BBL procedure, June 5th - Boston, MA

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I’ve been reading day and night and finally...

I’ve been reading day and night and finally decide to go for Dr. Vecchio here in Boston. I original wanted to get the procedure done with Dr. Frieman at CG cosmetic and almost book a flight to fly out to get the procedure done in April but something came up that stop me from going. And good thing I didn’t because I had time to read and do more research on PS that does BBL. I also was looking into Dr. Salzhauer because I love his BBL work, but his next consult won’t be until August and the surgery won’t happen until February of 2016 and I can’t wait that long. Too anxious and want a butt by summer lol..Dr. Salzhauer is good from what I’ve read and seen photos of his work but his BBL procedure will cost me about $7,000 and not adding RH and flights to go back and forth. Almost adding up to the same price might as well stay local and recovery in the comfort of my own home.
I’m so excited to finally make this first step on getting something that I’ve been wanting for a very long time. I will keep everyone posted with before and after pictures.

Today consult

Today consult went very well. Dr. Del Vecchio was very professional. His staff Javonica was very sweet and very professional. I was very comfortable with him. However, I got a $55 parking ticket for parking right in front of the office but stupid me didn't read where it say "loading dock" so I have to pretty much pay for it since it's my fault. Anywho, I was quoted for $8,900 because I will be financing it. I will have to call back sometime this week to deposit $500 so I can book my sx for June 4th or June 5th. I can't wait. This is really happening, omg! My dream is finally coming true. Yay!

My before pictures. Today at my consult.

My flat butt. I hate it!!! I hope Dr. Del Vecchio can work his magic and make my dream come true.

Paid a deposit to lock down my surgery date

I paid a deposit yesterday, surgery date is on June 5th. Pre-op is on June 21st. I will pay of the remaining balance on my pre-op appointment. I'm super excited. Can't believe this is actually happening.

I need help!!

Hi dolls, my surgery is on June 5th and I really need help on what stuff to buy before surgery. Please help!!

Pre-op and paid the remaining balance off.

Today pre-op went well. I paid off the remaining balance of $8,300. Now it's the waiting game. It's getting real. 15 more days to go..


So I've got almost everything for my surgery this Friday. I'm super excited and of course super nervous. I wanted to know which female urinal device is best out there? I got the Pez from Amazon but it doesn't look that comfy. Which one would you ladies recommend?

Today is the day!

Today is the day of my surgery. I couldn't sleep last night (too excited and nervous) Tossing and turning all night. I think in prepared lol.

I filled my prescriptions yesterday. I bought two extra compression garments from Amazon (Vedette brand), compression socks, urinal device, hospital bed sheet protector, Arnica gel (from Walmart), baby wipes, Tylenol, BBL pillow, bandages. If I'm missing something here please let me know what else I need ladies.

Well, I'm super excited and nervous at the same time. My surgery is this afternoon. I will definitely post some pictures later. Wish me luck ladies:-)

Got to the hospital at 10am.

I got to St. Elisabeth Hospital at 10am today. So my surgery is at 12pm but they ask me to be here at 10am. This is the longest two hours of my life lol..

A quick update

A quick update of my surgery. I will write more when I feel a little better. As of right now I'm in so much pain. I can hardly walk or stand up:-(

How long does the swelling goes away?

Hey dolls. I'm almost 48 hours after my surgery and the swelling is getting worse. How long does it usually go away?

After 48 hours and changed to my new garment

The pain is getting worse and I'm pretty much swollen all over. I can't wait for this to go away

Four days pos op visit

I went for my pos op visit this afternoon. I was a little bit disappointed because when Dr. D came in to see me I fell like he was in a rush. I didn't get my questions answered at all. Well I'm going back to see him in three weeks. Today is also my first day I showered and it feel hella good.

Huge difference

I know I'm four days pos-op and I'm pretty much still swollen especially my thighs and my butts. I couldn't believe that before I was so straight no hips whatsoever and now huge difference. Thanks to Dr. Del for giving me hips, thighs and new booties.

