ????????????

And the Winner is... DR DELVECCHIO

Dr Delvecchio it is!!!! So I kept on going back and forth between him and Dr Duran, I have decided to stay in the USA. Even though she quoted me $4,900 it’s not about the money for me. I just would feel safer if I stay in the mother land LOL. Also I know about five girls who have all had BBL by him in Boston and they all look fab. SO DR D TRULY IS THE BOOTY KING! So I called JaVonica last week and put down my deposit and my surgery date is April 29th!!! I cant hardly wait…. Time to Prep

BBL Checklist

So my SX date is getting closer and I think I'm just about finished getting everything I need. To my vets let me know if I'm missing anything. Thanks!

2.Compression socks
3.Go girl go
4.Ab bored
5.Epi foam
6.Bobby pillow

Getting closer and closer... Today was my pre op

So today I went for my pre op appointment. I got there at 215pm and my appointment was at 2:30pm. Once I checked in JaVonica went over all the paperwork with me along with explaining any complications that might occur. I then sign my life away lol. Then I waited about 5 mintues for them to call me into the room. Once in the room I striped out of my clothes and soon after DR D came in with a female assistant. He the had me stand against the way as he took my before pictures. He took pictures of me from the front, back, left side and right side. Once that was done. He went over again with me what I wanted. I told him once again AS BIG AS POSSIBLE with an itty bitty waist. He was very Pleasant and answered all of my questions. He even cracked some jokes with me and my mom. I'm so happy I chose him as my doctor. After I got dress and meet JaVonica at the front where I paid the rest for my surgery cost. She gave me my receipt, proscriptions, and a folder with all my information along with the time and date to arrive from my surgery which is 17 days from now at 8 AM. I hope these days go by quick.


It's official I'm 4 days away from my surgery and I'm super excited. Time really flew by. Any last minute tips or advice from the vets?

Well ladies I make it to the other said.

Let me just say this pain ain't no joke. Today is the start of day three and still hurts but the worst is the discomfort of not being able to sleep the whole night. I also had arm Lipo so my arms are sore from that and having to get up and out of bed. I'm still waiting on doc to send me the before and after pic. But here is one my sister got of me in recovery.

Here it is the before and after!!!

Honestly I was so embarrassed to post it because of my before picture but here it is anyways. Bang bang 3000cc in each butt cheek.

Day five post op still no BM

Today is the start of my day five. And I have yet to have a bowel movement. Is this normal?? I tried things like having a cuppa coffee I'm going to have my mom buy me some prunes. But like I haven't been able to really go to The bathroom. However I do pass gas LOL but I don't get the urge to go. Does anyone have any advice or tricks??or should I just start taking a stool softener her to see if that helps?

Day six and finally my first BM

So this morning I have my first ball movement. And let me tell you it was the hardest thing I had to do this far. I finally was able to take a couple of stools softeners and eat more fiber and boy did I have to go. To avoid sitting I used a chair placed it in front of the toilet and squatted down leaning forward on the arm rest and pushed and pushed. Once it was over I feel so relieved and so much more relaxed. Almost as if I deserve an award after that LOL hopefully the next one is a lot smoother then first. Also I have a question about the antibiotics the bottle says I should be taking four tablets a day which to me means every six hours. But on here I see girls taking them every four hours. Which one is correct??

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