Is it worth leaving the state? - Boston, MA

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Hello bbl ladies, I'm fairly new to the site. I...

Hello bbl ladies, I'm fairly new to the site. I wanted to know some saving tips for this procedure if I did decide to do it. I'm still thinking about it and have been for a couple years. I'm a full time worker and full time college student. Fortunately I still live with my money so though I still pay rent, expenses aren't too bad compared to if I lived alone. I've been self conscious with my body so I've been giving a lot of cute going out clothes away for free, should I do a yard sale instead? But who would only come look at size large clothes. As for I am around 180lbs at 5'7. A lot of clothes I but thinking I will lose weight for it or somehow my booty magically grow. Suggestions please???

Was so happy, came home sad

As of now, it seems like I'm searching whatever I feel like at the moment .. What hour I'll look to see which doctor from what city .. another hour in the day I'll look to see if its even worth it in the long run .. or I'll look to see how I can save $$$ today I'm feeling depressed & self conscious ..

Body pics -- body measurements

I'm not sure if I measured right but its below bust? Waist? And hips? (Where the bone are) then I am a 38, 42, 40. Seeing those numbers hurt. I've let my body go and my small butt is flat as a pancake. Some people say becoming a secretary caused it. Sitting all day. I'm still looking for doctors if its worth leaving the state or not. This is so difficult to decide. I want to find one ASAP so I can know if I need to lose weight being around 180 normal weight for 5'7 said 140ish-160ish

Anyone watch magic city? -elevator girl

Catalina Rodriguez played the elevator girl in Magic city and there was an episode where she shows her rear and oh my it is beautiful. That's what I've been wanting and looking for but idk if it would be achievable/realistic with my body.

Wish pics

Busy busy

Sorry ladies I haven't read comments, replied or updated I've been super busy with work and school that I don't even have time to research doctors either. But I discovered photoshop!!!! Lol look what technology can do. It's an app called plump so its a good way to see how you would want your body to look like. I'll catch up on the weekend. Have a great week!

Big booty app

App is called plump its getting me excited to do the real thing

Wish pic!

Haven't been on for awhile

It's been awhile since I've been on here. I've been so busy, trying to get into this program at school. Since my last time I've been on here, I haven't looked into any doctors, but I have been able to save some money. Although it's far from enough. It's so hard to save money & I don't even go shopping for myself, other than groceries. Does anyone have advice?
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