6 days pos-op

Today is a very emotional day for me. I cried all day asking why did I put myself into this situation. My thighs and butts are hard like rocks. I feel like the pain doesn't get any better. I'm thankful that I have Realself sisters been helping me getting through this process. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day for me:-)

8 days post-op updates

Today is definitely a better day for me. My emotional roller coaster definitely dying down as day go by. You ladies are definitely right. As I'm healing and feeling better, I'm starting to appreciate my results. Here's one pic I took earlier today:-)

8 days post-op updates

Today is definitely a better day for me. My emotional roller coaster definitely dying down as day go by. You ladies are definitely right. As I'm healing and feeling better, I'm starting to appreciate my results. Here's one pic I took earlier today:-)

13 days post-op

Today is my 13 days post op. I'm definitely feeling a lot better than last week. I wish I'm 100% fully recovered lol..I did noticed that as day goes fast I'm starting to lose a little volumn. I'm hoping that it won't go down anymore. However, I'm still a little swollen, stiff and sore. My Lowe abdomen is still swollen. It look like I have a little pouch. Most of my bruises are gone except for the burn marks on the side of my flank. I'm starting feel close to normal again. Yay!

4 weeks post op update

Today is my 4 weeks post op and I'm still sore and a little swollen. I feel like I've been on this journey forever and never ending. I do like my result. However, my right butt is slightly bigger than the left but I'll wait to see when I'm 100% fully recover.

4 weeks and 4 days Post updates

Hey ladies. Today is my 4 weeks and 4 days post op. Just wanted to let you ladies know that I'm doing well.

Still sleeping on my belly. Still wearing the garment 24/7. My lower abdomen is going down. Still a little bit swollen but it definitely went down a lot. Still getting shooting pain here and there. My side, front and back body is still a little sore but it gets better as day go by. My left foot and leg especially it gets swollen everyday for about two weeks now after a long day at work. My butt however, the right side is slightly bigger than the left. I've been stressing out for the last couple days because of that. My husband and family said that they can't tell unless I point it out but still. I'd spend so much money on this procedure and went through hell after surgery so this is a huge deal for me. Going to see him next week. I will mention that to him. I definitely would not want to go for round 2. I can't deal with the pain:-(

I've been driving using the nursing pillow and it is more comfortable than the bbl pillow. From my personal experience I still think the bbl was a waste of money. Please let me know if any of you ladies thy had the bbl procedure done and this happened to you. One side butt is bigger than the other. Thanks so much!

Feeling great!

Hi ladies. I'm 5 weeks and 4 days post op today. I'm feeling almost 100% myself again. I had my first massage yesterday and it felt so good. Can't wait for another one today. I'm still getting the shorting pain here and there but no biggie. My left and left foot still swollen. I still don't understand why. My right booty is still slightly bigger then the left. Well that's all I have for today. Have a great day lovelies!!

Original BBL pillow for sale. Used only few times.

Hey ladies. I just bought this bbl pillow about a month an half ago. I'm selling it because I no longer needed. I've only used it few times and I paid $100 for it. Save yourself some money and get this original BBL pillow instead of paying full price for it. I'm selling it for $35 plus shipping cost. Let me know if you're interested.

8 months Post updates!!!

Hello my RS dolls. I know I haven't been on here for a while now. I just wanted to update you of my result. It's been 8 months since I got the BBL procedure done. Honestly, after I got it done I was so in love with my booty. Now my booty had went down so much. I'm even thinking about going for round 2. I'm not sure why it went down so much like that. I feel like this procedure was just a temporary thing and I hate to say it. Please let me know if this also happened to some of you ladies.

8 months post

I wish it stayed the same size just like when I just had it done:-(

8 months and 9 days post updates

Hello RS dolls. Hers another update on my 8 months post. I've noticed that I've lost a lot of volumns since I had my bbl procedure done. I'm hoping that I won't lose anymore. I do really appreciate my result compare to what I had before surgery. I wish I had more fat at the time so that my surgeon could added more to my booty. Please tell me what you ladies think of my result now. I want more booty:-)

Happy 9 months to my booty

Today mark exactly 9 months post operation on my bbl procedure. Still wish I didn't lose so much volumns. I still do appreciate my result. Hoping to go for round 2 in a few years.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. D is a very good doctor despite his bedside manners. He gave me curves that I'd never had before. I personally feel like this procedure is not worth it to me because my booty went down dramatically and I'm only 8 months post op. Please dont take my words for it. Everyone might be different. Wel just Imagine how my booty will look in another year. Oh well!

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