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I'm scheduled for my pre op next week, I am beyond...

I'm scheduled for my pre op next week, I am beyond excited, I was beyond happy when I came across Dr. Delvecchio online, I didn't think there were any doctors like him in MASS, I thought I had to leave town for surgery, his work is INCREDIBLE????????????????, he's the God of BBL, I'm happy I'm able to my have my surgery in Massachusetts, I really didn't wanna leave town.....I've wanted to have a BBL for a few years now, been holding back, because I wanted to be near home, for recovery purposes, I told my husband, I thank God I found him...... :-) SOOOO EXCITED ????????

Rescheduled for First week of May:-)

Updating with you guys, I had to reschedule my surgery date, due to my job, I was BEYOND angry, because I didn't wanna lose my spot....I emailed JaVonica letting her what's going on & that I need to reschedule, I was praying and hoping for the first week of May, & Thankfully she came through, I was beyond happy..... Now just counting the days down, I am so ready & excited, :-) will be updating before pics soon....

Rescheduled Pre-Op & Surgery:-(

So I had my pre-op today,I gained 10 more pounds when I was supposed to lose 10 pounds, I take the blame for it, even though the meds I'm taking now are known the real cause of this rapid weight gained, (hoping to have it change) seeing Dr. Del Vecchio in 3 wks, although I'm a little upset but I do understand why, so now it's working out 2x a times & really watch what I put in my mouth, & cut off all bread & pasta..... Cause I NEED MY SUMMA BODY :-), & I have 3 trips lined up before the years up!!!!

Lost 3lbs

Lost 3lbs since last Thursday, kinda happy about that, I've been eating like a vegetarian since Thursday evening..... Changed my workout routine, working out 2x a day instead of one.....THIS IS SO HARD, But it'll worth it in the end....

My baby :-)

My baby looking at my me cause I was dying after a crazy workout LOL!!!...


I've completely changed my eating habits & I've been doing Extreme Cardio for the past 2 weeks everyday, at first after a work out my body felt like I've been hit repeatedly by a baseball, at one point I cried after going up and down the stairs at a fast pace 30x cause I thought I broken my legs, LOL!!!! (But now it's like a walk in the park) I see the difference all over, from my thighs, legs, stomach, & arms, I'm getting stronger everyday.... It's hard but it's worth it in the long run, I haven't stepped in a scale since the last time, my husband told me not too, cause it'll drive me crazy ( I totally agree) until then....Later!!!


Lately I've been turning everything I do to a work out instead of being on the treadmill for 30-40mins, lately I've been feeling so good, sleeping well, using the steam-room & hottub 3x a week after my cardio workout is by far the most relaxed thing ever, I've incorporated 100 squats a day in my workout , & when I look in the mirror, & I'm like to I really need a Brazilian butt lift, LOL!!!! Now I'm contemplating.....

Oooh HAPPY DAYS! Oooh HAPPY DAYS!!! :-)))

Upgrading my 2012 BMW as a surgery gift to myself, BMW GIRL, LOVE BIMMERS!!!! #surgerygift #newcarsmell
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