Lil Petite Needs New Bootay!!! ASAP - Boston, MA

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I decided to join real self to get an idea of how...

I decided to join real self to get an idea of how much a procedure would cost as well as the before and afters and all the particulars in between of having bbl surgery. And my final decision is Dr Del Vecchio. My surgery is set for November the 20th. Im flying in from the east and was wondering if anyone has had to do the same?

Searching For Hotels!

Looking for Hotels in Boston near St. Elizabeth Hospital any suggestions? Also, any recommendations for a 2 hour flight back home????

Ok my nerves!

So I'm starting to make my purchases (Faja and supplies) and like many of you I'm completely confused as to what faja to get. I'll be getting my whole back as well as my arm (yikes) so I need a faja with enough compression for my arm as well. Any suggestions?
Also, a list of bbl supplies. Now some of the items I've seen girls purchase are not available in Canada (scratches head) should I wait till I get states side?

Stuck at home with a cold/flu

Yesterday, I was at Walmart trying to find a scale to measure my weight gain. Do you think I could find one that works?!? Ugh. I've been stuck at home with a cold/flu for a few days I'm hoping I haven't lost weight. My surgery date is around the corner and I need to be fully back to my normal self and have added 10lbs.

Weight in...............23 more days and counting!

I weighted myself this afternoon and I'm 127lbs. Whoa! Thanks to pasta and Ensure.
I just can't wait to cut this weight off and paste it straight to my butt. The countdown begins.

A week Today!

So its officially a week today that I will be in Boston..... Im having a bit of guilt and the "what if's".
Ugh!! I was so gun ho in the beginning, now I feel anxiety. When I think the surgery I get this fluttering in my stomach. smh So I weighted myself and Im 130 lbs, I think thats pretty good considering I'm 5'0.
I look and feel like a minion. Ive ate just about everything to gain this hard earned weight. (donuts, chips, steak, Mc D's, ice-cream) I've even drank beer (helps put stomach weight on). Surgery date is November 20th.

So I made booty Land yesterday

so sore and swollen, hard for me to sleep and changed into the Leonisa garment...that shit hurt like hell. Dr D posted my pic I got 1700cc in each cheek and I have stretch? marks on my butt

Feeling Better and Learning to Love my bootay

I'm feeling like myself and less pain. My friends and mom have been helping me so I'm grateful.
This procedure, you need lots of support!!!! I can wait till my bum drops and starts to fluff. Met with Dr Del Vecchio yesterday for a post op a he left me waiting for a hour however, the visit went great and asked if I could send him pics of my myself to see my progress. I fly home Friday and can't? wait to get back home.

Before I left to come home

How long before we can sleep on our backs????? Im so frustrated.

Last night was the worst night ever. Im completely off the pain meds however, at night trying to lay in one spot all night my neck is killing me. If I raise my arms above my head it starts to ache or starts to get numb. I tried laying on my back with pillows that was a fail. It was painful and awkward. My butt still feels a bit hard and I have a small dent in the lower butt cheek I'm hoping it fills out soon. I had purchased the D'prada at a store in Boston which is so loose in the legs and doesn't fit well. I feel it squishes my bum. I love the compression garment I got from Leonisa. Its so comfortable. ( a bitch to take on and off) So I'm thinking of purchasing another one or maybe something similar. Any suggestions???

It's still hard and hasn't "fluff" yet

Boston Plastic Surgeon

I live out of state so was unable to have a consultation with him in his office however, I had a phone chat with him regarding pics I had sent him via email.

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